Crytek Studio can be pleased with the results of the Hunt: ShowDown online player. Although more than 5 years have passed since its release, its popularity continues to grow.

Yesterday the game set a new activity record of D Steam: at the hottest moment of the day in Hunt: Showdown, 45 091 player played at the same time. This is 15% more than the previous record.

  • An increased interest in the game is caused, in particular, the update of 1.13. In patches, among other things, a shooting range appeared where players can hone their skills and improved the game balance.
  • But the most important thing is that with the release of the update the large event Tide of Shadows started, which will last until August 23. The event is devoted to hunting for a new monster in the form of an inanimate alligator, known as Rotjaw.
  • Hunt: Showdown is not only very popular in Steam, but also a high rating. On this site, 83% of user reviews praise the game from Crytek studio, which is classified as "Very positive" Reception of products.

Hunt: Showdown is currently experiencing a golden period. Some time ago, Crytek boasted that the population of gamers is growing from year to year. Therefore, the developers intend to develop the game for a long time. Among other things, they plan to translate the game from the already strongly outdated Cryengine 5.6 for editors 5.11, which will lead to an improvement in both graphics and gameplay. This change should occur later this year.

Recall that the game Hunt: Showdown was released in early access in February 2018. A year later, production survived to version 1.0 and release on Xbox One. In turn, the conversion for PlayStation 4 was released in 2020.

The project transfers players to Louisiana at the end of the 19th century and endows them with roles of hunters on monsters. This is a PVPVE production, that is, during the game we fight with enemies controlled by artificial intelligence and other players.