For more than a week, PC Gamers have been enjoying adventures in Baldur’s Gate 3, and soon, September 6, they will join the owners of PlayStation 5. But what about xbox? It is known that the developers are working on the version for XSX and XSS, but the hardware restrictions on the cheaper Microsoft console actually bind the hands of Larian Studios – one of the pressing issues is the implementation of the cooperative mode with the separation of the screen.

Such a delay with PlayStation laid the foundation for a discussion about the equivalent of Xbox Series X and Series S. At the same time, gamers willingly welcome "Department" stronger XSX from his weaker brother, which causes more problems, the further we delve into the current generation of consoles.

On the portal X (formerly Twitter), a discussion on this topic was launched after the article by Paul Tassi, which appeared in Forbes. The journalist expressed the opinion that, due to his technological backwardness, Series S, PlayStation is ahead of the Microsoft console. The post gained considerable popularity, and gamers began to actively share their opinion in the comments:

That is, they literally force developers ahead of time to translate games to a less high -quality platform, which even affects the release of more modern consoles and PC. I do not tire of repeating: the series S was a mistake from the very first day. They should have released Series X without a drive", – Wrote the user Alex Corvis.

The purpose of the release of Series S was to return the part of the market share, which they [Microsoft] lost in the Xone era. Currently, the S/X series are sold worse than One at the start. The only thing the series S. was – this deprived the owners of x functions and delayed the release of games for this platform", – writes the user Gamingfirefighter.

In addition to the delay of Baldur’s Gate 3, the main culprit of the fact that Starfield will work with a frequency of 30 frames per second on both Microsoft consoles, Xbox Series S. Apparently, it is the problems with "Esca" became the reason that in Forza Motorsport at the start there will also be no SPLIT-Screen option. It seems that the problems on the consoles of Microsoft are just starting to grow.

What to do microsoft in this situation? According to the famous journalist Jez Corden from Windows Central, the company has three possible options:

  • ignore the problem, hoping that Baldur’s Gate 3 will be only an annoying exception,
  • Prepare for developers more advanced tools and systems that will help adapt games to Xbox Series S,
  • abandon the equivalence of Series X and Series S, at least in terms of games with a separate screen.

In any case, whatever the decision is chosen, the owners of the Microsoft consoles will surely wait for him, especially since it is still unknown how much time they will have to wait for Baldur’s Gate 3.