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Avatar Action: Frontiers of Pandora, inspired by James Cameron’s cash desk, received the release date

The most popular picture of the director James Cameron, who is also Cashcase, will finally receive the long-awaited game adaptation. We are talking about "Avatar" and action with first -person views Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora from developers from the Massive Entertainment studio. The project promises to give a completely unique story in the familiar world of the planet Pandora, where players will be able to go this year.

French publisher Ubisoft Entertainment as part of his own game presentation shared new details of the ambitious game. During the direct broadcast, the new Avatar trailer was shown: Frontiers of Pandora, which includes real shots of the gameplay. And along with this, the date of the release of the game was disclosed.

Being on the previously unprecedented western border of Pandora, you play for a child of two worlds born of Na’vi, but educated RDA. Fifteen years later, you are free, but find yourself a stranger in your homeland. Read with your lost heritage, find out what really means to be na’vi, and join other clans to protect Pandora from RDA.

Also, developments shared a more informative video with a review of some game mechanic Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Players will be able to freely travel through beautiful alien regions, get acquainted with new Na’vi clans, set up their character, tame the flying banshees and master a unique weapon, which includes both the firearm and the slaughterhouses of Na’vi. It will be possible to explore Pandora in solitary mode or in the company of a friend through the cooperative regime.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will be released on December 7 only on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Far Cry Primal 2 (even many animations from Far Cry took up many)

Someone expected different?

"Farm region Blue people"

Far Cry Pandora

Cho, then the graphone was cut last year better

so that there is no whining

Nagging in any case will be))

Well, at the expense of optimization, naturally🤣 These are already standards

Raise the pirate flag and only the pirate only she!

And stretch the tower behind the tower, grind behind the grind

They took models and textures from the first avatar?
By the way, in the first Kraisis, the Koreans of Chi Chinese also looked.

I hope it will be possible to free Pandora from blue macaques.

It is already clear that the mobs are stupid, but I think that there is a place for an avatar of a huddling under the tail. Beautiful, but very rotten will most likely be.

First -person fiction? I am disappointed..

It looks very beautiful.

The landscapes are beautiful, flying on Icranes and fighting is also cool, but otherwise it is still debatable.

Make simultaneously a ZV, Avatar, 3 assassin, skull and bones, between good and evil 2. Jubes are taken as always in quantity, not quality.

Only one thing is interested in whether there will be a story campaign for people, or the whole game for the blue, we will run.

A horse is instead of a zombie animals.

It seems not bad, but the blind man seemed to cut the graphon from a one -year -old video.

Another OPEN VORLLD DROVILNA from the anniversaries, hello avantostos, hello Jagernauts .

Grafooooooooooooooo!)))))))) I hope the game, like the previous part will be a masterpiece!

as soon as they began to show the gameplay of the graphics somewhere disappeared

Better immediately put on torrents. And then again there will be a full house, as with all the previous games that gamers were waiting for..As a result, we see zero optimization, and glitch on the glitch. 🙂

powerful) and that part was not as bad as they wrote)

how secondary

The games of the anniversaries have become very expensive this time, the premium Starfield, which is the best of all their Igor is cheaper, is sorry for Emprras Slow and for the money and a completely old sample that it breaks the same strange, much has not yet been hacked, and much on the way, piracy in the nines Times were very impoverished, broken the gale more slowly and slower, and the piggy bank of the not broken Igor begins to grow more and more, are there really no hackers who can be broken by the modest donates at least, otherwise everyone merged somewhere in the world

Already played? Otherwise, according to the show, I did not see something that is better than their games. Can you tell me what is its pluses.

Well, firstly, the networks with large expanses and excellent planetary views both in space and on planets, the ability to build bases on planets wherever you want, plus a lot of loot of ecipidation guns, etc. The type of phalaut mechanics, shooting mechanics, shooting, mechanics of cosmic pioneers and exhauster , the boarding of spaceships and capture them in their flalia and the ability to pilot and improve them, space battles who like them, campanyon, etc., also a system of day and night on planets with chic views, excellent graphics, interesting mesh with a large scope, in general, game The only one of them is combined with a bunch of mechanic, everything suits everything, to wait for the way out and the usat, plus there will be a lot of mods like the Fallaut, modern and plot missions are thinking on the planets, some new fractions of aliens will come up with, some new factions of aliensOr maybe the ranges have yet been hidden and this is in the game, or maybe it will be with plot additions, in general, the beginning of a good and long -playing game is laid, for lovers of freedom and wandering the game is the most, the plot and quests and activity in the game will judging by some not shown Badly taking into account what they are with the phallout, and there everything is at a good level, there are no ideal gambling, but everyone can find an ideal from what is and now it is Starfield, I will certainly play the rest of the games, they are also interesting in their own way. But in the first place Starfield, and if only I had to choose what to play only one, then Starfield is definitely! You can also collect your ship by type of designer!

Apparently you are already waiting for already, since I wrote so much))). The game is not suitable for me, the plot will rather be average, as in their previous games, and this is primarily worried, not to install mods on boxing))). Unfortunately, I have a computer only for work (although not very weak, I have in the profile). Plus, of course, I expected another level from the game. For some reason, the game reminded me of the sets of mods for Skyrim))), though these are my problems, but I was still waiting for Starfield, since there was nothing to play on boxing in recent years (the subscription is not interested), but there is no more hope, now I’m selling just boxing, everything else did not go to the presentation, and the ZV comes out on other platforms.

On the contrary, at first I thought that Starfield would be so -so, but the fact that they showed for 45 minutes I was very impressed, just what I need right now, I waited, I play all good games and everything is not enough for a long time, so it is not enough for a long time How the plot went through and then the fact that, but here the plot is not the most important thing, here is the implementation of the trip to planets and biomas with the possibility of normal shooting mechanics with excellent types of guns and excellent shooting with excellent graphics and the realization of the beauty of planets and space, with the ability to cost, rob, arrange nurses, study, etc. attract and immediately understand that there is a long time for a long time. Knowing how long you can sit in the phalaut 4, here you can sit even longer and even more interesting and beautiful, plus, fashion will begin to go out, then the eyes are simple to have time to make all the stupefying mods for me, when the witcher 3 tightened so much. Fallout 4 dragged on, but until he was so tightly drawn into the game for a long time with a bunch of mods

Well, I am very long -lasting games, not so much time I have. I pass a maximum of 3-5 games a year and I have enough, and not many games with an interesting plot are released recently, but the Final Fantasy 16 demo liked the truth, I think to take it. And so everyone has their own, who likes what.

Far Cry Primal stood out from the list and was cool

Something was not at all impressed. The first heraizon was even better on the schedule. In general, the feeling that they just took the old headlights and changed some models.

Avatar Action: Frontiers of Pandora, inspired by James Cameron’s most box office, received the release date ©

God, what an action game is this Inspired? This is literally a game in the film, not "inspired" product.

Cameron also said that the game is part of the canon.

The film game is a partial or full repetition of the plot with or without extension, and actors, and usually they go close to the date of the film

The film game is a partial or full repetition of the plot with or without extension, and actors, and usually they go close to the date of the film

AND? The film play is in any case not "Inspired", And literally a movie game.

From the first person?? Yes, very interesting (no)

Dive is much stronger than 3 faces. Especially when you play for a person and fight with 4 meter avatars or other animals. From 3 faces, as in the first part of the game, this effect is not the same.

It’s bad not 1-3 faces, but the lack of choice, someone likes to play from the first, others are interested in seeing the hero from all sides, clothes, armor and so on. Let them switch between 1 and 3 faces, and no one will complain.

Mmm. Wrong videos without a single frame of the original gameplay – already nostalgia at the time of PS3 rolled.

At first I doubted, but now I am sure that this is a masterpiece of the level of Haraisen or even more

I hope you are kidding? It looks like a squalor

just deliberately collects cons of the minuses, he has such a hobby here.

Rather, fat than the minuses. Personally, I put the pluses to him (no).
He, with his desire, needs to start a new account, otherwise he will not surpass his thousands of green.

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Hearing: next year Capcom will present a remake Resident Evil Code: Veronica

Reddit forum user under the nickname IDSAD_MUD4604 claims that he managed to get a lot of information about the remake of Resident Evil Code: Veronica at his disposal. According to the author of the leak, the development of the Code Veronica remake began another 2021 M-Two studio, in parallel with the development of the Resident Evil 4 Remake and Resident Evil 9 and this will be the game that will be most subjected to the largest amount "rethinking".

  • They plan to present the game in 2024, and release in 2025.
  • The recent Capcom survey has nothing to do with Code Veronica, since it is already under development of about 2 years.
  • The duration of the game will significantly exceed the original, somewhere around 14-15 hours.
  • The entry will be expanded, it will show studies of the clergy apartments, the invasion of Claires to the Ambrell base, as well as some stories retelling the events of previous games.
  • Some locations will be redone almost under recognition.
  • The game will present new areas.
  • This game is being developed on the re -Engine engine and is very similar to its predecessors in terms of gameplay and graphics.
  • Rodrigo will give the player additional tasks, receiving various objects in the case of their implementation.
  • Steve will no longer be minors, and his role will be significantly expanded, since he will be present in a larger number of episodes, and will also accompany the Claire during some episodes, giving the player the opportunity to penetrate places previously inaccessible.
  • Claire and Steve will appear an alarm, as well as a new type of orange -colored plants that will help reduce anxiety; A high level of anxiety will lead to a number of shortcomings, such as hallucinations and distorted vision.
  • Alfred will no longer dress like Alexy, instead she will become exactly the same clone of real Alexia.
  • The tyrant will pursue players throughout the game, similarly to Mr. X Re2.
  • Wesker will now be more present in the game, leaving notes during the gameplay and entering into dialogue in episodes with brothers and sisters.

In his recent interview, the Producer of Resident Evil 4 Remake Esiaki Khrabayashi said that he did not have specific plans for creating a remake of Code Veronica, but in December last year Capcom closed the work to release a fan remake of Code Veronica, and the last similar project was precisely the Resident Evil 4.

As for the above revelations, they should be very restrained to them.


The creator of Dragon’s Dogma 2 told how the team created a massive card

We already know that a huge card will appear in Dragon’s Dogma 2, four times the one that was in the original game. But after the conversation of the IGN portal with the creator of the Hideaki series, we learned a little more about how this card was created and how much it will be filled with interesting things. Answer? Very saturated!

Itsuno talked about how he created the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2. According to him, initially he planned to make it one and a half to two times more than the world of the first game, but in the end it turned out to be about four times more. "It is because of this that we are now experiencing difficulties".

I do not want to go too far and make people think that I am exaggerating, but we placed items on the map and figured out how to direct the player’s gaze so that there were no moments when he feels boredom. This is what other action is often done, and one of the main elements in such games is the opportunity to see the destination and at the same time not to know how to get there, moving from the stage to the stage. We were able to pay a lot of attention to creating cards of this kind at the stage "gray" And "White" boxes before we really sat down for their creation.

Itsuno continues to explain that in the first game the team did not have many tools with which it was possible to fill out a large card, but in the sequel the situation is different. Since the second time this process was much simpler, the card became larger and more saturated. In addition, in many places it was possible to create "SHORY", So that all interesting attractions are not always visible immediately, and the players would not have time to quickly bore them.

In addition, Itsuno wanted to give the map a sense of real danger. He says that together with his team he conducted a large intelligence of the area, including climbed onto many mountains and visited such high attractions as Osaki’s Castle and Abseno Harukas skyscraper. He wanted the team to understand the feeling of danger that arises when being at high altitude, and was able to convey it to the players simply with the help of tips and the design of the environment, and not, say, intra -game warning messages.

In addition, he wanted the feeling of climbing the mountain to be more realistic than a simple character dragging to the slope.

When we climbed the mountains, it happened that the nearest path to the top lay in a straight line, but no one walks such routes. Everyone walks along the paths that go around the mountain, and we discussed why they do this way, and not use another route, and the answer was like this: it looks very difficult. It’s not that you want to go, but you can’t, but that you don’t even think about going along this route. That is why there are many different ways to the top, and we all go to it in different ways. No one considers this a lack of choice, right? This is what we said about, saying that instead of creating a card that allows you to go anywhere, we will place zones on it that players will not want to visit, which will allow us to decide what to concentrate on, and at the same time will not make the card less free, because users will avoid these places, like the mountains to which we climbed.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 debuts on PlayStation, Xbox and PC on March 22, 2024.


Mechanics Voiceover demonstrates more voice acting from The Callisto Protocol

Mechanics Voiceover has prepared a new video dedicated to the localization of The Callisto Protocol. In it you can see several new scenes from the game. The studio also stated that sound is in full swing and localization testing, which means that its exit is not far off. The voice acting for the game is completely recorded.

The mechanics themselves write:

We remind you that this is still an alpha version, which means that somewhere it will be necessary to correct something, move, do it louder or quieter, edit subtitles for voice acting and so on

I remind you that along with the main game will be localized DLC Final Transmission

The voice acting is wonderful. Beyond praise. We are waiting for when it releases on these, well, on the sites, you understand)

The game is not very very, but the good work was done.

Go through once, but the second time there is no desire to pass.

Less than a year has passed

The voice acting is gorgeous, thanks for your work, but there is no desire to go through again, I’m waiting for the voice acting for Dead Space, I really want to go through this game with voice acting.

I agree, I reproduce my grandfather every year and does not bother, but Callisto at a time. All because of the foolish fighting. They wanted to make a very terrible horror from which the bricks would all be postponed, but at the same time they themselves made an imbo close battle, with which you do not feel fear of monsters at all, in Dead Space you avoid in every possible way close contact with the enemy because it always ends sadly and from This is scared for you, not to let these creatures to yourself, and in Callisto you, like neo from the matrix, you can calmly evade their blows and wet them. I didn’t use a firearm at all, because it is necessary if you have such an imba.

Gorgeous game, but only for people, everyone else to pass by, and do not write crap, do not show the absence of your brains.

What does this mean wise guy, in your opinion all the rest are not people or all the same, everyone has their own taste, and not a herd of herd ?

Climbed from the lower Internet and show their tastelessness .Offending everyone.

Such are such as you show your taste, saying that the game G0V â„–O, impersoning this for the base. Everything writes correctly type.

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Early access to Life by You from Paradox was transferred to March 5, 2024

PARADOX Interactive publisher and Paradox Tectonic developer postponed Life by You from the previously planned release date for early access from September 12, 2023 to March 5, 2024. The game will be available for PC in Steam and Epic Games Store.

Here’s a message from the General Director of Paradox Tectonic Rod Hambla on delay:

Hello everyone, my name is Rod Humble. We transfer the beginning of early access to Life by You on March 5, 2024. Since the first four months ago we announced Life by You, we are sharing with you regular videos and streams of developers, and also release assemblies for our modding partners. The reviews that we received were really wonderful and priceless, and we want to spend extra time on their integration before launching early access.

So what exactly we are doing:

  • We add some visual improvements. So this is an improvement in animation, lighting, characters, resources and much more.
  • Setting up the gameplay in which we find the features of the gameplay, providing more reliable experience at the beginning of early access.
  • Processing of the user interface style based on your reviews, we are in the process of serious alteration of the user interface style, and we will share with you preliminary viewing this week.
  • Modov tools, we continue to improve our mods of mods and the modding workflow in cooperation with our Modder community.
  • Error correction. It is obvious that we will continue to correct errors during early access as they develop with you, but we strive to offer more smooth and honed experience at the very beginning of early access.
  • In addition, we add additional languages, so in addition to French, German, English and Spanish, we also add Italian and Portuguese to start early access.

As special gratitude to all our players who pre -ordered and have entered the desire list, we add a “set of nightclubs”, which is a set of furniture for nightclubs, and we can also use it in the game for nightclubs.


The developers of the Sea of ​​Thieves talked more about the guilds that will appear in season 10

Today Rare and Microsoft presented a new look at the guild, an important new function that will appear in Sea of ​​Thiefs in the 10th season. In fact, having a guild is the same as having your own trading company. You can earn a reputation in the guild, hunting for treasures and participating in PVP.

Each guild can accommodate 24 players, and each player can be in three guilds or even own them. You can join any existing guild if you are invited. If you have at least a ship, you can create your own.

When you create a guild, you can create its unique personality with a name, motto and emblem. Then you will send one of your ships as a guarantee of the guild. Each participant can do the same, and when the ship is not used by its owner, all the guild members can use it, so each guild can have up to 24 common ships.

An interesting aspect of common ships is that they retain all the jewelry and trinkets established by their owner, so this is a good way to demonstrate them. In addition, all adventures received on a common ship contribute to its milestones.

Guild chronicles will allow you to remain in touch with your guild, listing all the relevant events. You can also see all the ships that are used at any time, and their crews, so you can join them on the fly.

You can go sailing as an emissar of your guild, and any treasure you bring will increase the value of your book of guild emissaries. This will allow you to unlock titles, decorative jewelry and magical paintings.

When the guild reaches the 100th level of reputation, it receives a sign of differences. On the mast of each laid ship there is a sign that will visually improve every time when obtaining the difference.

Among the general awards for guilds there are shipwear personifying the navigator, steering, cook or canonier. You can get access to this only until you stay in this guild, but other awards will stay with you, even if you leave it.

The tenth season will be released only a few days later, on October 19, after a significant delay that happened a couple of months ago. Sea of ​​Thieves is currently available for PC, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.


PlayStation data leaks say that remasters are sold incredibly well

Recently, the Insomniac data leak has already disclosed a lot about PlayStation plans, including the first Marvel’s Wolverine details and much more.

One of the new slides from the leak shows that the players of games from the PlayStation internal studios are in great demand and are sold much better than expected originally.

As the user Twitter FunkyClam shared, the slide shows that most remasted publications are largely based on the early followers who prefer to buy games at the full retail price. This is directly beneficial to PlayStation, since such buyers are not waiting for discounts or reviews. Most likely, the attractiveness of the return of nostalgic classics is sufficient to persuade them to buy.

A similar trend is not observed in relation to newer games. Although such a game as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 showed excellent sales on the day of release, the previous data suggests that the greatest increase in sales in the games occurs after several discounts are introduced.

Remasters are not a new trend, but they are becoming more and more popular from the eighth generation of consoles. Since PS4 and Xbox One entered the market without reverse compatibility, consumers are used to buying games from old equipment again.

Sony, in particular, succeeded in this, since PS3 is extremely difficult to emulate.

The schedule also mentions games with the names "Game 4" And "Game 5". Most likely, these are games from third -party developers, but they demonstrate similar results.

This gives us enough information to understand why Sony releases so many remasted games. It seems that the Naughty Dog is the largest internal studio, which was influenced by this solution, which concentrated on the release of remasters and Romes.

Not so long ago there were rumors that Sony is working on the remasters of the God of War trilogy for the new PlayStation consoles. Therefore, these remasters are likely to be sold as hot cakes if they can be realized.

Since AAA games are becoming more and more difficult for publishers and developers, fans should expect new remasters. Studios are not only easier to produce such projects, but in most cases they will be guaranteed to be successful.

As for the PlayStation, the manufacturer of the consoles in stock has many games that can be reviewed. Games such as Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, Motorstorm and others are one of the few IPs that have not received new versions for many years.

Fans also showed great interest in Bloodborne, which gives PlayStation there are many opportunities for remastering games to take advantage of this demand.


The size of one planet in Star Wars Outlaws is equivalent to 2-3 zones in AC Odyssey, and all the locations are “made manually”

Last month alone, Ubisoft finally presented its large-budget single-user game "Star Wars" called Star Wars Outlaws. If you were wondering what size each planet is in the game, do not guess anymore, since the company Massive Entertainment owned by Ubisoft revealed information.

Speaking in the last issue of EDGE magazine (Issue No. 387), the creative director Julian Gerait shared some new details about Star Wars Outlaws, one of which confirms that each planet in the game will be quite large, and its intersection – even in high -speed transport – will be felt How "journey". For comparison, the size of one planet can be approximately equivalent to two or three zones in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.

Another point that Geraita confirmed is that every location "It is created manually", and that the studio did not generate a whole planet procedural.

Here are more detailed information received from Geraita:

  • Exclusive quests, merchants, closed zones can be available using a reputation system. If you are not in the favor of the faction, she can send people to pursue you, cash punishments are also part of the system.
  • The players will not have "complete freedom of action" In terms of movement, you will not be able to fly freely over the planet, planting and take -off areas will be installed.
  • NIX (alien satellite of the vassaid protagonist) can be controlled by the player to attack enemies, activate inaccessible buttons, distract attention, select heavy weapons from the fallen opponents. According to Massive, NIX is similar to a cross between a spider-shaped robot from Watch Dogs, Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite or BD-1 from a series of Star Wars Jedi Games from EA.
  • Each planet was designed in such a way that its intersection was like "Traveling even on a rapidly moving vehicle".
  • One planet is equivalent to two or three zones in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.
  • All locations are created "manually", There are no procedures for generated planets.
  • The heroine ship Trailblazer is inspired by the toys of the 1970s and made "Very, very simple".
  • The game takes place between films "The empire makes a response blow" And "The return of the Jedi", Therefore, Massive seeks to convey this "Sensation". The studio is developing a technology that "emulates some lenses of the 1970s".
  • The design of the droid ND-5 (Vassa satellite) is borrowed from the prequels.

The release date of Star Wars Outlaws has not yet been defined – "2024". The game will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.


Shooter, fighter, dog handler, doctor, hunter – we study classes in Remnant II

Developers Remnant II – Continuations Remnant: from the Ashes – not just came up with a new story for a sequel, they also actively worked on gameplay mechanics. For example – changed the class system.

This is what they themselves say about this:

One of the main features of Remnant II will be a fully processed class system. In the first part of the game, the classes were distinguished by the initial equipment, which made it possible to choose a particular style of play from the very beginning of the adventure. In the course of the game, all equipment ultimately became accessible to any character, regardless of the class chosen at the beginning of the class – it was only necessary to buy or find the necessary things.
In Remnant II, the choice made at the beginning will make meaning!
Each class will receive its own, unique path of development, which provides exclusive, inaccessible to other classes of possibilities!

And for some time, the developers posted a video dedicated to a particular class. The horror zone gathered them together – and we think there is something to see!

Wandering along the ruins of the worlds alone, they will catch fear on anyone, so it will not be superfluous to take a faithful friend with you.

Those who with laughter watch death in the face choose the class "Fighter". Intimidate the enemies with your presence and cause great damage to everyone who is stupid to stand in your way.

No one can compare with the medic in the ability to maintain a detachment in an excellent form. The doctor treats well and skillfully disposes of relics. Having become a physician, you will be more successful to be treated yourself and will help the allies more than once to continue the battle.

A hunter is an eternal classic. He prefers to fight from afar, easily finds goals. and destroys them with accurate shots. Often even before the start of the battle. The hunter’s techniques are built not to lose a single shot in vain and use any, the most tiny opportunity.


Fans argue about the feasibility of supporting Xbox Series S against the background of the absence of Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox consoles

For more than a week, PC Gamers have been enjoying adventures in Baldur’s Gate 3, and soon, September 6, they will join the owners of PlayStation 5. But what about xbox? It is known that the developers are working on the version for XSX and XSS, but the hardware restrictions on the cheaper Microsoft console actually bind the hands of Larian Studios – one of the pressing issues is the implementation of the cooperative mode with the separation of the screen.

Such a delay with PlayStation laid the foundation for a discussion about the equivalent of Xbox Series X and Series S. At the same time, gamers willingly welcome "Department" stronger XSX from his weaker brother, which causes more problems, the further we delve into the current generation of consoles.

On the portal X (formerly Twitter), a discussion on this topic was launched after the article by Paul Tassi, which appeared in Forbes. The journalist expressed the opinion that, due to his technological backwardness, Series S, PlayStation is ahead of the Microsoft console. The post gained considerable popularity, and gamers began to actively share their opinion in the comments:

That is, they literally force developers ahead of time to translate games to a less high -quality platform, which even affects the release of more modern consoles and PC. I do not tire of repeating: the series S was a mistake from the very first day. They should have released Series X without a drive", – Wrote the user Alex Corvis.

The purpose of the release of Series S was to return the part of the market share, which they [Microsoft] lost in the Xone era. Currently, the S/X series are sold worse than One at the start. The only thing the series S. was – this deprived the owners of x functions and delayed the release of games for this platform", – writes the user Gamingfirefighter.

In addition to the delay of Baldur’s Gate 3, the main culprit of the fact that Starfield will work with a frequency of 30 frames per second on both Microsoft consoles, Xbox Series S. Apparently, it is the problems with "Esca" became the reason that in Forza Motorsport at the start there will also be no SPLIT-Screen option. It seems that the problems on the consoles of Microsoft are just starting to grow.

What to do microsoft in this situation? According to the famous journalist Jez Corden from Windows Central, the company has three possible options:

  • ignore the problem, hoping that Baldur’s Gate 3 will be only an annoying exception,
  • Prepare for developers more advanced tools and systems that will help adapt games to Xbox Series S,
  • abandon the equivalence of Series X and Series S, at least in terms of games with a separate screen.

In any case, whatever the decision is chosen, the owners of the Microsoft consoles will surely wait for him, especially since it is still unknown how much time they will have to wait for Baldur’s Gate 3.