Of all the options of character biographies in Baldur’s Gate 3, the dark temptation is the strangest. In fact, this is not a character, but a state of mind. You have no memories of the past, just the feeling that you have committed inexpressible acts and that the unknown force inside you wants you to continue to sow chaos and violence. Leading screenwriter Baldur’s Gate 3 Adam Smith currently plays his own dark temptation and says that, despite the first impression, passing for him may be the most heroic of all.

"I play for a dark temptation, because I managed to create almost all possible combinations of classes, races and biographies", – Smith says. According to him, he also spent a lot of time, testing the game for him, but "He could not go from beginning to end, as a full -fledged, real game without cheats".

Smith claims that the main thing for him is a role -playing game, and he likes chaos, who reigns in his character.

I play a dark temptation that resists all terrible things and deeply regrets everything that happened. I really love heroes experiencing the torment of conscience.

And he will have to resist many desires: one of the very first things that he can do is to bite his hand, instead of pulling him out of the magic portal in which you found him. But Adam Smith does not want the dark temptation to be incorrectly understood.

"When we only announced this, I desperately tried to convey to people that it was not just an evil passage". At first it really looks like evil, but Smith says that the dark has real potential for a good ending.

For me – and I will spoil as little as possible – the dark temptation is the potentially the most heroic passage of the game, because the resistance to the fact that you are inside you, and passing through this and survival with your friends nearby, most of which are still intact – these are, this I think the most heroic version of the game.

Um. your hand can seriously bite off. If so, I want to try))

Yes, there is generally gameplay for him: kill, kill, kill!

If you play without Seyvskam in most cases, someone will suffer.

Everyone will suffer, he literally received a gift from the god of murder!

Your hand can really be bitten off, but where the gale goes, only the portal is known

the saves did not help me. After I drove the harpist with the threat of murder, this Klosha still rubbed somewhere with the camp and I gut it out at night. So here is sewn up tightly to who to die (well, or in this particular case).

There are options to avoid this) But for this, the Persian will have to kill a little and then revive)) but the minus cloak as I understand.

Well, besides this, the dark temptation fits into the company of such satellites, whose fates are similar to one degree or another (after all, each of them has its own puppeteer who tries to manipulate them and if such a “most positive ending” will all gain their path and strength will)

As for me this passage as for me is the most canonical since in this case

Your hero is connected by the plot with the main villains since you are one of those who came up with a plan to create and search for a crown

And also, it seems, the dark temptation is one of the children of Baala.

Well, yes, I mean that you are very connected with the plot, therefore, as for me, passing through a dark blunder (it doesn’t matter kill everyone or not) can be called a canon because you are directly connected with the villains (unless it’s strange that the grandfather did not recognize us ) you can scatter this is a straight story about you

I’m still in 1 act, now I think, or go to 2 act through an Anderk (dungeon) or still go along a mountain pass? Well, in the subway, I want to go out purely quests, but not going into the lands of shadows, so as not to accidentally launch 2 act and thereby not break off my personal quest Shedouhart and/or Laesel.

Keterik immediately recognizes the hero and stare at him for about a minute, and the storyteller adds that he knows for sure about you, but does not tell

Well, here it is hardly any "canon" There will be, in general, this concept is hardly applicable.

Straight Elric with his petrel. I didn’t want to kill the same thing, but I wanted to kill the sword and kill my soul.

And he can choose a class and stats ?

You can configure it as an ordinary hero, the only origin does not change.

And he is not as a sopartisian hero ? that is, if you do not choose this personality, then in the game it will not be, I understand correctly ? That is, this is one unique person purely for a fan if you do not want to play for the Persian with an empty past ?

Technically, he is considered as an original character that you can configure at your own request. With the exception of your background, background, origin. Simply put, you will still be a dark temptation by definition. That is, you seem to make your OS, but with an already prescribed biography, which is inscribed in the plot of the game.

It is true, if you do not take it, then he will not appear in the game.

Clear – then cool)) I would have a couple more such personalities – then it is more interesting to play, as if you were playing a role – smartly invented

By the way, I want to play for a dark temptation last. In general, while I have plans to go through the game with my original character, then, most likely I will go through the game again OS, only playing for the villain. Then, hunting to play companions. And only after that, I will play a dark temptation. And honestly, I am more like to try to play for evil and see if there is the opportunity to play solo for him? I mean, it is precisely how much it allows the game. Since I strongly doubt that there is a pure solo in the game right there. Still, DND is about party games.

Remember my words – You will go through the game once, then you will start the second and abandon everything at the very beginning. For the plot is the main one is straightforward here and you know what awaits you. In fact, the game has three acts and 3 plot quests of mandatory . The rest can not be performed and the game will be passed.

Everyone plays differently.

I also do not like to go through twice any kind of cool game. But non -somes spend hundreds of times. There people boast that they spent 3 thousand hours in Vesmak and passed many times, I have forgiven this one time with difficulty with difficulty) it will most likely be so, the game is fucked up, but I won’t be at least at least in the next year

I agree, everyone plays in different ways, however, then just write their opinion when you pass. If not difficult

Passions can radically differ depending on your actions and your luck, different events take place, I realized in some Achivka that there are absolutely different views on the same events

And I chose it by default as it is. Laziness was busy with the editor and wanted to play. Beautiful lizard. Well, Profigel when he soaked the Sopartian at night and does not remember anything and the squirrel about the wall without the possibility of choosing. His attic is specifically leaks, but this is only more interesting.

the squirrel is when I cringe? So far, only the harpist was cut out. Maybe I missed the animal?))

And yes. You are right..Straight flows. after the first one after the first to hide the corpse, I did not, do not wash my hands. how to go to bed in a camp with me are not afraid?))

Damn it will be necessary to try it will be interesting

I play a dark temptation that resists all terrible things and deeply regrets everything that happened. I really love heroes experiencing the torment of conscience.

In-in, I have saved this option by 2 passage. Paladin on the path of atonement!

In some places did not reach.

If you abandon Baal and his temple, the consequence is your death, albeit short. But I don’t know about this, and this moment could be emotionally beaten, especially if they consider you different, but as someone even loves. Powerful moment, unfortunately.= (All the fucker)

I have already gone through a dark temptation and I saw nothing radically new in the game. All the same, in the first act, Flaterhu was filled up and that’s all . It was not even worth it as for me . And I try to go through a bad scenario and still see that on the good . Here is an example in nurseries without a fight, filled up a nurse through Kittssen, leaned in front of this guiller goddess, killed in the prism of Illitid and still a battle with toads . Moreover, they bazaar at all in the topic. In short, the insurers just feel that the choice is no choice .

So the same heroic is Palladin who adheres to his oath! For example, I could not resist and became an oath -criminal.

You can pay and return to the light

Paid but violated the quest back)

And the change of race in a dark temptation affects something or you can safely remake it in an elf or person?

it’s just a special archetype. There should not be a change of race and class to influence the impressions. but I don’t know if there is an interaction of the class and archetype. like a paladin is easier to resist dark desires and t.P.

Interesting. You must definitely try. Now I am playing for the paladin.

For me a dark temptation is essentially a canon of the game. Firstly, he, like the GG of past parts, is the elected Baal, which makes his connection with him, and he goes the same path as Abdel Adrian (according to the canon this is the GG of the first two parts), and secondly, a whole visual novel was made for him that strongly was made that emphasized his connection with stories and significance in the narrative. In the third, unlike other characters, he does not appear as a partner or NPC (only a corpse) that shows his uniqueness in the gameplay, we will not meet him in history if we do not play for it. And the fourth, most importantly, it is deeply related to history and the entire conflict on the emergence of the Absolute, the creation of the three dead, and t.D. Because of him, he created the older brain, he gathered this gang of chosen dark gods, he organized a plan for the capture of the gates of Baldur, he was the leader of the Baal cult, he is essentially the main villain of the story for whom we play, and we will decide whether they will decide or will he be deciding we’ll follow the path of atonement and fixing the mistakes of our dark past. My first complete passage just for him, I walked along the path of a good man and always fought with the temptation, refused the gift of Bati, saved the world and together with Shadouhart (I romined with her🥰) created a farm with a bunch of tummy. So I understand why the screenwriter called it the most heroic and interesting passage. It is really touching to watch how your beloved and friends help you, support you and believe that you can handle the darkness that is inside you, while you yourself helped them many times and helped at the right time to make a right choice that will not turn them into monsters like him. In short, the dark temptation is the best Persian for which you can play.

It is interesting to play a psychopath, but the white dragonoid does not attract too much.

He is his custom appearance and a race can be changed! That is, a dark temptation can be an elf for example

The temptation does not have a canonical skin. You tune everything except the background yourself

Cool! Then it is mandatory)

NDA of everything that is possible in the game is repelled by the fact that the character is not a race of a person.

Strange conclusion. Lizards from DOS2 look cool, just playing the lizard. I also like Argonian. Well? Any other "NDA" will be on your part?

The psychopath is biting off your hands, it’s your evil, well, well, for me it is a sort of psthopat, the evil is insidious, and to score a bard of any psycho, the evil is the cunning of the intrigue, not shying away from nothing to go to the goal, but here they have tfe nonsense, they have so blinked that they themselves were so well without cheats can not pass lol.

Yes, he blurted out so because there is no dark passage in essence, not spelled out thoroughly. However, as elsewhere except Tyranny

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