PARADOX Interactive publisher and Paradox Tectonic developer postponed Life by You from the previously planned release date for early access from September 12, 2023 to March 5, 2024. The game will be available for PC in Steam and Epic Games Store.

Here’s a message from the General Director of Paradox Tectonic Rod Hambla on delay:

Hello everyone, my name is Rod Humble. We transfer the beginning of early access to Life by You on March 5, 2024. Since the first four months ago we announced Life by You, we are sharing with you regular videos and streams of developers, and also release assemblies for our modding partners. The reviews that we received were really wonderful and priceless, and we want to spend extra time on their integration before launching early access.

So what exactly we are doing:

  • We add some visual improvements. So this is an improvement in animation, lighting, characters, resources and much more.
  • Setting up the gameplay in which we find the features of the gameplay, providing more reliable experience at the beginning of early access.
  • Processing of the user interface style based on your reviews, we are in the process of serious alteration of the user interface style, and we will share with you preliminary viewing this week.
  • Modov tools, we continue to improve our mods of mods and the modding workflow in cooperation with our Modder community.
  • Error correction. It is obvious that we will continue to correct errors during early access as they develop with you, but we strive to offer more smooth and honed experience at the very beginning of early access.
  • In addition, we add additional languages, so in addition to French, German, English and Spanish, we also add Italian and Portuguese to start early access.

As special gratitude to all our players who pre -ordered and have entered the desire list, we add a “set of nightclubs”, which is a set of furniture for nightclubs, and we can also use it in the game for nightclubs.