Rarely which video game causes such a strong expectation in the game community as the long -awaited Grand Theft Auto 6. In recent years, the Internet has been replete with rumors and leaks associated with the upcoming blockbuster.

Rockstar Games, a studio standing behind a cult series, always strictly followed the safety of her projects. However, leaks constantly fall into view.

The last discovery that excited the curiosity of the GTA community is an old internal document, allegedly written by Sam Hauser, co-founder Rockstar Games. This document, dated 2013, recently surfaced to the surface, resuming discussions and speculations about the long -awaited GTA 6.

A document that has become public thanks to Sabreddita Gamingleaksandrumours has attracted interest due to its detailed content. The document reveals several aspects of Rockstar plans, including the abolished single -user DLC for GTA V, the early plans for the Red Dead Redemption 2, hints of the potential game Bully and intriguing details about GTA 6.

One of the most interesting aspects of leakage is the assumption that GTA 6 can return to Vice City, although in the modern form. The document contains a mysterious link: "Miami, what’s new?". This hints that Rockstar considered the possibility of creating an updated Vice City back in 2013.

However, not all elements in the leaked document are considered equally reliable. Some aspects, such as the mention of the casino in Vegas of the 1970s, snow-covered terrain inspired by Chicago or Detroit, and the inclusion of Mexico City were perceived by the game community skeptical. It is expected that the GTA 6 card will be extensive, but not all of these places can fall into the final version of the game.

What makes this leak even more intriguing is the time. Given that GTA V came out in 2013, it is surprising to assume that Rockstar Games could think about GTA 6 at that time. Games developers often plan the future, but the insight shown in this document amazes the imagination.

Reliability of the leak is added by the fact that the former Rockstar developer, Obbe Vermeij) recently shared insider information that coincides with some leakage details. Such a coincidence of information even more amicable curiosity among GTA enthusiasts.

While the hype around the GTA 6 does not subside, gamers and fans tend to look into the past to find at least some tips that Rockstar Games has prepared for the next part. Despite the fact that this leakage of the document gives a teasing look at what could be, it is necessary to be careful and remember that not all leaks are accurate. Moreover, since 2013, much could change.