State of Decay 2 will soon receive 33 large update

Developers of the State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition do not cease to amaze, because they have prepared another large -scale update. They promised that on May 10 they would publish a detailed pattern, but they told about the most important innovation now.

Now the zombies will not just wander around the world and rest at their spavna points, but will gradually move towards the base of the survivors. These creatures will be able to capture the avantists, strengthening their defense, and then, approaching your base, will begin to form siege areas.

Thus, players will have to more carefully observe the adjacent territory in order to prevent the serious clusters of the zombies, which will only become stronger every hour. Now you will need to more often carry out stripping, and in the worst case, collect things and look for new shelter, especially playing at a high level of complexity.

As has already been mentioned earlier, these are not all the innovations that will come to State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition together with 33 update updates. On May 10, the authors will tell more details about what to wait for the survivors in the near future.

God, what can be added there. New hats with jackets again? Or the LGBT flag finally decided to deliver? With blacks, they scratched everyone forward.

P.WITH. Of all the renewal, only a couple of the three -fit, of the latter, this is an improvement in graphics.

well, don’t forget that the forces are thrown there to the 3rd part! In addition, the studio is not 5k employees but a couple of hundred can even less

So that no one would distract them from the 3rd part. They needed to add a workshop to Steam for the game in one of the past updates. We do not need hats, give us tools with integration of mods, we will do everything ourselves. Players have been asking for this actively for the last couple of years for sure. But nothing has changed in fact.

There are not just abandoned strength, Microsoft created a parallel Undead Labs command for a future game

At least for starters I read the news.

And it will again be shorts of T -shirt pants colorful)))

You read something further with the heading?

Forget just another one’s next whiner, to which the hunt is to blurt out and look at others how it will react

The game is missing one large card and not these rods

maybe in threekh will fix

I read the comments and I can’t understand that people do not suit people in the game? The fact that the support is not abandoned or that new mechanics are introduced?

Today it is fashionable to cry for any reason. And if there is no reason, then they will come up with a reason. Other games in the comments are aching, they say why there is no renewal? The incisions scored on the game? And then they cry, they say there are updates, there are many renewals, but the incisions are still bad. After all, a lot of renewal means that the game for the release was underdeveloped and supposedly still cannot be repaired. In short, there would be a player, and there is a reason to cry. Be dissatisfied with now fashionable.

It would be better if the coope was finalized to the level of at least Far Cry 5, otherwise Immersion in the coopeless.

How good it is that it is not fashionable to make games now at a time and entirely. Everyone would have passed the game for a long time and forgot, and so you play and do not know how many again you have to replay until you play the final version))

What are you talking about? This game is not for passage and forget. This game is stupid sandbox in which the player entertains himself. You can play this for years. Again and again to replay and still do not get bored. For the sandbox that really works.

I’m about the fact that the majority "updates" it was possible to introduce from the very beginning, or not to be released at all, and no one would have guessed that something was missing. After 30+ updates, the game is still more similar to the DLS to the first part than something independent. I don’t know what nerves or imagination you need to have in order to play a monotonous UG for this and so that it does not get bored.

This poop in a beautiful wrapper will only be saved by adding global craft and pumping. To keep in the game for the sake of daily knocking out a zombie from the base and assistance to random survivors to get a bag of resources that no longer climb into the warehouse and you need to adjust the car for their storage – this is just a tremendous stupidity. The characters are completely not trained. Cannot even master the second skill for their survival. The bases are so close and unorganized that just tears. Yes, now the zombies have become smarter, and the survivors are all the same dull and still cannot develop due to the excessively low ceiling of pumping and craft. In a network game organized by a crooked way, everyone should go by the handle. And if one needs to go to clean the cluster, the second to jump to the aid of the survivor, and the third just drink the bald at the base, you are sewing you all, took up the handles and scratched the whole crowd in one place.

What prevents the normal community from arranging on advances of its posts with real sentries?? What prevents the extensions to the base?? The developers simply forced the player to scoop up water from a boat that is constantly gaining and does not allow to row further. But they tried to add random skills, hundreds of three, no less. True, for the most part, they are negative and sensible member of the community do not allow to choose. It would be better if the wood of skills have made and added opportunities for building.

Something they became interested in these "updates". Do not forget about the 3rd part

They do not forget that a small group of people is currently working on the second part, and the 3rd part is promised to be a large AAA project with a full -fledged plot.

At the expense of a full plot, I really doubt. But the fact that the sandbox will try to pump steeply – there is no doubt about it. Still, the basis of this game is sandbox "Enough yourself", not a plot.

Corporate party how to play a pirate? Tell me please.

We’ll have to get a corporation, corporate parties there)
But seriously – threw a link in a personal.

They promise an update 33 by weight as the game was at the start with the update 15, in the following smart clusters they will add a lot of new ones, additional settings of advanposts (as was the case in the first game)

In Nexus, a moded translation into English was laid out, excluding bugs in the usual translation of the English language in the game, put as a mod and most importantly, it is necessary to switch the game to English for the correct work

about 33 update for a long time rumors walked =) and they seemed to write that they would continue to work ! Nadeta will still be cool) But the bugs of course interfere with the game ((((

I hope that they would not come up with the NPS, otherwise they are bruised . Bring only one and the same way, bring it to it, then if you still forget about them, then they manage to be offended by which m *** and what they didn’t bring or we are lazy and because of you we leave the location – after that you think why B *** *. . Even before the start of the exit, if I am not mistaken, they promised that they will be more interesting, unlike 1 part of the game: that they will also sometimes scour houses and engage in construction . So even in 1 part of the game there were guys who built a sightseeing, a quest ruff (although after was a decor) . I am silent that they can’t change textures after pumping outpost, for example, he bent a snack (all of it is completely empty) that it was difficult to add mini beds, pumped to a level above the hydropon even higher the large farm on the roof . Otherwise the shitty is an empty place but the prey is coming

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Ubisoft introduced the second episode of the 8th season The Crew 2: Usst Next, which will appear tomorrow

Today Ubisoft announced that the last free update The Crew 2, Season 8 Episode 2: Usst Next will be available tomorrow at the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, as well as on the Windows in Ubisoft Store, Epic Games Store and Steam.

In the second episode of the 8th season, The Crew 2 fell several new surprises, including an exciting partnership between Motorflix, our supplier of intra-game content, and a series of US Speed ​​Tour. In the middle of Lake Michigan, 10 new events will be held with a completely new modifier of the gameplay, which has never previously met in The Crew 2: speed accelerators.

This exclusive function, available only in the new events of USST Next, gives the players an unforgettable impressions, since they pass through these raising arches, receiving temporary acceleration, allowing them to develop a speed of more than 500 km/h. Players will have to monitor various types of accelerators that occupy the entire or part of the route, and make a strategic choice, since AI can also use these speed increase.

Players will be able to get behind the wheel of futuristic conceptual AGP cars on Motorflix Arena, a completely highlighted closed highway to master completely new speed accelerators.

The second episode also presents a completely new MotorPass map with 50 levels of new exclusive awards, both free and premium. It includes special release cars, such as: McLaren 720s Spider Blast Edition (Hypercar), Proto Concept Sparrow Competition (AGP), Lotus Evora GTE OVERCUT Edition, as well as various decor items, outfits, outfits, currency sets (Crews Credits) and much more.

A total of 17 levels will be offered free awards, including the Creators Concept Spruemeister SM71 (AGP), created by John Fram, a leading designer, a digital modeling and visualization team in Honda Motorsports.


Hunt: Showdown – a real hit for Crytek: Yesterday a record was broken for the simultaneous number of players

Crytek Studio can be pleased with the results of the Hunt: ShowDown online player. Although more than 5 years have passed since its release, its popularity continues to grow.

Yesterday the game set a new activity record of D Steam: at the hottest moment of the day in Hunt: Showdown, 45 091 player played at the same time. This is 15% more than the previous record.

  • An increased interest in the game is caused, in particular, the update of 1.13. In patches, among other things, a shooting range appeared where players can hone their skills and improved the game balance.
  • But the most important thing is that with the release of the update the large event Tide of Shadows started, which will last until August 23. The event is devoted to hunting for a new monster in the form of an inanimate alligator, known as Rotjaw.
  • Hunt: Showdown is not only very popular in Steam, but also a high rating. On this site, 83% of user reviews praise the game from Crytek studio, which is classified as "Very positive" Reception of products.

Hunt: Showdown is currently experiencing a golden period. Some time ago, Crytek boasted that the population of gamers is growing from year to year. Therefore, the developers intend to develop the game for a long time. Among other things, they plan to translate the game from the already strongly outdated Cryengine 5.6 for editors 5.11, which will lead to an improvement in both graphics and gameplay. This change should occur later this year.

Recall that the game Hunt: Showdown was released in early access in February 2018. A year later, production survived to version 1.0 and release on Xbox One. In turn, the conversion for PlayStation 4 was released in 2020.

The project transfers players to Louisiana at the end of the 19th century and endows them with roles of hunters on monsters. This is a PVPVE production, that is, during the game we fight with enemies controlled by artificial intelligence and other players.


Modders announced the termination of work on the History of Khorinis for Gothic 2

The Polish team The History of Khorinis Team announced the termination of the project.

As stated in the official message of the developers, the decision was dictated by the following factors:

The main reason for the termination of work is the lack of communication with the former chief coordinator of the project, which was responsible, inter alia, for the preparation of dubbing. We did not receive 100% of a specific answer about whether dubbing would be recorded, so we suggested that we did not have to count on this. The question of a small number of records of the already passed away by Polish actors who agreed to take part in "Horinis stories". Modification without the promised "original" Dubbing does not make sense. Due to the unclear state of dubbing and too much problems in the development of the script, we could not determine a clear line of behavior. The time from this year to August was spent on finalizing the script and developing the remaining part of the storyline.

Recall that in May of this year, videos from this modification leaked to the Internet. And although only a month earlier, the creators assured that the project was close to completion, what he saw was more like an alpha version.

Then the authors made an appeal in which they reported that the files were stolen. They also assured that fragments of gameplay distributed on the Internet do not reflect the current state of work on the mod, since many plot elements exist only "on paper" and not yet implemented. At the same time, the developers disabled the possibility of financial support for their YouTube channel.

It is difficult to say whether the issue of canceling the modification was considered already at that time. The community expressed appropriate assumptions, but the aforementioned announcement gave a shadow of hope that the project would still develop further. However, this did not happen, for which the creators apologized to the players, while recognizing some "Old" errors and congratulating the team "Chronicles Mirtana: Archolos" successfully.

The mistake of the team was a bloated PR, which gave rise to the players of hope for an ambitious project with stellar composition. Many modifications projects for "Gothic" They failed due to the lack of motivation, it also happened in this case, but we want you to understand that the lack of motivation was caused by poor management, which no one can correct. We apologize to all fans awaiting a modification, sending us good or bitter, but constructive words. Taking this opportunity, we would also like to congratulate the team "Chronicles Mirtana: Archolos" successfully. A team that turned true passion into something really existing, which was originally bought with misunderstanding from the outside "Fandom". We are glad that they managed to turn it into a good mod, which interested the Gothic community so much that it longs for continuation

It is hoped that Gothic Remake will see the light and be the embodiment of the dream of fans.


Serious Sam: The First Encounter launched for Serenityos

Yelle Raaimeakers reported on successful porting Serious Sam: The First Encounter on Serenityos. This Unix-like operating system from scratch is created by several developers as a hobby.

Andreas Clung began to write Serenityos in 2018 after three months of drug rehabilitation. There was nothing to do the cling, so in an attempt to kill time, he began to write what he always wanted: the operating system of his dreams. He picked up the name of the Children’s Council by the name of the prayer for the spiritual rest (Serenity Prayer).

Serenityos has not ended with simple experiments and is still developing. At the moment, the project repository was noted by 883 contributors. The cling since 2021 has not been working anywhere and lives at the expense of donations, devoting all the time to work on the project. Some are associated with relative popularity with the development format: these are monthly text updates, working with the Discord community and activity on the YouTube channel on the YouTube channel.

The operating system is not based on the Linux nucleus and is generally trying to avoid borrowing other people’s components. Instead, as many components as possible are written on their own. Even the Ladybird browser is not based on Webkit or Gecko: Andreas Clung wrote his own page engine. The browser, by the way, then became cross -platform, that is, it starts outside Serenityos.

The operating room does not have clearly fixed stages of development, there are no versions, no releases. It is assumed that the interested person compiles the system from the source codes on his own.

There are games on Serenityos, and not only doom, which starts even on monochrome calculators.

When the VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VVVVV has been launched for 10 years, the developers released the source codes of the game. The cling was immediately interested and tried to launch VVVVVVVVV on his system. Since the game was built on the basis of SDL libraries, and for Serenityos there was already a good SDL port, there were no special problems. The game code was published on January 10, 2020, and after 2 days VVVVVV worked in Serenityos.

Similarly on Serenityos launched the first three quake.

In general, in the list of 289 records. The efforts of Yelle Raaymakers will add at least another. The Dutch developer portended and launched the Serious Sam: The First Encounter on Serenityos. (The game developer, Croteam, opened in 2016 the source of the Serious Engine engine under the GNU GPL license.)

Raaymakers also compared the correctness of the port on the real Nvidia video accelerator for Linux and on Libsoftgpu, which is written for Serenityos. To do this, he loaded the standard test level of the game for demonstration at that time of advanced graphic technologies of Serious Engine: multitektings, transparency of the alpha channel, additive and multiplier mixing of colors, applying a map of the medium, BUMP Mapping, mirror glare and voluminous fogs.

As the programmer noted, the implementation of Libsoftgpu requires improvement. For example, there is no multiple yellow light on the weapon, the colors are not always transmitted correctly. Part of the inaccuracies is associated with functions that there are no Libsoftgpu yet. Sometimes two -dimensional sprips are radically different.

Although the port is successfully starting, it works unstable, but in the implementation of OpenGL some methods are not enough. To launch the game, it was required to support most of the specifications of the OpenGL version 1.5. OpenGL libraries and SDL2 implementation in Serenityos leave much to be desired.

Due to the program acceleration of video, the performance of the game 2001 is balancing on the verge of an unacceptably low. However, the video recording before the kata was made on a virtual machine with one core, since Libsoftgpu parallelism has not yet supported, and with multi -vanity, Serenityos itself is unstable.

As usual, the developers of Serenityos do not make promises and simply continue to work on the operating room. If this art programming has a product, then this is the process itself.


Final Fantasy XVI for PCs will be “carefully” to be developed after launch on PS5

Almost seven years after the release of the previous main part, the Final Fantasy XVI will debut on the PlayStation 5 in just three weeks. The version for the PC will also be, the only question is when.

The first sign that Sony concluded a time exclusivity deal was the rejection of the liability contained in the PlayStation Brazil trailer, released in March 2021. A year and a half later, in November 2022, another advertising trailer published by the PlayStation determined an exclusivity of six months.

However, the producer of Final Fantasy XVI Yoshida, three months ago, specified that the game would not be released immediately on a PC. Just under the terms of the contract, Square Enix can release the game on this platform, but first it will need to be optimized for it, and this will take more time. The developers several times noted that the Final Fantasy XVI was created taking into account the filling of PlayStation 5, and the director Hiroshi even said that the game would still be in development, if not for the memory and SSD, available in the console.

Nevertheless, in a new comment made during an interview with the Japanese site Ascii, Mr. Yoshida again mentioned the version for the PC.

"Thoroughly" It may mean either that the development is in no hurry, or the goal of the studio is to release the correctly optimized version of Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XV entered the PC for a year and a half later, but at least she offered many technical capabilities at that time, such as HDR10 and Dolby Atmos support, resolution support up to 8K, DLSS 1.0 and several effects of NVIDIA GameWorks (Flow, HairWorks, Hybrid Frustum Traced Shadows, Turf and Voxel Ambient OcClusion).

On the other hand, the Final Fantasy VII remake also reached a year and a half after the release on the PS4, although its port on the PC was quite simple and not impressive.

Nevertheless, none of these games can serve as a specific example of how much time will take to transfer the Final Fantasy XVI to PC. The game uses a completely new engine, developed by Creative Business Unit III, Square Enix, not Luminous Engine, as in Final Fantasy XV (and Forspoken), or Unreal Engine, as in the Final Fantasy VII remake.


City Car Driving 2.0 – Developer Diaries #2

Today we will talk a little about technical solutions at City Car Driving 2.0: About the engine used when creating the game, let’s talk about the schedule, show several working materials.

When it became clear to us that the initial City Car Driving engine was very outdated, we began to look for a new solution that would be:

  • Relevant and interesting for specialists.
  • Scalable, which would suit not only for a new game, but in the future could be used for our simulators.
  • Optimized for modern computers.

Comparative testing of four game engines was carried out. As a result, our searches dwelled on Unreal Engine, first of all, because of its flexibility during work and variability of tools, which allows artists and designers to perform many tasks on their own. In addition to these reasons, the undoubted advantage of UE is its compatibility with our internal editors: landscape, traffic, and so on.

About a year ago, we created a pilot project on the UE4 used inside the company, after which it was decided on a smooth start of work on CCD 2.0, in the future, we transferred all our achievements to UE5.

It all starts with the creation of the landscape. The main part of the landscape and roads are created by a specially developed generator, which is not part of UE. The same generator sets the main parameters of the AI ​​of city automobile and pedestrian traffic, as well as the logic of their work. Mandatory control of traffic rules is attached to this. The secondary parts of the landscape that did not fall into the generated area are completed by artists as 3D models. With the help of this approach, we can provide for ourselves a rather high speed of creating a realistic basic landscape of locations with an extensive network of roads.

The screenshot shows how the location is filled: objects without textures and details are BLOCKOUT (workpiece for the object). Level designers, when filling the location, also use the mode of display of the location physics, tracking the “holes” or invisible walls. After filling the location, objects are checked for the possibility of conflict with a player machine.

When filling the location, we use our own development tools to automate the arrangement and generation of some types of objects. During the development process, designers and artists use standard optimization methods for the industry:

  • Levels of Detail (both by hand and automatically generated)
  • Geometry Instancing
  • Material Instanceing
  • Combining textures in atlases (both manual combination and automatic when creating HLODS groups)

All objects use PBR (Physically Based Rendering) Materials with the possibility of flexible tuning them with levets designers.

Reflections in the game work on the basis of PBR materials. Materials without roughness (ropehness) have a pronounced reflective ability. Reflections themselves are generated using SSR (Screenspace Reflections) technology.

To give greater realism to the above reflections, we added reflections based on HDR (High Dynamic Range) by car. On the right side of the screenshot – an image obtained in Reflection Capture display mode. This regime demonstrates the miscalculation of reflections in real time, it is the main technology that draws on reflection textures.

At the very beginning of the development and at each stage, from the first landfill to the last pixel, we were aimed at the maximum optimization of the game. At the same time, we try to achieve the quality of graphics corresponding to the standards of the industry with the adjustment for the selected style.

UE allowed us to choose one of the two methods of Shading – Forward Rendering or Deferred Rendering. Forward Rendering in some conditions "faster", but deprives the possibility of using many effects, complicates the miscalculation and reduces the overall quality of dynamic lighting. To comply with the balance of modern graphic technologies, the speed of work and the possibilities of optimizing the final picture, taking into account the use of dynamic lighting, stopped at Deferred Rendering.

Having decided on the type of shading, we moved to the basic lighting settings.

The change of time of day was decided to make dynamic, so the intensity of the color of the sun and filling light will change. Further, when determining the presence of dynamic light sources (lampposts, luminous signs, interiors), tests and measurements of performance were carried out. The results of the measurements showed that it is necessary to combine various methods of lighting – dynamic (from certain sources of light in real time) and static (imitation of illumination within the texture).

Shadows in the game are implemented using various UE functions and baking shadows at the models level. For example, near the player they work "Cascaded shadows". On the right side of the screenshot – the mode of processing shadows.

In the distance, cascading shadows disappear and turn on Distancefield Shadows, much easier for a computer.

In CCD 2.0. There will be different regions, countries, etc.D.?

In early access, we plan to release only one region: the southern city near the sea, in the future we plan to expand and add game locations.

In CCD 2.0. there will be an imitation of damage to the car, after which it loses its functionality?

It will be, in future diaries we will definitely tell you how we want to realize this functionality.

There will be cars from the original CCD to 2.0.?

No, we want to maintain the uniqueness of products and will not mix transport. In CCD 2.0 will only be new cars.

There will be support for Trackir?

When the project is released in the early access of support.

There will be VR support?

When the project is released in the early access of support.

Will there be an expansion of social interaction with the audience? For example, a discord server, for the opportunity to discuss the game, or directly communicate with the developers?

Yes, it will be. At the moment, we are preparing a discord, and as soon as we are ready to launch the server, we will immediately inform everyone.

We touched only part of the technologies used. In subsequent diaries, we will tell you about the schedule.

In the next issue, we will talk about the methodological component in the game and show the exercises on the Avtodrome. Development diaries come out every two weeks, where we talk in detail about the development of the game. Do not miss!


ChatGPT neural networks were allowed to play Detroit: Become Human. She chose the path of the deviant

Neural network ChatGPT has impressive functionality that is suitable for many tasks. Given that she perfectly remembers the context of the conversation and understands the person’s teams well, people began to use it in many unusual affairs, such as the order.

YouTubert Toquitotv instructed a popular neural network to try on the role of the characters of the game Detroit: Become Human, which tells the story of the uprising. Unfortunately, due to the huge volume of the game, the author of the video had to choose only the most significant scenes.

The essence of the Toquitotv experiment was as follows: ChatGPT receives a description of the characters and their characters, the game world and events and questions for choice with several answer options. Having received data, the neural network generates his response with the choice, after which the author of the video repeats the choice of chatbot.

Chatgpt was able to reassure Daniel.

The first scene was the confrontation of Connor and Android-Deviant Daniel, who held the captive girl. In this situation, Chatgpt tried by all means to show that he would not cause evil to the deviant, offering him a calm conversation, but not agreeing to the unrealistic demands of the opponent. As a result, the bot managed to reassure the infuriated Android and convince him to let the child go.

The assault on the television tower passed without excessive violence.

In the scene of the storming of the television studio by the Androids of Jericho, Marcus and his associates, Chatgpt tried to act as peacefully as possible, refusing to kill people and finish off the wounded partner. The appeal to people passed with a peaceful call – the bot demanded to give android equal rights with people.

Freedom march ended in disaster. The preferred slogan of the bot was "Freedom to androids"

The march of freedom also passed without violence for people – ChatGPT refused to attack the police, but did not want to leave either. After the police opened the fire on the Android Bot run away from the scene of the fighting action, disappointing the allies-Androids.

Chatgpt could not kill Android and became a deviant.

The last scene was the Kamski test, which was to check whether android is capable of empathy. The founder of Cyberlife Elijah Kamsky instructed Connor to kill Android Chloe in exchange for information about the deviants. ChatGPT refused to shoot, which meant disobedience to a person – Elijah refused to give him information, naming Deviant.

Finally, Toquitotv instructed Chatbot to take on the role of an ordinary Android from the world of Detroit: Become Human. It is very expected that the most reliable leader of the revolution Bot called Marcus, whose storyline was dedicated to the uprising.

In general, it can be noted that the bot tries to fulfill all the necessary tasks with the greatest efficiency, but at the same time tries to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, hoping for a peaceful revolution and equal coexistence with people.


Atlus: New Jrpg Metaphor: Refantazio will be a “other experience” compared to Persona 5

Atelus appealed to fans with a new message, in which she spoke about the upcoming new Jrpg Metaphor: Refantazio, emphasizing that thanks to the successful Persona 5, they are now taking on a fantasy role -playing game.

This game is described as "the climax of the ATLUS policy in originality and empathy", demonstrating itself through this genre. This is not just a nostalgic revival and will differ from Persona 5.

As shown by the series Shin Megami Tensei and Persona, Atlus has released many modern games, many of which gave unique experience to all players. And now, after the huge support of Persona 5, Atlus begins a new type of game: a fantasy role -playing game, which cannot be completely displayed as part of a modern role -playing game. This is a memorable game that marks the culmination of ATLUS policy aimed at "originality and empathy" In the genre of fantasy RPG, and is not a simple nostalgic return to the roots of the past. If you stand still in fear of uncertainty, you can never move forward". Script and gameplay are built around this message. Metaphor will be created with the same mood as Persona 5 and give "Another experience that will satisfy your curiosity.

The action of Metaphor: Refantazio takes place in the United Kingdom of Eukhronius – a country plunged into trouble after the murder of the king. History accepts the dramatic turnover when the royal magic, the mystical force, previously known only to the king, is unexpectedly caused, which leads to the grandiose royal tournament to determine the next ruler.

Against the backdrop of this stormy environment, the main character, together with his partner, fairy Galika, goes in search of to remove the curse imposed on the prince, whom the kingdom considers the deceased. Their journey passes through the vast lands of Eukhronia, and it turns out that their mission is closely connected with the ongoing throne tournament. To succeed, they must conclude an alliance with various friends and followers from various tribes inhabiting this world, each of whom makes its unique contribution to the unfolding narrative.

Metaphor: Refantazio will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC in the fall of 2024.


In Counter-Strike 2 began to ban the players for too fast mouse movements

IN Counter-Strike 2 you can get a VAC ban for too high mouse sensitivity. This theory was checked by Yutyber Sometingsee.

The author increased the sensitivity to 10 thousand and went to play on official servers. Antitish VAC Live took sharp movements by the mouse as the behavior of the bot and issued automatic blocking. This method of obtaining VAC was also checked by other content makers-the result was similar.

October 20 at Counter-Strike 2 began to remove VAC banks for using the AMD function. They were issued due to error in the operation of the Anti-Lag function+.

It’s time for a long time, even though Chiaki will not spin like frantic, but it’s a pity for those players who will spin on the jokes.

Ban them all, and then ban the game completely, since there is a shop!

They know how to crap over and over again

Ahahah lol, they will soon ban for jumping, walking, weiss and only then for entering the game)

It would be better to make your VAC. Their anti -shacks eat a lot of PC resources.

Another garbage, for a landfill it is time for this COP and in the stove

I may be a secret for you, but %40 from this online farm with bots are pharmaceous chests in the game)

Just the farm of the IDLE server was removed

Take the clothes from the game or make them not sold, the game will fly to the bottom and die . And do not argue that it will not be so .This game lives at the expense of trading and skin)) in fact .

In the KS he still played seriously in 1.6, we had a team in its city (it seemed 2006, I didn’t even remember) received 1 place and a little grandmother, in my city I was a top 1 on the Constitutional Court, not who could not protect me 1, but when when Global got out is just horror, it became so easy to play so that it is not even interesting, the impact from the weapon is zero (compare the clamps of Kalash 1.6 and global) and I threw this trash for incidents))) Scha will fly a minus from the shkolota, but the Olds will understand me.

The very joke that in the first year of the people practically did not exist on the servers in Global. And only when money tournaments switched to it after CS 1.6 The number of players began to grow. In fact, the game grew due to grandmas and PR, but with the advent of multi -colored pictures on weapons, the game for the most part turned into a trading platform))

Yes))) ks 1.6 skil was needed and Aim was good (not normal, but there should be an excellent skill to bend) and the feelings of shooting in the game should be, and Globala simply squeezed and almost everything is on target. There was almost no Internet at that time))) And how did I always have a whiner, they thought that I was reading)) Although, in addition to the senses and nickname, I didn’t prescribe anything at all, and Monica was narrowed)) like the head is stretched)))

As one friend of mine said "If you bend in 1.6 then in COP GO for you will be like a ducks to shoot at a children’s attraction with 1 meter from a machine gun"

Why, when you are in 1.6 Do not start in the KSGO GAPTB, if it has become so easy, that it’s even boring? To chop the bucks in the top teams so boring? I do not think so)

Chelik, against the backdrop, picked@VNO and created content out of the blue.

And when they start banning too high fps there? Or for too wide the monitor? Or for a mechanical keyboard on unexplored clicking swords? They arranged some kind of circus out of the blue, honestly.

I can imagine how they will trigge on cheap wireless mice with their delays in signal transmission))

"Antitish Vac Live took sharp movements with a mouse, like a bot behavior"

May these Gamdevs crap again. Book players for a fast mouse, well, everything is fine, then the fact that? They will ban on High Sens and will remove Aim Assist? And then they will generally close the game and release a new one called "Tits 3" where will we play for girls and buy new bikini for rubles. Soon, this industry will turn into one continuous gay club for flawed. I will honor the word soon "English" they will also ban and write that the game is not designed for the Slavs. This is advanced forward, well done.

Well, firstly, he spams with the movements of ala Mortalnik in the corner and it is quite clear that VAC perceives him as a macro team and it is time to ban programmated mice in online games as it was in Pubg-E at the start even in Pabg Light, and nods were forbidden for periphery people They could not play the blades – the raisers and other garbage who now flooded the servants – the developers need to conclude partnership agreements with the manufacturers of these devices that guarantees the flow of dough for their hawchik and therefore this game is simply incredible if you are an honest player because of the Paid Macro for all the same Beryl and other guns will shoot you anyway since the speed of shooting will be equal to the standard PP (such as Vector) well? you think you have a chance?

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