Developers Remnant II – Continuations Remnant: from the Ashes – not just came up with a new story for a sequel, they also actively worked on gameplay mechanics. For example – changed the class system.

This is what they themselves say about this:

One of the main features of Remnant II will be a fully processed class system. In the first part of the game, the classes were distinguished by the initial equipment, which made it possible to choose a particular style of play from the very beginning of the adventure. In the course of the game, all equipment ultimately became accessible to any character, regardless of the class chosen at the beginning of the class – it was only necessary to buy or find the necessary things.
In Remnant II, the choice made at the beginning will make meaning!
Each class will receive its own, unique path of development, which provides exclusive, inaccessible to other classes of possibilities!

And for some time, the developers posted a video dedicated to a particular class. The horror zone gathered them together – and we think there is something to see!

Wandering along the ruins of the worlds alone, they will catch fear on anyone, so it will not be superfluous to take a faithful friend with you.

Those who with laughter watch death in the face choose the class "Fighter". Intimidate the enemies with your presence and cause great damage to everyone who is stupid to stand in your way.

No one can compare with the medic in the ability to maintain a detachment in an excellent form. The doctor treats well and skillfully disposes of relics. Having become a physician, you will be more successful to be treated yourself and will help the allies more than once to continue the battle.

A hunter is an eternal classic. He prefers to fight from afar, easily finds goals. and destroys them with accurate shots. Often even before the start of the battle. The hunter’s techniques are built not to lose a single shot in vain and use any, the most tiny opportunity.