Mechanics Voiceover has prepared a new video dedicated to the localization of The Callisto Protocol. In it you can see several new scenes from the game. The studio also stated that sound is in full swing and localization testing, which means that its exit is not far off. The voice acting for the game is completely recorded.

The mechanics themselves write:

We remind you that this is still an alpha version, which means that somewhere it will be necessary to correct something, move, do it louder or quieter, edit subtitles for voice acting and so on

I remind you that along with the main game will be localized DLC Final Transmission

The voice acting is wonderful. Beyond praise. We are waiting for when it releases on these, well, on the sites, you understand)

The game is not very very, but the good work was done.

Go through once, but the second time there is no desire to pass.

Less than a year has passed

The voice acting is gorgeous, thanks for your work, but there is no desire to go through again, I’m waiting for the voice acting for Dead Space, I really want to go through this game with voice acting.

I agree, I reproduce my grandfather every year and does not bother, but Callisto at a time. All because of the foolish fighting. They wanted to make a very terrible horror from which the bricks would all be postponed, but at the same time they themselves made an imbo close battle, with which you do not feel fear of monsters at all, in Dead Space you avoid in every possible way close contact with the enemy because it always ends sadly and from This is scared for you, not to let these creatures to yourself, and in Callisto you, like neo from the matrix, you can calmly evade their blows and wet them. I didn’t use a firearm at all, because it is necessary if you have such an imba.

Gorgeous game, but only for people, everyone else to pass by, and do not write crap, do not show the absence of your brains.

What does this mean wise guy, in your opinion all the rest are not people or all the same, everyone has their own taste, and not a herd of herd ?

Climbed from the lower Internet and show their tastelessness .Offending everyone.

Such are such as you show your taste, saying that the game G0V №O, impersoning this for the base. Everything writes correctly type.

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