It seems that soon the GTA remaster trilogy will receive a new patch on PC

Probably, the trilogy of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition soon received a new update to PC. According to Steamdb, the developers are already testing a fresh patch.

About when the update comes out and what exactly it will change is still unknown. It is assumed that the patch will bring improvement from mobile versions to remasters, including alternative lighting mode.

As for versions for mobile devices, they went out in the first half of December on Android and iOS. In the United States, they are available only to Netflix subscribers, and in other countries they can be purchased separately.

if they do not fix the fucked auto center of the camera, then the fuck is it necessary
and on the whole hope that thanks to the GTA5 Sort5, the fans themselves will transfer old games there themselves

I could not play because of the camera.

Well, whoever he said, but over all these years, not a single moded could collect us a normal assembly for a new engine for all three parts. No matter how many words they say about mods on GTA San Andreas, but they will not be very popular, but visually there were good specimens, but something tells me that they hardly supported the game in a state in which you could go through the story without problems. So I’m glad the guys are correcting their mistakes, the main thing is that they successfully transferred them to a new engine, and then it will be much easier to work with them.

Yes, because TT never inserted sticks into wheels to models trying to transfer the game to Anril..

Yes. They simply threatened with the court, I especially remember a lot of mods flew so once before the defective publication is released)

Well, in any case, this is only excuses, Punk Srenk was forbidden to lay out a mod on a nexus.. Camon, could throw it into torrents, and that’s it, consider that you will not find the source. But no, we will post our stub, show the most successful moments of our "Miracle fashion", And then we will not give it to download it to anyone, and in justification, say that the developers do not give us permission to lay out a mod.. GTA very miserable models of course)) If only a video where it remained with a working mod, where there are katsen and it does not look like a script in a blender.. Or GTA developers all vidos forced to remove from all sites?Enough to protect the mediocrity, their lot only naked skins of the onlifanses are riveted, nothing more.

This is who tried to transfer the trilogy of GTA to Anril?

The only mediocrity, and even in the subject here only you

Better with fan mods than in this. And then, they look better.

GTA Vice City Nextgen Edition is being developed 🙂

The launcher will most likely be upheld, as always, and classic lighting from mobile phones will be ported 10 years.

They need to fix the classic lighting, they only have one color of the moos of Santos in all three cities, in the original in different districts there was its own color of the sky during the day and night


According to rumors, the Shadow of the Erdtree addition to Elden Ring will be shown on Game Awards and release in February 2024

The new rumor relative to Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree revealed the estimated date of the exit of the long -awaited expansion: February 5, 2024. Hearing also confirms the presence of the game on The Game Awards 2023. Information was reported by YouTuber Ziostorm, clarifying that so far this is an unconfirmed rumor. Ziostorm is known for sharing the exact insider information about Fromsoftware.

The rumor that Ziostorm reported is corresponding to another rumor that appeared last week, which contained similar information, but without indicating the exact day of the release.

The release in early February will also correspond to what Kadokawa, which owns FromSoftware, said in its financial report, in which it indicated the launch of DLC Elden Ring in the medium term and belongs to the 2024 financial year, after the Armored Core Vi Fires of Rubicon.

Finally, a few weeks ago, Jeff Kili, the host of The Game Awards, visited Fromsoftware.

This, of course, is fine, but to release the DLS two years after the release is strange.

I hope the content will be enough there

Meanwhile CDPR

The same banday namko produces a large DLC for ZhPRG Tails of Arise two years later .

So at this time they not only sawed the DLS, but also remade the half of the game

It is not difficult to redo half the game, given that it is, modestly, small.

Gradually, I smoke the money on the Steam wallet for this DLC – Shadow of the Erdtree.

You put off from lunch?

Mmmmmega. Will wait👍

III. Rumors were not justified. At least? Regarding the show on TGA.

For two years to cut one DLS – for FROMS something new. They seem to be going to shove a second Christmas tree there)
Judging by the preview of the empty Shadowoofkoloss world and the Tanimurian avant -senposts are attached. They, b ***, will not learn.

To judge the content of the DLS by the picture – something in the spirit of Vaaty, but, judging by the open world of EP, you are right

As for oh, I know what I’m talking about, this is the branded handwriting of modern Fromom – Miyazaki himself called this outrage "Open Field", made under inspiration from his beloved cellet (and probably Zeldy). As for me, pushing empty spaces into the game about the action and portionedly scatter pieces of copy -packed content on them – the most stupid thing that could be done in the SOLS GRU, but they did it, perhaps not without serving the bands.

As for the DLS – this Stopudovo will be the expansion of the global map to 2-3 archetypal regions in the style of the same Learnia or Limgrave, with them scattered on them "outposts" And plot dungeons. I will be glad to make a mistake, but art with endless collective farm fields and ghostly sticks in the style of Altus as if eloquently hinting)

Do not shower. Elden Ring is full of manually made locations. If you want, run around the OPEN VORLDU, you want – go right to the boss.

The fact that there are a lot of high -quality locations and even a couple of decent bosses – yes, yes, but they are drowning in the sea of ​​the same slag, stuck not even by Fromami, but by some students on outsource – this is clearly visible in many transitional areas where the branded study of artists It is replaced by tasteless landscapes with a small number of details. And it is impossible to skip this, I checked personally – I tried to pass from scratch, going only in the plot (t.n. manually made) locations and without delving into third -party content. It is impossible to pump the weapons normally (there is nowhere to take the consumablers for pumping, this must be climbed into the mines), half of the necessary talismans are not (they are in the left dungeons), the pivas cannot be pumped (tears in the temples scattered through the fields), as a result – chronic non -vocal buildings and non -viable build Alya "go collaps Masha at level 1 in shorts and with a club". This is definitely stuffiness)

Well, hesitation is generally an impressive boss variety even with pumping. What is one of its dance, which breaks the mechanics of rifts and, in principle, turns the battle into RNG. The second strip of hp is generally a musron gear. And there are not so many mines in the game, you can just look at the wiki. The fact that the fillers in the game are a lot, this is the fact. Especially the whole location- snowy. There is nothing in it at all. At the same time, all this is adjacent to chic battles with bosses such as Godfri, Placidusax, Radan, Morgot. Therefore, if you consider everything together, then the same type can be diluted.

The significant drawback of Elden Ring is its genealogy. Previously, the gamed -design of locations hinted that it was necessary to vacuum all the corners. In ER, this is not necessary, but I still caught myself thinking that for some reason I would climb into these same type of caves. As a result, the ring has its drawbacks, like any other game, but after the final credits, there was no fatigue from a mechanic and locations.

And what will have to be done there?

As far as I am a lover of the Souls, but I have almost disgust to Elden, although I naturally went to all Achivka. I don’t even want to play in the DLS, but for a checkmark, of course I will pass it). All past SOLS, bladik, demons are so cozy, I want to get them up to the holes ten times, but as I recall Elden’s huge empty spaces and dozens of identical minibosses, it is right away))

Great game, do not invent. And the spaces are beautiful. And not so huge.

In the first passage, I poured almost every meter of the game, at the end I was so tired that I got all the ends through the sib/Load, although the first parts passed 3-4 times. I just can’t imagine how all these vast spaces can be reused) The past parts were very interesting and comfortable to clean, otherwise you will miss some kind of ring or something else like that. I am not saying that this is a bad game, but she has a very low reiglable, IMHO.

You would at least play the game at first, well, or at least the passage looked.

Locations – huge and 90% of them are very empty.

I passed 2 times and know. I saw the location games and much more, there is nothing to surprise in this regard. It was very interesting for me to explore and clean them, almost like in Skyrim.

For those who only played corridor, of course, and such locations may seem huge, but this is only if there is nothing to compare with.

Then why did you open

I will wait for DLC from dad. No one plays better in Elden Ring.

Go through yourself, not ?

I have passed the game more than once, and naturally I will go through

No, I’m a casual, I regret my nerves))

To go out, why are you watching the passage on YouTube, not at all looked at all, because at that time you can play yourself and go through a bunch of not traveled games, or see something more useful, which you can not do it yourself. Well, okay, it’s just my IMHO)

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“Very close to the very first game in the series”: an insider reveals the details of Assassin’s Creed: Mirage

Earlier, French YouTuber shared rather plausible information about the release date of Assassin’s Creed: Mirage. The game will have to wait until mid -autumn, but apparently the expectations will cost it. According to all the same insider, in this part developers really return to the roots of the series and present a project that is as close as possible to the first Assassin’s Creed and Altair’s adventure.

On the nickname J0nathan claims that he knows the details of the production of Assassin’s Creed: Mirage and all the features of the gameplay. He described the gameplay capabilities of the new game to his spectators, and we give below the most interesting notes. This information includes a description of the open world of Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, the details of Stlace mechanics and some mention of the plot of the game.

  • Assassin’s Creed: Mirage thought like DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, but quickly turned into a separate game, deepening its own mechanics and plot.
  • The gameplay resembles Assassin’s Creed: Origins. The game has many gadgets and items for use during the mission, a tree of skills is less, only about 15 skills. There will be several types of weapons that need to be unlocked using large missions.
  • In Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, the fantasy part is completely removed, apparently there will be no divine abilities or other unrealistic methods in the game.
  • The game is created with an eye to recreate the atmosphere and sensations from the first Assassin’s Creed. The game will have more secrecy, tracking, listening and eagle vision. According to the plot, it will be necessary to eliminate 4 main goals, you will first need to find out their weaknesses and plan the elimination.
  • Most of the open world is the desert, and the main city will be Baghdad and its environs. Also, players will be able to visit the fortress of the Assassins.
  • The plot begins with young bassim, which is hunting for ancient artifacts. He finds a strange object from the first civilization, which later leads him to invisible.
  • The developers tried on realistic and worked out animations, but the parkour will lag behind the level in Assassin’s Creed: Unity. For example, with a small amount of health, the hero will become weaker and will begin to limp.
  • There will be no crowd of characters in the game, but some NPCs can tell the guards where the player hid and in which direction he ran.
  • As in Assassin’s Creed 2, in Mirage it will be possible to use the services of the faction: mercenaries, merchants and musicians who will help to hide from the guards for a fee.
  • The game will present a fame system. The more aggressively the player behaves, the more detachments of the guards will be hunting for him, connecting new types of enemies to persecution. YouTuber compares this mechanics with stars from GTA.

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage is created for PC and consoles. The release of the game is scheduled for the second half of this year, and if you believe the rumors, it will be released on October 12.

The desert occupies most of the open world, that is, you will wander around the desert in search of something. And it will seem to you that the game is endless, but you can return to the city there as in the hitman you will need to eliminate 4 main goals 🙂

In the first part, it also mostly had a desert if you leave the city

In addition, tunnel to get to another city

In, if random events and additional quests are drinking there, then definitely like comrades. But knowing Iva Gaimo, we have a jerk and booster of experience better

If there is no mythology, as it was in the last three parts, then this is only a plus!

Ummm. maybe on the contrary in the first, not the last?

T.e. Egypt, Greece, Valgala and all their crap mythological with deities and t.P. for you comparable to the first three parts with fantasy elements?)

So let’s look at the autumn I told the truth or not

Yes, another Orijing will be. once they say that they did DLS to Valgala.
Someone at first shouted that they would allegedly return to the sources of the 1st part -and went to go. I’m a pancake too, like a fool, I fantasized something on the likeness of the 2nd part and the battleship from there. But in the end the same Valgala along the way and will be with the dials. As usual they will be tied up by the fight = constructed everything "Assassin"

Orijing and Valgalla are magnificent in all respects.

You do not understand people want a dull and monotonous gameplay as in the first part .

The genius of sophistry. When people say "do as 1", Absolutely no one says "Please give me a repetitive gameplay made in an obvious rush, and collecting flags". Initially, it was Sky Fi with an interesting historical encyclopedia, an emphasis on parkour, a fighting and social stealth, a unique intra -game Laura and thought out style. It is not necessary to compare this with modern anniversaries in which you can praise, except that the titanic work of designers.

If you have passed the game on the same counterattacks and do not rummage in her gameplay, then of course for you he is a monotonous.

And what else in the game to do besides contracts can you tell us races you are so expert in this ? I remember the game a huge beautiful world but empty and boring even at the time when the game came out . And some locations were made only in order to get from point a to paragraph B .

"The developers tried on realistic and worked out animations, but the parkour will lag behind the level in Assassin’s Creed: Unity. For example, with a small amount of health, the hero will become weaker and will begin to limp." So it should be.

It would be better if it was close to the second part with Ezio, and not this concept with parkor.

And why better? In the second part, all gameplay mechanics except Stlax cut.

Well then remind, these are what mechanics? Collecting flags, performing several identical quests before killing the target, eavesdropping, surveillance, hide and hide?)))

I think the mechanics of the battle and the parku, most of which either cut out or simplified.

I would have outplayed. In the second part, all the mechanics only expanded. Long jump, killing two at once, fencing, and in general everything. In fact, the second part is similar to a full -fledged game, and the first hastily made.

Maybe you should replay and delve into the mechanics of the game a little? That they expanded? Made all the weapons the same? Removed the opportunity to use a secretive blade in a battle with another weapon and made a regular sword from it with other characteristics? Removed a series of murders of stunned opponents? You call it expanded? On the contrary, they cut everything out by making the weapon non -native, but adding whistle -fingers for the fan. The only thing they improved is hand -to -hand combat. The captures changed them with broken ones, dosha another innovation (changed mechanics) is another imba, which made the usual evasion unnecessary, so it turns out that they cut out a bunch of everything, and everything that they changed imbalanced and only hand -to -hand combat turned out to be normal. The situation is about the same with the parkor, they removed the parkour down through the shift, added the opportunity to climb 5 -storey buildings in a couple of seconds with monkey animations. But you don’t shy in their gameplay correctly? You probably did not know that in the first part you can not jump on obstruction, but jump through it or that in the first you can use a secretive blade at the same time as other weapons and so on, I am right?

And what is heard about English sub?

She should work as a game, not a gun.

Since 2008 registration and anime on Ava gives advice, crinage, stupid anime

To the origins ?How Altair will also drown in a puddle ?!

I remember the first part, I think it was worst, there was simply nothing to do, the same actions strictly tired strictly along the algorithm, and they position it as a plus.

There will probably be the first game without English voice acting, and it’s a pity (

Bioshock Infinite was transferred after 5 years when it was no longer needed, Max Payne 3 is just planning to start translating and it is not known when they finish, Hogwarts Legacy, Callisto Protocol, too, so if the game is transferred 5 years after the release is already somehow not It will be necessary, even the English voice acting is not an occasion to start over what has already passed

Hogwarts and Callisto will soon be finished to translate. Why whine? Moreover, given how the anniversary and many other large studios are deprived in terms of optimization, one FIG wait six months after the release, while the project becomes playable.

I have a normal iron, I don’t see problems anywhere with optimization, and I didn’t suffer from the Jubisoft’s game from poor optimization, it is clear that when Ak Orijing came out and it was launched on 4/8 stones, they were not enough there, and while they were there, and while they were there Once with 4/8 stones they sat, of course there was a howl in the swamps, well, Division also required a powerful processor, Watch Dogs too

In Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, the fantasy part is completely removed, apparently there will be no divine abilities or other unrealistic methods in the game.

The artifacts of the forerunner are fantasy. No one will delete them. Therefore, do not lie about the removal of fantasy from the game. Well, about unrealistic techniques: and the park in the series is realistic? In real life, no person can withstand everything that the assassins do. You tried in a tiny haystack from a huge tower 10 times a day jump? On the fact of the assassin as there was fantasy, and fantasy will remain with unrealistic techniques. If someone dares to deny it, then this someone is just lying. Gives out to be valid. For the divine abilities of a priori norm for the series.

In general, try to make a new game like the first part bad idea. For the first assassin is the worst game of the series in fact from the point of view of gameplay. In that ancient game, only the first 40 minutes of gameplay are well worked out, and then everything is very mediocre. It is not clear to me why such a game is praised today and why it is remembered by it when they talk about returning to the roots.

I’m not waiting for anything good. However, if the game really conceived as part of Valgalla, then there is a chance to get a good product. Still, Valhalla today is the best that is in the series since Unity. As for me.

It will be necessary to eliminate 4 main goals, you will first need to find out their weaknesses and plan the elimination.

In the first part, such a plot construction looked very wretched. I will be very upset if all this is returned to the mirage in the form in which it was in the first assassin. I really do not want to eavesdrop on NPC 100 times, beat someone 200 times, hide 500 times in a haystack, and repeat all this a thousand times in a row before I get to the main goal. It will be very figured if all this is returned to the series. I want to develop the ideas of Valgalla, Odyssey, Unity, Syndicate, etc.D. Nafig me these backward origins of the first assassin?


Notes to the script “Furios” make it clear that the game Mad Max is still in the canon of the franchise

The spin-off script, in the center of which will be the heroine Charlize Theron, contains notes for what was happening in the video game.

George Miller is again preparing to return the audience to the apocalyptic world of sand and gasoline with the release of the film about the adventure of Furiosa. Journalist Drew Makvini got acquainted with the script of the upcoming picture and claims that the game Mad Max, released in 2015, is still a canon.

I spent the whole day reading the script "Furios", which is full of illustrations and gear, and, friends, I can’t wait until I see this film live. The most crazy of all? Notes on the script fields confirm that the Mad Max video game is a canon of the saga.

This information is very well consistent with what has already been shown in the first trailer "Furios", where it was said about Gaztown, which is in the video game Mad Max and in "The road of rage". It is not entirely clear what the journalist was so surprised at, because the game takes place immediately after the events of the film. Negerly Joe is dead. And at the beginning of the game you see how a breakdown hunts crazy Max as a revenge. However, we will have to wait until May 24, 2024 to find out what other places Anya Taylor-Joy will visit.

In 2015, shortly after the release "Mad Max: Road Road", A video game called Mad Max was released on all the main platforms. It was not sold very well due to the fact that it went on a par with Metal Gear Solid V and did not receive that huge marketing push, which was probably deserved after "Roads of rage", But many who played it, she liked it. She was cruel, gloomy and cheerful, allowing Max to get involved in fights and arrange wild car battles in the desert. Avalanche game was quite chaotic and, it seems, did not fit into any specific continuity of films about crazy Max, preferring to adhere to the general history and tonality of the films.


Update Nvidia GeForce Game Ready 536.99 WHQL: Baldur’s Gate 3 support

New Driver Nvidia GeForce Game Ready version 536 is available.99 WHQL for Windows 11 and Windows 10. The update includes optimization for new games that support DLSS 2, including Baldur’s Gate 3, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Gord.

NVIDIA has released the renovation of GeForce Game Ready Drivers version 536.99 WHQL. This new driver provides optimization for "Baldur’s Gate 3", "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" And "Gord", Adds support for 6 new games in GeForce Experience. Fixed errors in "Control", "Battlefield 2042", "Dead Space" And problems with audio in "Elgato Wave Link" When using NVIDIA BroadCast.

Game improvements

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 support: This version of the driver is optimized for the game Baldur’s Gate 3 from Larian Studios. On PC with GEFORCE RTX graphic cards, players will receive optimal game experience. Cloud gaming is also available via GeForce Now. In the game, you can use NVIDIA DLAA for maximum graphic quality or NVIDIA DLSS 2 to increase the frame rate. According to tests, GEFORCE RTX 40 SERIES graphic maps improved their performance by an average of 93%.
  • Support The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: This game, based on the cult Horror-Film of 1974, is an asymmetric horror in the third person. The game supports DLSS 2, which allows you to play high details and permits without subsidence.
  • Gord support: This is a single -user game in the adventure genre and strategies developed by Covenant.DEV and Team 17. On the day of starting, the game will support DLSS 2 to increase performance on GEFORCE RTX graphic maps.
  • New games supported by the optimal GeForce Experience settings: Added support for optimal settings for 6 new games:
    Jagged Alliance 3
    Lost Judgment
    Portal: Prelude RTX
    Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
    Remnant 2
    Nvidia GeForce Experience also provides the ability to record and broadcast your gameplay, create screen shots and download video on social networks.

Fixed problems

Driver update Nvidia GeForce Game Ready 536.99 WHQL includes the following corrections:

Fixed game errors:

  • Control (using DX12): Tearing (image rupture) and partial twitch.
  • Battlefield 2042: The stability of the game could decrease when using the GeForce Experience Freestyle filters.
  • GeForce Experience: The stability of the game could worsen when using the Freestyle filter in certain games during the use of DLSS 3 Frame Generation.
  • Dead Space: Problems with the stability of the game.

Fixed general errors:

  1. Elgato Wave Link: Potential Audio Problems when using NVIDIA BroadCast effects.

These corrections are aimed at improving the stability and quality of work of both the games themselves and additional software from NVIDIA.

Famous problems

Driver version of Nvidia GeForce Game Ready 536.99 WHQL, like each released driver, has unresolved problems and requests for improvement. The following problems are not corrected in this version:

  • In the game [Halo Infinite], a significant decline in performance is observed on graphic processors based on Maxwell [4052711].
  • This driver implements a correction for problems with the stability of creative applications found with the intensive use of memory. However, situations were noticed when this correction led to a decrease in performance when working with Stable Diffusion and Davinci Resolve. This problem will be solved in the next issue of the driver [4172676].

It is also noted that problems with the installation of the NVIDIA control panel from the Windows Store store are possible. To obtain additional information, it is recommended to refer to the relevant documentation section.

Please keep in mind that problems can be specific for specific systems, and they may not meet on your laptop.


EA Sports FC 24 introduces the new gameplay video to some innovations

Electronic Arts introduced EA Sports FC 24. The company released a video showing new opportunities and the main points of the new chapter of the series, previously known as FIFA. Gameplay video can be viewed below.

In the video, we can see various EA Sports FC 24 elements, such as Hypermotion V, Play Styles and an improved Frostbite game engine.

As we already said in our video, Hypermotion V, or EA Sports FC 24, or or "volume", The term with which EA denotes the ability to analyze movements during television. This new evolution of the technology used by Electronic Arts for many years allowed the team to access more animations of the most famous football players, with many details related to hands, brushes, torso, etc.D.

On the other hand, Play Styles (game styles) are special bonuses that allow the use of a unique game of the game of one or another football player EA Sports FC 24: for example, Vinisius Junior has the quality of Play Styles in dribbling, and Mbappe is able to more effectively attack open spaces. For several months, new versions of players already existing in the game with a large number of Play Styles will appear (seven at the start for each player, a maximum of ten in the future). There will be 34 options for game styles, but taking into account the fact that versions will appear "Plus" And "Gold", Their number will double.

Finally, it is explained that Frostbite was improved and became even more scalable. So, for example, the version for Switch will not "heritage", That is, it will include some improvements, and not be a copy of previous publications. It will contain almost the same modes as in versions for PS4 and Xbox One, but there will be no cross-game and the new Hypermotion V function (which is also absent on PS4 and Xbox One). Also on Switch EA Sports FC 24 will not go beyond 30 FPS.

As for the modes in EA Sports FC 24, here we will find Football Club Ultimate Team, two familiar career modes (coach and player), Club and Volta.


Baldur’s Gate 3 developers are working to improve the interface and capabilities for the player’s detachment

Against the backdrop of an unconditionally extremely successful release of Baldur’s Gate 3, the game developers are not going to take even a small respite. Larian Studios said they carefully monitor the reviews of the already huge community of the game and are working on the following updates. The next patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 should bring several really important improvements to the overall interface, detachment and other aspects of a step -by -step role -playing game.

Michael Daw, the director of the Larian Studios publishing house, admitted in a recent report that some parts of the Baldur’s Gate 3 interface requires revision. In particular, the developers want to completely remove the display of the version of the game during direct gameplay. Some other elements of the user interface can also be revised to make it more balanced and understandable for players.

Among other changes, Michael Daws hinted at some expansion of the player’s detachment detachment and correction for the cooperative regime. The new update for Baldur’s Gate 3 promises to exit in the very near future, but for now the game celebrates 814 thousand active players on only one Steam platform.

For me, 3 Sopartiyets is very little..In the original, six Persians went with you, well, at least 4+1 (GG).Not convenient (for me. ) to select a group, given that in the process the characters are revealed in situations and dialogs..Waiting for a mod

In Pillars, up to 6 were dug in Pati.

I have a fashion for breaking the party. However, I completely agree with you, even in TTRPG according to 5 editions of the DND, the standard batch usually from 4 to 6 people. Plus, only now, not yet going to the lunar towers, not counting the GG, I carry 6 characters with me. 6 characters only now, Karl. But further there will be an opportunity to recruit Halsing, Jaal, Minsk, Mintar do not count. Well, and I think there are many more. So yes, here a mod is simply necessary and standard breakdown of a batch of at least 6 people.

Guys can tell how the cooperative mode works?The internet is not very clear.If I have two friends and they created their Persians.Then we will have three created characters and one NPS in the detachment?

The mod has been there for a long time. The only fact is that the game is not "sees". It’s like DOS 2 at the beginning, with a mod "Party Size".

Yes, NPS management can be given to any of the players.

I noticed the problem with the characters in the camp, usually in such games you leave the group and everyone stands on your slave place, you can interact with them at that moment, but even though it was done, but there’s only there is no way to raise the level or put them in another gear , you need to remove the Persians from the detachment to take a new one and only then put on and raise LV, there is also a small problem with the stagnation of resources such as supplies, even if I had a second object (plant, food, drag stones) do not always glass when selecting, I have to do manually, and I think that the forced use of a long vacation interferes with the pace of the narrative, I know that in the DND it is a depth of the main chips, so that they would not make an ultra of a god of 2-3 skills at the beginning of the game,But they do that the spells and resources of the battle and get rid of negative effects (except for special, for example, those that impose strong entities like a witch of kaga) could be restored constantly through a small vacation, but not worried about 10-20 provisions for example, then the pace of the game is not it would be falling, but demanded a constant search for supplies

I agree with everything connected with the camp. It is necessary to remove one and take the other that he will raise the level. It is very uncomfortable. A camp life is perfectly implemented in the dragon Aji Orijin. All are available characters, dress, download someone you want

I completely agree. A bunch of extra movements is required in the camp.

I have a dohren supplies. I am lutting every box. This is the narrative slowing down)

and rest is needed for quests. you relax a lot and someone from a nonsense dies

Which is also not convenient. If the quest is for a while, then be kind to warn about it.

The camp is generally one big problem, it is healthy as 30 people, sets to run along it, everyone has a decent tent on their own tent, as they have not yet fenced off and did not fit the sentinel tower – it is not clear.

As I said, there will be a supplemented final edition, and this release is once again only an intermediate link.

The game was in early access for almost 3 years! it was possible to fix it. Not? 🙂

Yes, the game will have a pyfiniti Edishen)

Yes, the font size is impressive)
I am strained by the separation of the group, I need to constantly connect, unit, so that no one should go to the stealth for you. I just want to highlight everything, but I think, but I think it’s all to please the consoles.
Well, in the camp the shift of Pati Pts was made dreary.Take off one, call the second.

So there you press one button and the pati is separated, and also vice versa.

The default button G, what can strain here ?

You yourself are hiding, do not notice the satellites

He is about replacing the characters in Pati, to take a new member with the old one to talk, tell him to stay in the camp, go to the second, ask to go with you. Damp. But this is like a role-playing, for the Persians react to the dialogue to the fact that you are driving them. I don’t really bother me.

IMHO, in the game everything is fine except the interface.

We took place with the diviniti’s wife in two gamepads from PS5 on Splitskrin and this is an excellent experience, everything is convenient and accessible even despite the fact that the interface contains many functions. Now the BG3 has begun all on the same gamepads on Splitskrin, and sometimes it is just pain. Either I will fluid the wrong way, then I will open the wrong section of the interface, then I will pass the move instead of the skill cast.

Of the main nit -picking:

1. In the divinity, to choose on the circular menu, something was enough to reject the stick and release the trigger, on the contrary, you press the trigger once, the circular menu opens, you put on the need for the desired tab and you need to press x. The next problem is constantly because of this – since in all games you get used to walking with the left stick and twist the right, you provide in a situation when the right finger is on the right stick and you still need to press x.

2. When you inspect the objects in the research mode, the character on the left stick moves, but if the object has hit the target, he freezes and the same stick begins to choose objects among themselves (if there are several objects in the heap). In Divinity, for this they simply used the search ring (which is also here), here because of this there is a sensation "Settings in textures", or that the stick is stupid and the character does not go

3. For some reason, the transition to the secrecy mode should be kept down, although there are still no functions to press the arrow.

4. Minikart disappears in battle

5. The minicart, in principle, is not very informative

6. I did not like the skills of skills. They are not remembered, they are difficult to distinguish from each other. In the early stages, magicians have 3-7 skills, and we are already confused in these rings. IMHO, in Divinity from below there was a strip with skills (as in warcraft) and it was more convenient than a circle.

7. But the biggest stress is, then we go through the game on Hard, and the shitty triangle on the gamepad finishes the move. In divinity, the triangle was responsible for the opening of the skill panel. Accordingly, you understand how many fights were stupidly merged due to this "Fichi"

I understand that this is not a divinity and stupid to demand "the same control is simply in other decorations". It takes time to get used to it, and the game will go like clockwork.

But in general, the game is of course fire, I am sure how we will deal with all the mechanics (and this will be long), definitely to repeat the passage must be flying already on the experiment.


The Rockstar boss leaked information about GTA 6 back in 2013, but no one noticed

Rarely which video game causes such a strong expectation in the game community as the long -awaited Grand Theft Auto 6. In recent years, the Internet has been replete with rumors and leaks associated with the upcoming blockbuster.

Rockstar Games, a studio standing behind a cult series, always strictly followed the safety of her projects. However, leaks constantly fall into view.

The last discovery that excited the curiosity of the GTA community is an old internal document, allegedly written by Sam Hauser, co-founder Rockstar Games. This document, dated 2013, recently surfaced to the surface, resuming discussions and speculations about the long -awaited GTA 6.

A document that has become public thanks to Sabreddita Gamingleaksandrumours has attracted interest due to its detailed content. The document reveals several aspects of Rockstar plans, including the abolished single -user DLC for GTA V, the early plans for the Red Dead Redemption 2, hints of the potential game Bully and intriguing details about GTA 6.

One of the most interesting aspects of leakage is the assumption that GTA 6 can return to Vice City, although in the modern form. The document contains a mysterious link: "Miami, what’s new?". This hints that Rockstar considered the possibility of creating an updated Vice City back in 2013.

However, not all elements in the leaked document are considered equally reliable. Some aspects, such as the mention of the casino in Vegas of the 1970s, snow-covered terrain inspired by Chicago or Detroit, and the inclusion of Mexico City were perceived by the game community skeptical. It is expected that the GTA 6 card will be extensive, but not all of these places can fall into the final version of the game.

What makes this leak even more intriguing is the time. Given that GTA V came out in 2013, it is surprising to assume that Rockstar Games could think about GTA 6 at that time. Games developers often plan the future, but the insight shown in this document amazes the imagination.

Reliability of the leak is added by the fact that the former Rockstar developer, Obbe Vermeij) recently shared insider information that coincides with some leakage details. Such a coincidence of information even more amicable curiosity among GTA enthusiasts.

While the hype around the GTA 6 does not subside, gamers and fans tend to look into the past to find at least some tips that Rockstar Games has prepared for the next part. Despite the fact that this leakage of the document gives a teasing look at what could be, it is necessary to be careful and remember that not all leaks are accurate. Moreover, since 2013, much could change.


Perfect Dark is needed another 2-3 years. When the game was announced, the studio has not even started developing

In 2020, we saw the first trailer for Perfect Dark, but three years later, work on the project is still barely crawling. You can not even dream that the game will debut in 2024 – developers still need a lot of time.

Rebut Perfect Dark is the first project of The Initiative, the new Microsoft studio founded by experienced developers. In recent years, the American giant hired a number of high -class developers, but the project was faced with a fair amount of problems.

The IGN editors confirmed with reference to the source that at the time of the presentation. Even the developers did not know what Perfect Dark was supposed to become:

The studio announced the project, but in fact has not yet started work on it. IGN contacted 13 developers and confirmed that they have not reached significant progress since 2020, when The Initiative was disclosed.

Why? The answer is not glamorous, but rather connected with the realities of game development. The project faced an obstacle to an obstacle, such problems as tense partnerships between developers, polling, technological problems, constant outflow of significant talents and obscure guidelines that kept the game in an suspended state. Although the new partnership with Crystal Dynamics seems to finally bear fruit, numerous sources that have recently worked on the game, they say that Perfect Dark is still "in the earliest stages" development, evaluating that before the release is about two or three years.

The situation is all the more amazing that The Initiative was actually founded in 2018, and over the past five years, the developers were not able to engage in the proper development of the project.

IGN confirmed that although Perfect Dark was supposed to be a big hit, "Aaaaa" And all that, the developers were actually not ready to implement such a large project and wanted to hire external developers. Initially, Certain Affinity was engaged in the creation of the game:

AAAA or not, Perfect Dark was a grandiose project for the fact that, as Gallagher expected [Darrell, the head of The Initiative] will ultimately become a rather small studio, even if experienced high -ranking specialists work in it. According to sources, he planned that The Initiative would work closely with other partners to become successful managers of the Perfect Dark franchise, which will eventually become the long -playing hit of Xbox. And although The Initiative ultimately publicly announced that she will be hired by Crystal Dynamics as a partner, the reality is that during the first few years of Perfect Dark she had another partner for work: Halo developer, Certain Affinity.

The relationship between The Initiative and Certain Affinity at this stage turned out to be a problem, since the first studio (internal for Microsoft) was a smaller team that, nevertheless, consisted of experienced developers, while the second (external) was a large team with an established position. There were unpleasant situations because of this, and the work stalled.

Then there was a pandemic, which caused even more problems, and Microsoft decided not to renew the contract with Certain Affinity. At that time, a small team worked on the project, and the turning point came at the beginning of 2021 – then Drew Murray left the company to move to the InSomniac Games and become a leading designer. This, according to IGN, laid the foundation for the squall of dismissal.

The list of people who changed their jobs in The Initiative to LinkedIn shows that only in 2021 35 people left the company only in 2021. In the first three months of 2022, The Initiative lost another 12 employees, and LinkedIn data show that the studio did not hire the same number of new employees at the same period or even later. Although these numbers are approximate, the people who worked there at that time suggest that about half of the studio was gutted, and the total number of employees was reduced to 30 people at the worst moment.

People began to leave because they understood that the work was going on the wrong pace. It was for this reason that Crystal Dynamics was hired for the initial embodiment of The Initiative plan, but it soon became obvious that the game needed a significant alteration.

Thus, in 2022, almost four years after the formation of the studio, work on Perfect Dark was started, in fact, from zero on Unreal 5. And although the two studios seemed to get along better than in previous cooperation, after a year of the absence of The Initiative, it was not able to lead the development of a large -scale project. Crystal Dynamics, well -equipped with personnel, began to occupy missing leadership positions and take on more and more responsibility for the project. This again led to disagreements and internodists in the departments in which the leaders were on the side of The Initiative.

IGN confirms that after all problems "Team Perfect Dark" finally moves in the right direction, and the developers have a strong foundation, but the developers have about 2-3 years of work to make the gamers be able to touch the long-awaited game.


Leading screenwriter about the game for a dark temptation in Baldur’s Gate 3: “potentially the most heroic passage”

Of all the options of character biographies in Baldur’s Gate 3, the dark temptation is the strangest. In fact, this is not a character, but a state of mind. You have no memories of the past, just the feeling that you have committed inexpressible acts and that the unknown force inside you wants you to continue to sow chaos and violence. Leading screenwriter Baldur’s Gate 3 Adam Smith currently plays his own dark temptation and says that, despite the first impression, passing for him may be the most heroic of all.

"I play for a dark temptation, because I managed to create almost all possible combinations of classes, races and biographies", – Smith says. According to him, he also spent a lot of time, testing the game for him, but "He could not go from beginning to end, as a full -fledged, real game without cheats".

Smith claims that the main thing for him is a role -playing game, and he likes chaos, who reigns in his character.

I play a dark temptation that resists all terrible things and deeply regrets everything that happened. I really love heroes experiencing the torment of conscience.

And he will have to resist many desires: one of the very first things that he can do is to bite his hand, instead of pulling him out of the magic portal in which you found him. But Adam Smith does not want the dark temptation to be incorrectly understood.

"When we only announced this, I desperately tried to convey to people that it was not just an evil passage". At first it really looks like evil, but Smith says that the dark has real potential for a good ending.

For me – and I will spoil as little as possible – the dark temptation is the potentially the most heroic passage of the game, because the resistance to the fact that you are inside you, and passing through this and survival with your friends nearby, most of which are still intact – these are, this I think the most heroic version of the game.

Um. your hand can seriously bite off. If so, I want to try))

Yes, there is generally gameplay for him: kill, kill, kill!

If you play without Seyvskam in most cases, someone will suffer.

Everyone will suffer, he literally received a gift from the god of murder!

Your hand can really be bitten off, but where the gale goes, only the portal is known

the saves did not help me. After I drove the harpist with the threat of murder, this Klosha still rubbed somewhere with the camp and I gut it out at night. So here is sewn up tightly to who to die (well, or in this particular case).

There are options to avoid this) But for this, the Persian will have to kill a little and then revive)) but the minus cloak as I understand.

Well, besides this, the dark temptation fits into the company of such satellites, whose fates are similar to one degree or another (after all, each of them has its own puppeteer who tries to manipulate them and if such a “most positive ending” will all gain their path and strength will)

As for me this passage as for me is the most canonical since in this case

Your hero is connected by the plot with the main villains since you are one of those who came up with a plan to create and search for a crown

And also, it seems, the dark temptation is one of the children of Baala.

Well, yes, I mean that you are very connected with the plot, therefore, as for me, passing through a dark blunder (it doesn’t matter kill everyone or not) can be called a canon because you are directly connected with the villains (unless it’s strange that the grandfather did not recognize us ) you can scatter this is a straight story about you

I’m still in 1 act, now I think, or go to 2 act through an Anderk (dungeon) or still go along a mountain pass? Well, in the subway, I want to go out purely quests, but not going into the lands of shadows, so as not to accidentally launch 2 act and thereby not break off my personal quest Shedouhart and/or Laesel.

Keterik immediately recognizes the hero and stare at him for about a minute, and the storyteller adds that he knows for sure about you, but does not tell

Well, here it is hardly any "canon" There will be, in general, this concept is hardly applicable.

Straight Elric with his petrel. I didn’t want to kill the same thing, but I wanted to kill the sword and kill my soul.

And he can choose a class and stats ?

You can configure it as an ordinary hero, the only origin does not change.

And he is not as a sopartisian hero ? that is, if you do not choose this personality, then in the game it will not be, I understand correctly ? That is, this is one unique person purely for a fan if you do not want to play for the Persian with an empty past ?

Technically, he is considered as an original character that you can configure at your own request. With the exception of your background, background, origin. Simply put, you will still be a dark temptation by definition. That is, you seem to make your OS, but with an already prescribed biography, which is inscribed in the plot of the game.

It is true, if you do not take it, then he will not appear in the game.

Clear – then cool)) I would have a couple more such personalities – then it is more interesting to play, as if you were playing a role – smartly invented

By the way, I want to play for a dark temptation last. In general, while I have plans to go through the game with my original character, then, most likely I will go through the game again OS, only playing for the villain. Then, hunting to play companions. And only after that, I will play a dark temptation. And honestly, I am more like to try to play for evil and see if there is the opportunity to play solo for him? I mean, it is precisely how much it allows the game. Since I strongly doubt that there is a pure solo in the game right there. Still, DND is about party games.

Remember my words – You will go through the game once, then you will start the second and abandon everything at the very beginning. For the plot is the main one is straightforward here and you know what awaits you. In fact, the game has three acts and 3 plot quests of mandatory . The rest can not be performed and the game will be passed.

Everyone plays differently.

I also do not like to go through twice any kind of cool game. But non -somes spend hundreds of times. There people boast that they spent 3 thousand hours in Vesmak and passed many times, I have forgiven this one time with difficulty with difficulty) it will most likely be so, the game is fucked up, but I won’t be at least at least in the next year

I agree, everyone plays in different ways, however, then just write their opinion when you pass. If not difficult

Passions can radically differ depending on your actions and your luck, different events take place, I realized in some Achivka that there are absolutely different views on the same events

And I chose it by default as it is. Laziness was busy with the editor and wanted to play. Beautiful lizard. Well, Profigel when he soaked the Sopartian at night and does not remember anything and the squirrel about the wall without the possibility of choosing. His attic is specifically leaks, but this is only more interesting.

the squirrel is when I cringe? So far, only the harpist was cut out. Maybe I missed the animal?))

And yes. You are right..Straight flows. after the first one after the first to hide the corpse, I did not, do not wash my hands. how to go to bed in a camp with me are not afraid?))

Damn it will be necessary to try it will be interesting

I play a dark temptation that resists all terrible things and deeply regrets everything that happened. I really love heroes experiencing the torment of conscience.

In-in, I have saved this option by 2 passage. Paladin on the path of atonement!

In some places did not reach.

If you abandon Baal and his temple, the consequence is your death, albeit short. But I don’t know about this, and this moment could be emotionally beaten, especially if they consider you different, but as someone even loves. Powerful moment, unfortunately.= (All the fucker)

I have already gone through a dark temptation and I saw nothing radically new in the game. All the same, in the first act, Flaterhu was filled up and that’s all . It was not even worth it as for me . And I try to go through a bad scenario and still see that on the good . Here is an example in nurseries without a fight, filled up a nurse through Kittssen, leaned in front of this guiller goddess, killed in the prism of Illitid and still a battle with toads . Moreover, they bazaar at all in the topic. In short, the insurers just feel that the choice is no choice .

So the same heroic is Palladin who adheres to his oath! For example, I could not resist and became an oath -criminal.

You can pay and return to the light

Paid but violated the quest back)

And the change of race in a dark temptation affects something or you can safely remake it in an elf or person?

it’s just a special archetype. There should not be a change of race and class to influence the impressions. but I don’t know if there is an interaction of the class and archetype. like a paladin is easier to resist dark desires and t.P.

Interesting. You must definitely try. Now I am playing for the paladin.

For me a dark temptation is essentially a canon of the game. Firstly, he, like the GG of past parts, is the elected Baal, which makes his connection with him, and he goes the same path as Abdel Adrian (according to the canon this is the GG of the first two parts), and secondly, a whole visual novel was made for him that strongly was made that emphasized his connection with stories and significance in the narrative. In the third, unlike other characters, he does not appear as a partner or NPC (only a corpse) that shows his uniqueness in the gameplay, we will not meet him in history if we do not play for it. And the fourth, most importantly, it is deeply related to history and the entire conflict on the emergence of the Absolute, the creation of the three dead, and t.D. Because of him, he created the older brain, he gathered this gang of chosen dark gods, he organized a plan for the capture of the gates of Baldur, he was the leader of the Baal cult, he is essentially the main villain of the story for whom we play, and we will decide whether they will decide or will he be deciding we’ll follow the path of atonement and fixing the mistakes of our dark past. My first complete passage just for him, I walked along the path of a good man and always fought with the temptation, refused the gift of Bati, saved the world and together with Shadouhart (I romined with her🥰) created a farm with a bunch of tummy. So I understand why the screenwriter called it the most heroic and interesting passage. It is really touching to watch how your beloved and friends help you, support you and believe that you can handle the darkness that is inside you, while you yourself helped them many times and helped at the right time to make a right choice that will not turn them into monsters like him. In short, the dark temptation is the best Persian for which you can play.

It is interesting to play a psychopath, but the white dragonoid does not attract too much.

He is his custom appearance and a race can be changed! That is, a dark temptation can be an elf for example

The temptation does not have a canonical skin. You tune everything except the background yourself

Cool! Then it is mandatory)

NDA of everything that is possible in the game is repelled by the fact that the character is not a race of a person.

Strange conclusion. Lizards from DOS2 look cool, just playing the lizard. I also like Argonian. Well? Any other "NDA" will be on your part?

The psychopath is biting off your hands, it’s your evil, well, well, for me it is a sort of psthopat, the evil is insidious, and to score a bard of any psycho, the evil is the cunning of the intrigue, not shying away from nothing to go to the goal, but here they have tfe nonsense, they have so blinked that they themselves were so well without cheats can not pass lol.

Yes, he blurted out so because there is no dark passage in essence, not spelled out thoroughly. However, as elsewhere except Tyranny

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