Last month alone, Ubisoft finally presented its large-budget single-user game "Star Wars" called Star Wars Outlaws. If you were wondering what size each planet is in the game, do not guess anymore, since the company Massive Entertainment owned by Ubisoft revealed information.

Speaking in the last issue of EDGE magazine (Issue No. 387), the creative director Julian Gerait shared some new details about Star Wars Outlaws, one of which confirms that each planet in the game will be quite large, and its intersection – even in high -speed transport – will be felt How "journey". For comparison, the size of one planet can be approximately equivalent to two or three zones in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.

Another point that Geraita confirmed is that every location "It is created manually", and that the studio did not generate a whole planet procedural.

Here are more detailed information received from Geraita:

  • Exclusive quests, merchants, closed zones can be available using a reputation system. If you are not in the favor of the faction, she can send people to pursue you, cash punishments are also part of the system.
  • The players will not have "complete freedom of action" In terms of movement, you will not be able to fly freely over the planet, planting and take -off areas will be installed.
  • NIX (alien satellite of the vassaid protagonist) can be controlled by the player to attack enemies, activate inaccessible buttons, distract attention, select heavy weapons from the fallen opponents. According to Massive, NIX is similar to a cross between a spider-shaped robot from Watch Dogs, Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite or BD-1 from a series of Star Wars Jedi Games from EA.
  • Each planet was designed in such a way that its intersection was like "Traveling even on a rapidly moving vehicle".
  • One planet is equivalent to two or three zones in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.
  • All locations are created "manually", There are no procedures for generated planets.
  • The heroine ship Trailblazer is inspired by the toys of the 1970s and made "Very, very simple".
  • The game takes place between films "The empire makes a response blow" And "The return of the Jedi", Therefore, Massive seeks to convey this "Sensation". The studio is developing a technology that "emulates some lenses of the 1970s".
  • The design of the droid ND-5 (Vassa satellite) is borrowed from the prequels.

The release date of Star Wars Outlaws has not yet been defined – "2024". The game will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.