Earlier, French YouTuber shared rather plausible information about the release date of Assassin’s Creed: Mirage. The game will have to wait until mid -autumn, but apparently the expectations will cost it. According to all the same insider, in this part developers really return to the roots of the series and present a project that is as close as possible to the first Assassin’s Creed and Altair’s adventure.

On the nickname J0nathan claims that he knows the details of the production of Assassin’s Creed: Mirage and all the features of the gameplay. He described the gameplay capabilities of the new game to his spectators, and we give below the most interesting notes. This information includes a description of the open world of Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, the details of Stlace mechanics and some mention of the plot of the game.

  • Assassin’s Creed: Mirage thought like DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, but quickly turned into a separate game, deepening its own mechanics and plot.
  • The gameplay resembles Assassin’s Creed: Origins. The game has many gadgets and items for use during the mission, a tree of skills is less, only about 15 skills. There will be several types of weapons that need to be unlocked using large missions.
  • In Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, the fantasy part is completely removed, apparently there will be no divine abilities or other unrealistic methods in the game.
  • The game is created with an eye to recreate the atmosphere and sensations from the first Assassin’s Creed. The game will have more secrecy, tracking, listening and eagle vision. According to the plot, it will be necessary to eliminate 4 main goals, you will first need to find out their weaknesses and plan the elimination.
  • Most of the open world is the desert, and the main city will be Baghdad and its environs. Also, players will be able to visit the fortress of the Assassins.
  • The plot begins with young bassim, which is hunting for ancient artifacts. He finds a strange object from the first civilization, which later leads him to invisible.
  • The developers tried on realistic and worked out animations, but the parkour will lag behind the level in Assassin’s Creed: Unity. For example, with a small amount of health, the hero will become weaker and will begin to limp.
  • There will be no crowd of characters in the game, but some NPCs can tell the guards where the player hid and in which direction he ran.
  • As in Assassin’s Creed 2, in Mirage it will be possible to use the services of the faction: mercenaries, merchants and musicians who will help to hide from the guards for a fee.
  • The game will present a fame system. The more aggressively the player behaves, the more detachments of the guards will be hunting for him, connecting new types of enemies to persecution. YouTuber compares this mechanics with stars from GTA.

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage is created for PC and consoles. The release of the game is scheduled for the second half of this year, and if you believe the rumors, it will be released on October 12.

The desert occupies most of the open world, that is, you will wander around the desert in search of something. And it will seem to you that the game is endless, but you can return to the city there as in the hitman you will need to eliminate 4 main goals 🙂

In the first part, it also mostly had a desert if you leave the city

In addition, tunnel to get to another city

In, if random events and additional quests are drinking there, then definitely like comrades. But knowing Iva Gaimo, we have a jerk and booster of experience better

If there is no mythology, as it was in the last three parts, then this is only a plus!

Ummm. maybe on the contrary in the first, not the last?

T.e. Egypt, Greece, Valgala and all their crap mythological with deities and t.P. for you comparable to the first three parts with fantasy elements?)

So let’s look at the autumn I told the truth or not

Yes, another Orijing will be. once they say that they did DLS to Valgala.
Someone at first shouted that they would allegedly return to the sources of the 1st part -and went to go. I’m a pancake too, like a fool, I fantasized something on the likeness of the 2nd part and the battleship from there. But in the end the same Valgala along the way and will be with the dials. As usual they will be tied up by the fight = constructed everything "Assassin"

Orijing and Valgalla are magnificent in all respects.

You do not understand people want a dull and monotonous gameplay as in the first part .

The genius of sophistry. When people say "do as 1", Absolutely no one says "Please give me a repetitive gameplay made in an obvious rush, and collecting flags". Initially, it was Sky Fi with an interesting historical encyclopedia, an emphasis on parkour, a fighting and social stealth, a unique intra -game Laura and thought out style. It is not necessary to compare this with modern anniversaries in which you can praise, except that the titanic work of designers.

If you have passed the game on the same counterattacks and do not rummage in her gameplay, then of course for you he is a monotonous.

And what else in the game to do besides contracts can you tell us races you are so expert in this ? I remember the game a huge beautiful world but empty and boring even at the time when the game came out . And some locations were made only in order to get from point a to paragraph B .

"The developers tried on realistic and worked out animations, but the parkour will lag behind the level in Assassin’s Creed: Unity. For example, with a small amount of health, the hero will become weaker and will begin to limp." So it should be.

It would be better if it was close to the second part with Ezio, and not this concept with parkor.

And why better? In the second part, all gameplay mechanics except Stlax cut.

Well then remind, these are what mechanics? Collecting flags, performing several identical quests before killing the target, eavesdropping, surveillance, hide and hide?)))

I think the mechanics of the battle and the parku, most of which either cut out or simplified.

I would have outplayed. In the second part, all the mechanics only expanded. Long jump, killing two at once, fencing, and in general everything. In fact, the second part is similar to a full -fledged game, and the first hastily made.

Maybe you should replay and delve into the mechanics of the game a little? That they expanded? Made all the weapons the same? Removed the opportunity to use a secretive blade in a battle with another weapon and made a regular sword from it with other characteristics? Removed a series of murders of stunned opponents? You call it expanded? On the contrary, they cut everything out by making the weapon non -native, but adding whistle -fingers for the fan. The only thing they improved is hand -to -hand combat. The captures changed them with broken ones, dosha another innovation (changed mechanics) is another imba, which made the usual evasion unnecessary, so it turns out that they cut out a bunch of everything, and everything that they changed imbalanced and only hand -to -hand combat turned out to be normal. The situation is about the same with the parkor, they removed the parkour down through the shift, added the opportunity to climb 5 -storey buildings in a couple of seconds with monkey animations. But you don’t shy in their gameplay correctly? You probably did not know that in the first part you can not jump on obstruction, but jump through it or that in the first you can use a secretive blade at the same time as other weapons and so on, I am right?

And what is heard about English sub?

She should work as a game, not a gun.

Since 2008 registration and anime on Ava gives advice, crinage, stupid anime

To the origins ?How Altair will also drown in a puddle ?!

I remember the first part, I think it was worst, there was simply nothing to do, the same actions strictly tired strictly along the algorithm, and they position it as a plus.

There will probably be the first game without English voice acting, and it’s a pity (

Bioshock Infinite was transferred after 5 years when it was no longer needed, Max Payne 3 is just planning to start translating and it is not known when they finish, Hogwarts Legacy, Callisto Protocol, too, so if the game is transferred 5 years after the release is already somehow not It will be necessary, even the English voice acting is not an occasion to start over what has already passed

Hogwarts and Callisto will soon be finished to translate. Why whine? Moreover, given how the anniversary and many other large studios are deprived in terms of optimization, one FIG wait six months after the release, while the project becomes playable.

I have a normal iron, I don’t see problems anywhere with optimization, and I didn’t suffer from the Jubisoft’s game from poor optimization, it is clear that when Ak Orijing came out and it was launched on 4/8 stones, they were not enough there, and while they were there, and while they were there Once with 4/8 stones they sat, of course there was a howl in the swamps, well, Division also required a powerful processor, Watch Dogs too

In Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, the fantasy part is completely removed, apparently there will be no divine abilities or other unrealistic methods in the game.

The artifacts of the forerunner are fantasy. No one will delete them. Therefore, do not lie about the removal of fantasy from the game. Well, about unrealistic techniques: and the park in the series is realistic? In real life, no person can withstand everything that the assassins do. You tried in a tiny haystack from a huge tower 10 times a day jump? On the fact of the assassin as there was fantasy, and fantasy will remain with unrealistic techniques. If someone dares to deny it, then this someone is just lying. Gives out to be valid. For the divine abilities of a priori norm for the series.

In general, try to make a new game like the first part bad idea. For the first assassin is the worst game of the series in fact from the point of view of gameplay. In that ancient game, only the first 40 minutes of gameplay are well worked out, and then everything is very mediocre. It is not clear to me why such a game is praised today and why it is remembered by it when they talk about returning to the roots.

I’m not waiting for anything good. However, if the game really conceived as part of Valgalla, then there is a chance to get a good product. Still, Valhalla today is the best that is in the series since Unity. As for me.

It will be necessary to eliminate 4 main goals, you will first need to find out their weaknesses and plan the elimination.

In the first part, such a plot construction looked very wretched. I will be very upset if all this is returned to the mirage in the form in which it was in the first assassin. I really do not want to eavesdrop on NPC 100 times, beat someone 200 times, hide 500 times in a haystack, and repeat all this a thousand times in a row before I get to the main goal. It will be very figured if all this is returned to the series. I want to develop the ideas of Valgalla, Odyssey, Unity, Syndicate, etc.D. Nafig me these backward origins of the first assassin?