Recently, the Insomniac data leak has already disclosed a lot about PlayStation plans, including the first Marvel’s Wolverine details and much more.

One of the new slides from the leak shows that the players of games from the PlayStation internal studios are in great demand and are sold much better than expected originally.

As the user Twitter FunkyClam shared, the slide shows that most remasted publications are largely based on the early followers who prefer to buy games at the full retail price. This is directly beneficial to PlayStation, since such buyers are not waiting for discounts or reviews. Most likely, the attractiveness of the return of nostalgic classics is sufficient to persuade them to buy.

A similar trend is not observed in relation to newer games. Although such a game as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 showed excellent sales on the day of release, the previous data suggests that the greatest increase in sales in the games occurs after several discounts are introduced.

Remasters are not a new trend, but they are becoming more and more popular from the eighth generation of consoles. Since PS4 and Xbox One entered the market without reverse compatibility, consumers are used to buying games from old equipment again.

Sony, in particular, succeeded in this, since PS3 is extremely difficult to emulate.

The schedule also mentions games with the names "Game 4" And "Game 5". Most likely, these are games from third -party developers, but they demonstrate similar results.

This gives us enough information to understand why Sony releases so many remasted games. It seems that the Naughty Dog is the largest internal studio, which was influenced by this solution, which concentrated on the release of remasters and Romes.

Not so long ago there were rumors that Sony is working on the remasters of the God of War trilogy for the new PlayStation consoles. Therefore, these remasters are likely to be sold as hot cakes if they can be realized.

Since AAA games are becoming more and more difficult for publishers and developers, fans should expect new remasters. Studios are not only easier to produce such projects, but in most cases they will be guaranteed to be successful.

As for the PlayStation, the manufacturer of the consoles in stock has many games that can be reviewed. Games such as Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, Motorstorm and others are one of the few IPs that have not received new versions for many years.

Fans also showed great interest in Bloodborne, which gives PlayStation there are many opportunities for remastering games to take advantage of this demand.