Today Rare and Microsoft presented a new look at the guild, an important new function that will appear in Sea of ​​Thiefs in the 10th season. In fact, having a guild is the same as having your own trading company. You can earn a reputation in the guild, hunting for treasures and participating in PVP.

Each guild can accommodate 24 players, and each player can be in three guilds or even own them. You can join any existing guild if you are invited. If you have at least a ship, you can create your own.

When you create a guild, you can create its unique personality with a name, motto and emblem. Then you will send one of your ships as a guarantee of the guild. Each participant can do the same, and when the ship is not used by its owner, all the guild members can use it, so each guild can have up to 24 common ships.

An interesting aspect of common ships is that they retain all the jewelry and trinkets established by their owner, so this is a good way to demonstrate them. In addition, all adventures received on a common ship contribute to its milestones.

Guild chronicles will allow you to remain in touch with your guild, listing all the relevant events. You can also see all the ships that are used at any time, and their crews, so you can join them on the fly.

You can go sailing as an emissar of your guild, and any treasure you bring will increase the value of your book of guild emissaries. This will allow you to unlock titles, decorative jewelry and magical paintings.

When the guild reaches the 100th level of reputation, it receives a sign of differences. On the mast of each laid ship there is a sign that will visually improve every time when obtaining the difference.

Among the general awards for guilds there are shipwear personifying the navigator, steering, cook or canonier. You can get access to this only until you stay in this guild, but other awards will stay with you, even if you leave it.

The tenth season will be released only a few days later, on October 19, after a significant delay that happened a couple of months ago. Sea of ​​Thieves is currently available for PC, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.