We already know that a huge card will appear in Dragon’s Dogma 2, four times the one that was in the original game. But after the conversation of the IGN portal with the creator of the Hideaki series, we learned a little more about how this card was created and how much it will be filled with interesting things. Answer? Very saturated!

Itsuno talked about how he created the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2. According to him, initially he planned to make it one and a half to two times more than the world of the first game, but in the end it turned out to be about four times more. "It is because of this that we are now experiencing difficulties".

I do not want to go too far and make people think that I am exaggerating, but we placed items on the map and figured out how to direct the player’s gaze so that there were no moments when he feels boredom. This is what other action is often done, and one of the main elements in such games is the opportunity to see the destination and at the same time not to know how to get there, moving from the stage to the stage. We were able to pay a lot of attention to creating cards of this kind at the stage "gray" And "White" boxes before we really sat down for their creation.

Itsuno continues to explain that in the first game the team did not have many tools with which it was possible to fill out a large card, but in the sequel the situation is different. Since the second time this process was much simpler, the card became larger and more saturated. In addition, in many places it was possible to create "SHORY", So that all interesting attractions are not always visible immediately, and the players would not have time to quickly bore them.

In addition, Itsuno wanted to give the map a sense of real danger. He says that together with his team he conducted a large intelligence of the area, including climbed onto many mountains and visited such high attractions as Osaki’s Castle and Abseno Harukas skyscraper. He wanted the team to understand the feeling of danger that arises when being at high altitude, and was able to convey it to the players simply with the help of tips and the design of the environment, and not, say, intra -game warning messages.

In addition, he wanted the feeling of climbing the mountain to be more realistic than a simple character dragging to the slope.

When we climbed the mountains, it happened that the nearest path to the top lay in a straight line, but no one walks such routes. Everyone walks along the paths that go around the mountain, and we discussed why they do this way, and not use another route, and the answer was like this: it looks very difficult. It’s not that you want to go, but you can’t, but that you don’t even think about going along this route. That is why there are many different ways to the top, and we all go to it in different ways. No one considers this a lack of choice, right? This is what we said about, saying that instead of creating a card that allows you to go anywhere, we will place zones on it that players will not want to visit, which will allow us to decide what to concentrate on, and at the same time will not make the card less free, because users will avoid these places, like the mountains to which we climbed.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 debuts on PlayStation, Xbox and PC on March 22, 2024.