Electronic Arts introduced EA Sports FC 24. The company released a video showing new opportunities and the main points of the new chapter of the series, previously known as FIFA. Gameplay video can be viewed below.

In the video, we can see various EA Sports FC 24 elements, such as Hypermotion V, Play Styles and an improved Frostbite game engine.

As we already said in our video, Hypermotion V, or EA Sports FC 24, or or "volume", The term with which EA denotes the ability to analyze movements during television. This new evolution of the technology used by Electronic Arts for many years allowed the team to access more animations of the most famous football players, with many details related to hands, brushes, torso, etc.D.

On the other hand, Play Styles (game styles) are special bonuses that allow the use of a unique game of the game of one or another football player EA Sports FC 24: for example, Vinisius Junior has the quality of Play Styles in dribbling, and Mbappe is able to more effectively attack open spaces. For several months, new versions of players already existing in the game with a large number of Play Styles will appear (seven at the start for each player, a maximum of ten in the future). There will be 34 options for game styles, but taking into account the fact that versions will appear "Plus" And "Gold", Their number will double.

Finally, it is explained that Frostbite was improved and became even more scalable. So, for example, the version for Switch will not "heritage", That is, it will include some improvements, and not be a copy of previous publications. It will contain almost the same modes as in versions for PS4 and Xbox One, but there will be no cross-game and the new Hypermotion V function (which is also absent on PS4 and Xbox One). Also on Switch EA Sports FC 24 will not go beyond 30 FPS.

As for the modes in EA Sports FC 24, here we will find Football Club Ultimate Team, two familiar career modes (coach and player), Club and Volta.