The spin-off script, in the center of which will be the heroine Charlize Theron, contains notes for what was happening in the video game.

George Miller is again preparing to return the audience to the apocalyptic world of sand and gasoline with the release of the film about the adventure of Furiosa. Journalist Drew Makvini got acquainted with the script of the upcoming picture and claims that the game Mad Max, released in 2015, is still a canon.

I spent the whole day reading the script "Furios", which is full of illustrations and gear, and, friends, I can’t wait until I see this film live. The most crazy of all? Notes on the script fields confirm that the Mad Max video game is a canon of the saga.

This information is very well consistent with what has already been shown in the first trailer "Furios", where it was said about Gaztown, which is in the video game Mad Max and in "The road of rage". It is not entirely clear what the journalist was so surprised at, because the game takes place immediately after the events of the film. Negerly Joe is dead. And at the beginning of the game you see how a breakdown hunts crazy Max as a revenge. However, we will have to wait until May 24, 2024 to find out what other places Anya Taylor-Joy will visit.

In 2015, shortly after the release "Mad Max: Road Road", A video game called Mad Max was released on all the main platforms. It was not sold very well due to the fact that it went on a par with Metal Gear Solid V and did not receive that huge marketing push, which was probably deserved after "Roads of rage", But many who played it, she liked it. She was cruel, gloomy and cheerful, allowing Max to get involved in fights and arrange wild car battles in the desert. Avalanche game was quite chaotic and, it seems, did not fit into any specific continuity of films about crazy Max, preferring to adhere to the general history and tonality of the films.