The most popular picture of the director James Cameron, who is also Cashcase, will finally receive the long-awaited game adaptation. We are talking about "Avatar" and action with first -person views Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora from developers from the Massive Entertainment studio. The project promises to give a completely unique story in the familiar world of the planet Pandora, where players will be able to go this year.

French publisher Ubisoft Entertainment as part of his own game presentation shared new details of the ambitious game. During the direct broadcast, the new Avatar trailer was shown: Frontiers of Pandora, which includes real shots of the gameplay. And along with this, the date of the release of the game was disclosed.

Being on the previously unprecedented western border of Pandora, you play for a child of two worlds born of Na’vi, but educated RDA. Fifteen years later, you are free, but find yourself a stranger in your homeland. Read with your lost heritage, find out what really means to be na’vi, and join other clans to protect Pandora from RDA.

Also, developments shared a more informative video with a review of some game mechanic Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Players will be able to freely travel through beautiful alien regions, get acquainted with new Na’vi clans, set up their character, tame the flying banshees and master a unique weapon, which includes both the firearm and the slaughterhouses of Na’vi. It will be possible to explore Pandora in solitary mode or in the company of a friend through the cooperative regime.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will be released on December 7 only on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Far Cry Primal 2 (even many animations from Far Cry took up many)

Someone expected different?

"Farm region Blue people"

Far Cry Pandora

Cho, then the graphone was cut last year better

so that there is no whining

Nagging in any case will be))

Well, at the expense of optimization, naturally🤣 These are already standards

Raise the pirate flag and only the pirate only she!

And stretch the tower behind the tower, grind behind the grind

They took models and textures from the first avatar?
By the way, in the first Kraisis, the Koreans of Chi Chinese also looked.

I hope it will be possible to free Pandora from blue macaques.

It is already clear that the mobs are stupid, but I think that there is a place for an avatar of a huddling under the tail. Beautiful, but very rotten will most likely be.

First -person fiction? I am disappointed..

It looks very beautiful.

The landscapes are beautiful, flying on Icranes and fighting is also cool, but otherwise it is still debatable.

Make simultaneously a ZV, Avatar, 3 assassin, skull and bones, between good and evil 2. Jubes are taken as always in quantity, not quality.

Only one thing is interested in whether there will be a story campaign for people, or the whole game for the blue, we will run.

A horse is instead of a zombie animals.

It seems not bad, but the blind man seemed to cut the graphon from a one -year -old video.

Another OPEN VORLLD DROVILNA from the anniversaries, hello avantostos, hello Jagernauts .

Grafooooooooooooooo!)))))))) I hope the game, like the previous part will be a masterpiece!

as soon as they began to show the gameplay of the graphics somewhere disappeared

Better immediately put on torrents. And then again there will be a full house, as with all the previous games that gamers were waiting for..As a result, we see zero optimization, and glitch on the glitch. 🙂

powerful) and that part was not as bad as they wrote)

how secondary

The games of the anniversaries have become very expensive this time, the premium Starfield, which is the best of all their Igor is cheaper, is sorry for Emprras Slow and for the money and a completely old sample that it breaks the same strange, much has not yet been hacked, and much on the way, piracy in the nines Times were very impoverished, broken the gale more slowly and slower, and the piggy bank of the not broken Igor begins to grow more and more, are there really no hackers who can be broken by the modest donates at least, otherwise everyone merged somewhere in the world

Already played? Otherwise, according to the show, I did not see something that is better than their games. Can you tell me what is its pluses.

Well, firstly, the networks with large expanses and excellent planetary views both in space and on planets, the ability to build bases on planets wherever you want, plus a lot of loot of ecipidation guns, etc. The type of phalaut mechanics, shooting mechanics, shooting, mechanics of cosmic pioneers and exhauster , the boarding of spaceships and capture them in their flalia and the ability to pilot and improve them, space battles who like them, campanyon, etc., also a system of day and night on planets with chic views, excellent graphics, interesting mesh with a large scope, in general, game The only one of them is combined with a bunch of mechanic, everything suits everything, to wait for the way out and the usat, plus there will be a lot of mods like the Fallaut, modern and plot missions are thinking on the planets, some new fractions of aliens will come up with, some new factions of aliensOr maybe the ranges have yet been hidden and this is in the game, or maybe it will be with plot additions, in general, the beginning of a good and long -playing game is laid, for lovers of freedom and wandering the game is the most, the plot and quests and activity in the game will judging by some not shown Badly taking into account what they are with the phallout, and there everything is at a good level, there are no ideal gambling, but everyone can find an ideal from what is and now it is Starfield, I will certainly play the rest of the games, they are also interesting in their own way. But in the first place Starfield, and if only I had to choose what to play only one, then Starfield is definitely! You can also collect your ship by type of designer!

Apparently you are already waiting for already, since I wrote so much))). The game is not suitable for me, the plot will rather be average, as in their previous games, and this is primarily worried, not to install mods on boxing))). Unfortunately, I have a computer only for work (although not very weak, I have in the profile). Plus, of course, I expected another level from the game. For some reason, the game reminded me of the sets of mods for Skyrim))), though these are my problems, but I was still waiting for Starfield, since there was nothing to play on boxing in recent years (the subscription is not interested), but there is no more hope, now I’m selling just boxing, everything else did not go to the presentation, and the ZV comes out on other platforms.

On the contrary, at first I thought that Starfield would be so -so, but the fact that they showed for 45 minutes I was very impressed, just what I need right now, I waited, I play all good games and everything is not enough for a long time, so it is not enough for a long time How the plot went through and then the fact that, but here the plot is not the most important thing, here is the implementation of the trip to planets and biomas with the possibility of normal shooting mechanics with excellent types of guns and excellent shooting with excellent graphics and the realization of the beauty of planets and space, with the ability to cost, rob, arrange nurses, study, etc. attract and immediately understand that there is a long time for a long time. Knowing how long you can sit in the phalaut 4, here you can sit even longer and even more interesting and beautiful, plus, fashion will begin to go out, then the eyes are simple to have time to make all the stupefying mods for me, when the witcher 3 tightened so much. Fallout 4 dragged on, but until he was so tightly drawn into the game for a long time with a bunch of mods

Well, I am very long -lasting games, not so much time I have. I pass a maximum of 3-5 games a year and I have enough, and not many games with an interesting plot are released recently, but the Final Fantasy 16 demo liked the truth, I think to take it. And so everyone has their own, who likes what.

Far Cry Primal stood out from the list and was cool

Something was not at all impressed. The first heraizon was even better on the schedule. In general, the feeling that they just took the old headlights and changed some models.

Avatar Action: Frontiers of Pandora, inspired by James Cameron’s most box office, received the release date ©

God, what an action game is this Inspired? This is literally a game in the film, not "inspired" product.

Cameron also said that the game is part of the canon.

The film game is a partial or full repetition of the plot with or without extension, and actors, and usually they go close to the date of the film

The film game is a partial or full repetition of the plot with or without extension, and actors, and usually they go close to the date of the film

AND? The film play is in any case not "Inspired", And literally a movie game.

From the first person?? Yes, very interesting (no)

Dive is much stronger than 3 faces. Especially when you play for a person and fight with 4 meter avatars or other animals. From 3 faces, as in the first part of the game, this effect is not the same.

It’s bad not 1-3 faces, but the lack of choice, someone likes to play from the first, others are interested in seeing the hero from all sides, clothes, armor and so on. Let them switch between 1 and 3 faces, and no one will complain.

Mmm. Wrong videos without a single frame of the original gameplay – already nostalgia at the time of PS3 rolled.

At first I doubted, but now I am sure that this is a masterpiece of the level of Haraisen or even more

I hope you are kidding? It looks like a squalor

just deliberately collects cons of the minuses, he has such a hobby here.

Rather, fat than the minuses. Personally, I put the pluses to him (no).
He, with his desire, needs to start a new account, otherwise he will not surpass his thousands of green.

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