The new rumor relative to Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree revealed the estimated date of the exit of the long -awaited expansion: February 5, 2024. Hearing also confirms the presence of the game on The Game Awards 2023. Information was reported by YouTuber Ziostorm, clarifying that so far this is an unconfirmed rumor. Ziostorm is known for sharing the exact insider information about Fromsoftware.

The rumor that Ziostorm reported is corresponding to another rumor that appeared last week, which contained similar information, but without indicating the exact day of the release.

The release in early February will also correspond to what Kadokawa, which owns FromSoftware, said in its financial report, in which it indicated the launch of DLC Elden Ring in the medium term and belongs to the 2024 financial year, after the Armored Core Vi Fires of Rubicon.

Finally, a few weeks ago, Jeff Kili, the host of The Game Awards, visited Fromsoftware.

This, of course, is fine, but to release the DLS two years after the release is strange.

I hope the content will be enough there

Meanwhile CDPR

The same banday namko produces a large DLC for ZhPRG Tails of Arise two years later .

So at this time they not only sawed the DLS, but also remade the half of the game

It is not difficult to redo half the game, given that it is, modestly, small.

Gradually, I smoke the money on the Steam wallet for this DLC – Shadow of the Erdtree.

You put off from lunch?

Mmmmmega. Will wait👍

III. Rumors were not justified. At least? Regarding the show on TGA.

For two years to cut one DLS – for FROMS something new. They seem to be going to shove a second Christmas tree there)
Judging by the preview of the empty Shadowoofkoloss world and the Tanimurian avant -senposts are attached. They, b ***, will not learn.

To judge the content of the DLS by the picture – something in the spirit of Vaaty, but, judging by the open world of EP, you are right

As for oh, I know what I’m talking about, this is the branded handwriting of modern Fromom – Miyazaki himself called this outrage "Open Field", made under inspiration from his beloved cellet (and probably Zeldy). As for me, pushing empty spaces into the game about the action and portionedly scatter pieces of copy -packed content on them – the most stupid thing that could be done in the SOLS GRU, but they did it, perhaps not without serving the bands.

As for the DLS – this Stopudovo will be the expansion of the global map to 2-3 archetypal regions in the style of the same Learnia or Limgrave, with them scattered on them "outposts" And plot dungeons. I will be glad to make a mistake, but art with endless collective farm fields and ghostly sticks in the style of Altus as if eloquently hinting)

Do not shower. Elden Ring is full of manually made locations. If you want, run around the OPEN VORLDU, you want – go right to the boss.

The fact that there are a lot of high -quality locations and even a couple of decent bosses – yes, yes, but they are drowning in the sea of ​​the same slag, stuck not even by Fromami, but by some students on outsource – this is clearly visible in many transitional areas where the branded study of artists It is replaced by tasteless landscapes with a small number of details. And it is impossible to skip this, I checked personally – I tried to pass from scratch, going only in the plot (t.n. manually made) locations and without delving into third -party content. It is impossible to pump the weapons normally (there is nowhere to take the consumablers for pumping, this must be climbed into the mines), half of the necessary talismans are not (they are in the left dungeons), the pivas cannot be pumped (tears in the temples scattered through the fields), as a result – chronic non -vocal buildings and non -viable build Alya "go collaps Masha at level 1 in shorts and with a club". This is definitely stuffiness)

Well, hesitation is generally an impressive boss variety even with pumping. What is one of its dance, which breaks the mechanics of rifts and, in principle, turns the battle into RNG. The second strip of hp is generally a musron gear. And there are not so many mines in the game, you can just look at the wiki. The fact that the fillers in the game are a lot, this is the fact. Especially the whole location- snowy. There is nothing in it at all. At the same time, all this is adjacent to chic battles with bosses such as Godfri, Placidusax, Radan, Morgot. Therefore, if you consider everything together, then the same type can be diluted.

The significant drawback of Elden Ring is its genealogy. Previously, the gamed -design of locations hinted that it was necessary to vacuum all the corners. In ER, this is not necessary, but I still caught myself thinking that for some reason I would climb into these same type of caves. As a result, the ring has its drawbacks, like any other game, but after the final credits, there was no fatigue from a mechanic and locations.

And what will have to be done there?

As far as I am a lover of the Souls, but I have almost disgust to Elden, although I naturally went to all Achivka. I don’t even want to play in the DLS, but for a checkmark, of course I will pass it). All past SOLS, bladik, demons are so cozy, I want to get them up to the holes ten times, but as I recall Elden’s huge empty spaces and dozens of identical minibosses, it is right away))

Great game, do not invent. And the spaces are beautiful. And not so huge.

In the first passage, I poured almost every meter of the game, at the end I was so tired that I got all the ends through the sib/Load, although the first parts passed 3-4 times. I just can’t imagine how all these vast spaces can be reused) The past parts were very interesting and comfortable to clean, otherwise you will miss some kind of ring or something else like that. I am not saying that this is a bad game, but she has a very low reiglable, IMHO.

You would at least play the game at first, well, or at least the passage looked.

Locations – huge and 90% of them are very empty.

I passed 2 times and know. I saw the location games and much more, there is nothing to surprise in this regard. It was very interesting for me to explore and clean them, almost like in Skyrim.

For those who only played corridor, of course, and such locations may seem huge, but this is only if there is nothing to compare with.

Then why did you open

I will wait for DLC from dad. No one plays better in Elden Ring.

Go through yourself, not ?

I have passed the game more than once, and naturally I will go through

No, I’m a casual, I regret my nerves))

To go out, why are you watching the passage on YouTube, not at all looked at all, because at that time you can play yourself and go through a bunch of not traveled games, or see something more useful, which you can not do it yourself. Well, okay, it’s just my IMHO)

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