Against the backdrop of an unconditionally extremely successful release of Baldur’s Gate 3, the game developers are not going to take even a small respite. Larian Studios said they carefully monitor the reviews of the already huge community of the game and are working on the following updates. The next patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 should bring several really important improvements to the overall interface, detachment and other aspects of a step -by -step role -playing game.

Michael Daw, the director of the Larian Studios publishing house, admitted in a recent report that some parts of the Baldur’s Gate 3 interface requires revision. In particular, the developers want to completely remove the display of the version of the game during direct gameplay. Some other elements of the user interface can also be revised to make it more balanced and understandable for players.

Among other changes, Michael Daws hinted at some expansion of the player’s detachment detachment and correction for the cooperative regime. The new update for Baldur’s Gate 3 promises to exit in the very near future, but for now the game celebrates 814 thousand active players on only one Steam platform.

For me, 3 Sopartiyets is very little..In the original, six Persians went with you, well, at least 4+1 (GG).Not convenient (for me. ) to select a group, given that in the process the characters are revealed in situations and dialogs..Waiting for a mod

In Pillars, up to 6 were dug in Pati.

I have a fashion for breaking the party. However, I completely agree with you, even in TTRPG according to 5 editions of the DND, the standard batch usually from 4 to 6 people. Plus, only now, not yet going to the lunar towers, not counting the GG, I carry 6 characters with me. 6 characters only now, Karl. But further there will be an opportunity to recruit Halsing, Jaal, Minsk, Mintar do not count. Well, and I think there are many more. So yes, here a mod is simply necessary and standard breakdown of a batch of at least 6 people.

Guys can tell how the cooperative mode works?The internet is not very clear.If I have two friends and they created their Persians.Then we will have three created characters and one NPS in the detachment?

The mod has been there for a long time. The only fact is that the game is not "sees". It’s like DOS 2 at the beginning, with a mod "Party Size".

Yes, NPS management can be given to any of the players.

I noticed the problem with the characters in the camp, usually in such games you leave the group and everyone stands on your slave place, you can interact with them at that moment, but even though it was done, but there’s only there is no way to raise the level or put them in another gear , you need to remove the Persians from the detachment to take a new one and only then put on and raise LV, there is also a small problem with the stagnation of resources such as supplies, even if I had a second object (plant, food, drag stones) do not always glass when selecting, I have to do manually, and I think that the forced use of a long vacation interferes with the pace of the narrative, I know that in the DND it is a depth of the main chips, so that they would not make an ultra of a god of 2-3 skills at the beginning of the game,But they do that the spells and resources of the battle and get rid of negative effects (except for special, for example, those that impose strong entities like a witch of kaga) could be restored constantly through a small vacation, but not worried about 10-20 provisions for example, then the pace of the game is not it would be falling, but demanded a constant search for supplies

I agree with everything connected with the camp. It is necessary to remove one and take the other that he will raise the level. It is very uncomfortable. A camp life is perfectly implemented in the dragon Aji Orijin. All are available characters, dress, download someone you want

I completely agree. A bunch of extra movements is required in the camp.

I have a dohren supplies. I am lutting every box. This is the narrative slowing down)

and rest is needed for quests. you relax a lot and someone from a nonsense dies

Which is also not convenient. If the quest is for a while, then be kind to warn about it.

The camp is generally one big problem, it is healthy as 30 people, sets to run along it, everyone has a decent tent on their own tent, as they have not yet fenced off and did not fit the sentinel tower – it is not clear.

As I said, there will be a supplemented final edition, and this release is once again only an intermediate link.

The game was in early access for almost 3 years! it was possible to fix it. Not? 🙂

Yes, the game will have a pyfiniti Edishen)

Yes, the font size is impressive)
I am strained by the separation of the group, I need to constantly connect, unit, so that no one should go to the stealth for you. I just want to highlight everything, but I think, but I think it’s all to please the consoles.
Well, in the camp the shift of Pati Pts was made dreary.Take off one, call the second.

So there you press one button and the pati is separated, and also vice versa.

The default button G, what can strain here ?

You yourself are hiding, do not notice the satellites

He is about replacing the characters in Pati, to take a new member with the old one to talk, tell him to stay in the camp, go to the second, ask to go with you. Damp. But this is like a role-playing, for the Persians react to the dialogue to the fact that you are driving them. I don’t really bother me.

IMHO, in the game everything is fine except the interface.

We took place with the diviniti’s wife in two gamepads from PS5 on Splitskrin and this is an excellent experience, everything is convenient and accessible even despite the fact that the interface contains many functions. Now the BG3 has begun all on the same gamepads on Splitskrin, and sometimes it is just pain. Either I will fluid the wrong way, then I will open the wrong section of the interface, then I will pass the move instead of the skill cast.

Of the main nit -picking:

1. In the divinity, to choose on the circular menu, something was enough to reject the stick and release the trigger, on the contrary, you press the trigger once, the circular menu opens, you put on the need for the desired tab and you need to press x. The next problem is constantly because of this – since in all games you get used to walking with the left stick and twist the right, you provide in a situation when the right finger is on the right stick and you still need to press x.

2. When you inspect the objects in the research mode, the character on the left stick moves, but if the object has hit the target, he freezes and the same stick begins to choose objects among themselves (if there are several objects in the heap). In Divinity, for this they simply used the search ring (which is also here), here because of this there is a sensation "Settings in textures", or that the stick is stupid and the character does not go

3. For some reason, the transition to the secrecy mode should be kept down, although there are still no functions to press the arrow.

4. Minikart disappears in battle

5. The minicart, in principle, is not very informative

6. I did not like the skills of skills. They are not remembered, they are difficult to distinguish from each other. In the early stages, magicians have 3-7 skills, and we are already confused in these rings. IMHO, in Divinity from below there was a strip with skills (as in warcraft) and it was more convenient than a circle.

7. But the biggest stress is, then we go through the game on Hard, and the shitty triangle on the gamepad finishes the move. In divinity, the triangle was responsible for the opening of the skill panel. Accordingly, you understand how many fights were stupidly merged due to this "Fichi"

I understand that this is not a divinity and stupid to demand "the same control is simply in other decorations". It takes time to get used to it, and the game will go like clockwork.

But in general, the game is of course fire, I am sure how we will deal with all the mechanics (and this will be long), definitely to repeat the passage must be flying already on the experiment.