Gothic remake will have mod support and may appear an analogue of Marvin Mode from the original

ThQ Nordic and Alkimia Interactive forced us to wait long for (five months) of the third episode of our podcast about Gothic Remake, but he finally came out. This time the number of interviewee has increased to six. Among them: Rainhard Pollis (Director of the game), Kai Rosencrantz (composer), Daniel Kandil (art director), Havi Untoria (host of the game designer), Joan Planelles (designer of kinematographic interludes) and Timur) and Timur) "T-Moor" Khodyrev (community manager).

In it, the developers summed up everything that happened to the Gothic remake in 2023, sharing new information – including about the old camp and mods – and confirming some guesses of fans.

  • If someone doubted, Planelles confirmed that the guard, whose main character in the trailer steals Mahi and who then beats him in the arena, is Blavin, known for the original.
  • In the game, the old camp will look exactly the same as in a trailer. Moreover, all the scenes that we saw in it will occur "live", but in another, random order.
  • Each person is unique, created by manually developers.
  • As you already know, in the English version of Gothic Remake, the inhabitants of each camp will speak with different accents. Among the inhabitants of the old camp, the dialect of East London, known as Kokni, will prevail, but Diego, for example, will have a different emphasis.
  • Hunting skills will be significantly expanded compared to the original, because they should become the basis of survival in the wild. That is why a new bonfire appeared on the exchange platform that the journalists could see in demo, on which the players are implicitly – they will prepare their first food (in my opinion, none of the press representatives spoke about it).
  • Each type of weapon will have its own motion animation. In addition, they will change as Nameless will specialize in using a particular type of weapon.

As for other news about the game, then, unfortunately, we did not recognize the more accurate date of its release than 2024. All that we received is a promise that after a while the presentation of the gameplay will be held. The one that the journalists saw was not enough "polished", to be shown by a wide audience.

It is possible that the demo with Nyras will be available or somehow hidden in the final version of Gothic Remake. Rainhard Pollis did not give any mandatory promises on this subject, since the final decision has not yet been made.

Finally, the developers answered four questions from the community that could be asked in October (more questions will be asked in future output issues). Here are their answers:

  • It is confirmed that it is planned to support mods, and perhaps an analogue will appear in the game "Marvin regime" from the original (this is the developer mode that allows you to enter commands/codes);
  • The approach to the creation of monsters clarified (while we can see the skeleton-mag, harpia, krigeper, goblin, bloodsucker, khaper and clumsy monster);
  • According to developers, relations between Dig, Milthen, Mountain, Lester and Nameless in Gothic Remake will be expanded – the characters will meet to solve some problem together, and the player will have the opportunity to find out the details of their history;
  • Nameless "editable" character – we will not be able to change his hairstyle, beard or cover the body with tattoos.

Gothic Remake will be released on PC, PS5 and XSX/S. It is expected that the release of the game will take place in 2024.


Two Point Campus takes place for a free weekend

Two Point decided to celebrate the anniversary of Two Point Campus and announced a free weekend. This witty management game is a continuation of Two Point Hospital, the modern rethinking of Theme Hospital, created by developers from Bullfrog Production and Lioned Studios, who worked on the original back in the mid-90s. Now that the game is preparing to leave the PC Game Pass, Two Point Campus for a short time becomes free on Steam for the weekend, and if you decide to continue the game after that, you will get a good discount.

As the name follows, on Two Point Campus you have to manage the best educational institution. From the planning of the school and the purchase of premises to the hiring of staff and control that everyone is satisfied and studied – you will have to give up to the fullest, trying to satisfy all the needs of teachers, students, cleaners, cooks, etc.D.

As expected from the creators of Two Point Hospital, the proposed classes vary from fantastic ones, such as "Magic" And "Dark art", to funny – "Knight’s school" Teaches the noble tricks of a medieval warrior, and "Fun business", Of course, it is an exercise in the intricacies of clowning.

If you have already played on Two Point Hospital and you liked the game, then Campus is certainly worth a try – and although at the start of the game there were some noticeable errors and glitches, Two Point Studios continued to update and improve the game for twelve months after the release.

In honor of the first year of the game, you can play on Two Point Campus for free on Steam until July 31. In addition, a sale is valid with a 50%discount. There are also discounts on all DLC packets. A full set that includes the basic game and all three DLCs is offered with a 48% discount.

The game Two Point Campus has also been available on PC Game Pass since its release, but on August 1 it will leave this service, so if you played it and want to continue, you will have to purchase your own copy. In the Microsoft Store store, Game Pass subscribers are already provided with the same 50%discount, so you can choose the platform that you prefer.

To play, in theory, it will turn out from UK – just click here and your Steam client will start installing "free version".


Critics restrainedly met the multiplayer horror The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The first reviews of the game The Texas Chain Saw Massacre appeared on the Internet, giving an idea of ​​how critics perceived the asymmetric multi -user horror Sumo Digital, created based on the film franchise.

For the uninitiated The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, this is an asymmetric multi -user horror movie based on a 1974 religious horror movie, which is largely reminiscent of the dynamics of Dead by Daylight. One of the players depicting a leather face will hunt for other players, who, in turn, will have to survive by any means.

As we see below, at the moment, the first grades of the international press are generally positive, although not particularly high, and the average Opencritic indicator fluctuates around 75.

  • Multiplayer First – 85
  • PCGAMESN – 80
  • Shacknews – 80
  • FIRST Games – 80
  • Hard Guides – 80
  • Thegamer – 80
  • Flinger Guns – 70
  • IGN – 60

Obviously, many reviews in this list are absent, so in the coming days the total average indicator can significantly change. In any case, since this is a multi -user game, it is very important to take into account how it will be supported after launch.

This is not an impeccable game, but torment and the thrill that she conveys, almost one of her kind, transferred with confidence and cruelty, corresponding to the original source. This is a game for fans of horrors and all those who love the good old game in cat mouse.- IGN

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a magnificent novelty in the family of asymmetric multiplayer games. The recreation of characters and locations from the 1974 film makes a strong impression, since it is quite obvious that authenticity was the main priority in the development. This helps to strengthen the exciting gameplay, although I am afraid for its availability, given the deep systems and mechanics. In any case, I look forward to playing with friends both in the usual mode and in the competitive, when I want to be careful.-Shacknews

The game will appear on sale on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, Xbox One and PC in Steam on August 18, 2023 and will be included in the Xbox Game Pass catalog from the time of launch.


Sven Vink reacted to the Baldurs Gate 3 rating from Microsoft: “I would like to meet this analyst”

After the launch of Baldur’s Gate 3 reached a phenomenal mark of 800 thousand. simultaneous players in Steam and received the highest rating of PC Gamer over the past 16 years, but over the years spent in early access, they did not expect anything special from it.

An example is the document for May 2022, accidentally leaked from Microsoft as part of its trial with FTC, in which Baldur’s Gate 3 is described as "second -rate role -playing game for PC and Stadia" ("Second-Run Stadia PC RPG"), which Microsoft hoped to release on PC Game Pass for about 5 million. dollars.

The leak was commented by the head of Larian Sven Vinka.

I would like to meet this analyst. This is a rather erroneous assessment. Someone did not do a homework.

Director of Larian for publishing Michael Douse (Michael Daws) in response to such an assessment said that he was not surprised by low expectations of Microsoft.

In fairness, Baldur’s Gate 3 underestimated not only Microsoft. It was also with Divinity: Original Sin 2. This is due to both the genre and how we are doing business in Larian. There are simply no data on the market that would allow you to understand how well Baldur’s Gate 3 will show itself. We had to go to huge risks, and each step was a terrible jump of faith. Players, of course, did not underestimate us, but I thought it was already obvious

The rating of Microsoft was part of the list of ideas for including games in the Xbox Game Pass subscription. There were and "low" The chances of turning on games like Jedi Survivor from EA, for which, according to Microsoft, you will have to pay up to 300 million. dollars if EA suddenly agrees.

The impetus for the exchange of views was that Starfield output was posted to a later date, as a result of which a 16-month break between significant games on Xbox services, which the head of the company Phil Spencer called "catastrophic situation". Subsequently, the release of Baldur’s Gate 3 was planned at about the same time as Starfield, and then moved a month in advance – supposedly in order to avoid the release of a larger RPG.

But as Starfield was PR

After the release of BG 3, Starfield’s advertising was not at all, only in the last week two

no, well, about 10 years ago it was quite the first variety, the problem is that over the years any first variety is fading

Thousand! A thousand planets. You just think about it. And on each you can create everything that your imagination will allow. and fashion. And this is your bastard 3? What can be created there, and? Porn content for certain sites? Yes, and here Starfield fashion over the years of this content will give that 10 of these games will be enough. Here and the bear will be possible with another cosmic creature. Perhaps even with a ship in the form of a Thomas steam locomotive.

Oh yes, fashion fashion fashion! The game will be finished with modern ones, not the outfit. Moders will also do optimization, even players make a translation, and such an indie as a studio as a gazebo did not have enough budget for a text translation of the game.

And what? When I was talking about the fact that Skyrim without mods is not very shameful to play ten years in fashion, the reaction of people was negative, gently to say.

even a lot of stubborn ones ran up, you do not like the BG3, chop into your overshucci, kalds and other thoughtless Callers!

One picture is better than thousands of words)

Wow, how many portraits of this cockroach duck222 in one place. )))

It seems to me if the BG3 came out a little later after the release of Starfield, she could calmly dial online in 1m.

If the game had not pirated there would be 1 cartoon 100%

As for me, just piracy and spurred the players to buy the game and, accordingly, the growth of online in Steam. I myself played 20 hours on a pirate and then bought it t.To. It is available in our region, unlike Starfield and costs 2k.

Yes, I didn’t think. I am the same =) And the truth, pumped, played, went, bought. But still there are not the same.

I agree, someone fundamentally does not buy licensed games)

These are the players who bought the game tons in early access? Like me, actually.
I had no doubt that it would work out excellent. Like there was no doubt that you need to wait for a supplemented edition. :)) The analyst really nifiga does not know about Larianov.

For example, I evaluate the game as good and solid, but I definitely can’t call a masterpiece. There is no second -rate either. Just a good game, such in 2001-2010 came out often quite often, and now, due to geeks of the Ubisoft type, we have 1 update release in 10 years, and from which we consider it incredibly masterpiece

How much sectarians of Starfield raided here

This battle will be legendary! although most likely they will be inhibited and forget

How many offenses under this post, it’s already nice! Pride of the Larian, thanks to them, it became easier to distinguish all sorts of Lermans and cockroaches from healthy people!

We discredit, young man?

You turn to a person who will never read your comment. But, I will support your logic – having met him, you politely put his hand in, skiing like.

"piggy", Further a comma, speech using a pronoun "You". From the point of view of linguistics, this is an appeal.

So far I am a deuce with a pencil.

You will get a job, you will make you how to put it down! You will also post on Insteus how much you smile are next to Sven! Just nasty things behind your back, at home, quietly, you will score and you will write.

And now the clown Phil Spencer himself does not know what he is thinking :))

In fact. BG 3 sucks.

Staby Baldurs Gate, is it heard. Even the originals were an action RPG.

Anty plot, subordinate characters.

Well, what is he wrong, this analyst ?

Maybe he loves the sorcerer more.

In fairness, Baldur’s Gate 3 underestimated not only Microsoft. It was also with Divinity: Original Sin 2.

It is doubtful if the first part was well accepted. DOS2 waited.

Perhaps the point is that such games are popular in a narrow circle and even AAA-game in such a genre will not collect much. But if there are no other games and it is presented like a kinzo with furies and bears, then.

Well, after all, the genre is quite niche. I also thought that when Starfield would come out (and this is a much more popular genre and the famous developer), Baldurs Gate was pushed away. But – justice has triumphed

How can you say this, if the game only came out and even the gazebo did not make its additional content, and a whole era of mods ahead?

I hope it was sarcasm, and if not, then I have a question, they are playing aaa class or designer for mods)

According to this logic, the Unity engine is 100 out of 10

You are the same dodik as the analyst from Microsoft.

And what MS is not right?) The game is really second -orte, however, like Starfield. And there and there, the plot is incho, the gameplay is standard for its genre, innovation and any special chips. And after half the passage of the game, I want to go faster. For boredom.

Again now I will grab the cons of, but I will express. The game is really second -rate and boring, one of the main reasons is terribly worked out characters. Astarion is a grocery snamp, which is simply not clear why in your detachment, a terribly nasty and vile character, he justifies his class in principle.(killed him one of the first). Shadowheart – a fanatic, which is important only by her goddess, of course, she is then revealed, but in general this is the only one of the two Persians who are at least somehow interesting. Gale-God, this is something with something. Himself is a complete IMBA, but it behaves as if at all for a lifetime. I want to love him, but in fact you do not experience any feelings for him and generally do not care about it or not. His only big plus is his death, well, you understand. Lae’zel – a non -worthy, unrequited character, I think she should have remained in the prologue. The benefit of her like Astarian can be safely killed. Will – that is still muck, at first I could like it, but when I recognized their connection with Karlach, he went to the priests (well, or what kind of god he knows him), a sort of makers from Vorld of Varcraft. FII is shorter. Karlach – I will not paint here, the top character is the only reason to play this garbage. Minthara – a good Persian, but it is difficult to empathize with it. (There is no hunting about others) But despite all the boredom, I think I should go once, overpower myself, so to speak between parties in space and hell.

Cool what you wrote "Poorly worked out characters" and at the same time described them rather on the good side of the characters)) you do not find the difference, the characters (hello to the Starfield Companions) and the characters irritating you will work out poorly. If your character causes a response, disgust, admiration, irritation, etc.D. it is called what was worked out, not an empty speaking cardboard. Plus in BG3, the characters of some characters can be changed during the game.

I read it, and I wanted to rely, plusk you from me)

Because they do not leave a response in the soul, and yes, villains and bastards can cause admiration (recall Artas, Nigan, Morrigan, etc.D.), call real emotions, worry about them. Here is generally fucking on them, even the same dark temptation, you play them, you bite off Gale’s hand and such. WELL? Brush. Here in Dragon Age Origins, I remember every prologue took for the soul. And the ending. And here. Even do not care that you have some kind of muck. Why remove it at all, it only helps, and your character will become different until you get to OPR. moment.

And you have a plus and a good day)

In what place is Morrigan the villain? She is MB Antherieu, but not a villain

And what, in fact, they were wrong? The fact that the game shot is the success of the exclusively marketing department of Larianov, who successfully pushed the cart with the bear for Soye.

As the BG3 game in 2023, he is much inferior not even to the strongest representatives of the genre, like the 2008 Tao, pancake pancake.

BG3 and is a third -rate RPG with zero variability, cut content, primitive and criminally light gameplay, indistinct plot, a bunch of alphabetical people and other soybean trash for nitacus.

Judging by the stream of delirium in absolutely every comments on different topics, I ask a question about your mental health friend. Everything is fine? Can you read just in case?

A phrase that can be attributed to any modern game

2009, just to write something)

And what do you think is the first RPG and with a wider variability? In the Tao of variability, it’s less, I am silent about other RPGs


Digital Foundry compared Baldur’s Gate 3 for Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5

The editors of Digital Foundry published a new video, which compared Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox Series X | S with a version for PS5, which is now in the best condition than at the time of launch, thanks to numerous corrections. Verdict for porting on Xbox Series X, of course, positive.

As already mentioned at the beginning, the version for the PS5 after the launch and analysis of Digital Foundry has received many corrections that significantly improved the stability to the frequency of the personnel.

The version for Xbox Series X is very similar to the version for PS5. Therefore, in quality mode we get a resolution of 1440p and 30 FPS, stable even in the most stressful situations. In performance mode, we rise to 60 FPS with a resolution of 1080p, while the frequency of personnel is in most cases stable, but not without deceleration and stuttering, especially in the third act. Finally, in cooperative mode, the resolution is 1440p, and the frame rate is recorded at the level of 30 FPS.

The differences between PS5 and Xbox Series X relate to some small details that practically do not matter. As for the quality of the image, on the Xbox Series X, the HUD elements were marked with a lower resolution than usual, and slightly worse performance. However, it is worth noting that, unlike the version for PS5, the version for Xbox Series X has just come out, so the following patches can bring both console portions in accordance with.

On Xbox Series S, compromises are inevitable, the main of which is the lack of a cooperative mode with a divided screen. Only one graphic mode with a resolution of 1080p and a frequency of 30 frames per second is available on this console, stable in almost all circumstances.

Compared to Series X, the quality of the shadows and the level of detail of the elements located far from the player, below, but the rest of the Digital Foundry did not notice much difference in visual terms.


BioWare asked her dismissed employees to think about the future Dragon Age Dreadwolf

As we previously reported, in August BioWare reduced 50 employees, explaining this with a necessity "Save the vitality of the studio", strengthen its ability to create such popular plot single games and make sure that "Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will be an outstanding game". Seven out of 50 people affected by dismissal filed a lawsuit against Bioware, wanting to get the best output compensation.

As Alex Kennedy, the lawyer of the mentioned 7 employees, explained in an interview with Kotaku, the clients decided to go to court after BioWare told them that the request of the output manual given by the law could become a financial burden for the studio and put on the development of Driedwolf development. This game has already undergone significant processing and, according to some rumors, can be postponed.

Apparently, the initially, fifteen employees showed interest in filing a lawsuit. However, some of them decided to abandon this venture, fearing financial difficulties in the holiday season, for example, paying bills or family maintenance. The proposed modest compensation is currently paid, and it will be expected to take several months to make a court decision. There is a chance that BioWare and EA will take up to a month to respond to the lawsuit filed by the group, and the consideration of the case by the judge may take even more time. Kennedy does not lose optimism, hoping that BioWare is eventually "Sprinkle" and will begin negotiations on a settlement agreement.

The lawyer allocated the Frostbite engine as a factor that causes higher wages. Due to the fact that EA requires employees to work exclusively on this internal engine, now they may have problems with employment in the studio using outside developers, such as Unreal Engine or Unity. In addition, NDA does not allow them to demonstrate their latest developments over the past few years.


The Star Citizen video shows the Pyro bandit and pirates system

The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2953 event has just ended in the Star Citizen, but Cloud Imperium Games has a lot of interesting things.

First of all, today we received a new video demonstrating part of the PYRO system, which the limited part of the players had recently been tested.

Pyro is a lawless system adjacent to the current Stanton, populated by pirates and ruthless gangs. It will be fully implemented in version 4.0, which should appear next year.

Developers talk about the implementation of a system that is completely different from Stanton in terms of visual, atmosphere and even gameplay.

The end of the IAE 2953 event marks the largest event in the history of Star Citizen from the point of view of crowdfunding. For two weeks, which have passed since November 14, the backers gave almost $ 24 million (more precisely, $ 23,785 939).

This broke the previous record belonging to IAE 2952 last year, which earned a little more than $ 21.6 million. IAE 2951 took third place in 2021, which earned a little less than $ 19.7 million.

This event not only includes the largest day in the history of the game, which earned $ 3.5 million on November 25, but November 2023 became the largest month in the history of crowdfunding Star Citizen, earnings of $ 28 million.

2023 will also be the biggest year for Star Citizen. In order to beat the record of 2022, she only needs to raise $ 5 million in December, which should be easily feasible.

In total, the crowdfunding campaign of the game has just overcome $ 649 million, and at the moment it is $ 649 154 173 at 4,957,770 registered accounts.

The breeds said, we will play you for the money ourselves play the game and you watch.

Our slogan of the company, we strive the game for your money.

What are you talking about, they can play it, even free weekends are.

Free weekend in a game that is not 🤣🤣🤣

Not only strip. You look at the whole surroundings and the merchant, which is around this fat. It is clear where the grandmas go. Obviously not for active development.

The most amazing thing is that there are those who still believe and carry money.

Agree with you.
And just go into the game and understand that you were thrown. But alas, hamsters are hawing, they have no choice.
At the same time, the game costs 50 bucks, a standard edition (without a game) another 50 bucks. And premium is still 60 bucks.

This is just the most unimportant, you look around, now there are people (adult educated people. ) who believe in flat land, and you are surprised by the number of nemmones that believe in Star Citizen? Nemmonts will never be translated.

How they will understand by going into the game that they were thrown?

For early access, they do not pay for AAAAAAA+-=, what kind of divorce is this?)) Maybe, according to the law, everything is ok, but also Fin. Pirammmides also work, I don’t see the difference)

"And just go into the game and understand that you were thrown. But alas, hamsters are hawing, they have no choice." – and what’s in there ?
"At the same time, the game costs 50 bucks, a standard edition (without a game) another 50 bucks. And premium is still 60 bucks." – what else for a standard publication without a game, what a premium publication for 60 bucks ?

2023 will also be the biggest year for Star Citizen. In order to beat the record of 2022, she only needs to raise $ 5 million in December, which should be easily feasible.

Come on guys! I believe in you. For so many years you were tired and really can’t? Do you really allow yourself to lose it that you had prevailed last year? No, you can’t!

Give a new record in 2024?!

You give new records ! More than $$ $$ $ $ dollar

We need BOOO more gold!

They plan to release the game at all?

Of course they plan, and you won’t even believe it, and when your great-great-great-great-laws will launch her on their wrist holographic clock-CPC sitting in a cozy chair of the pilot’s own space interplanetary courier ship, then you will be ashamed even from the grave that you have not believed in these worthy developers and never have never met the nemmones that they had given them.

Yes, a squadron in 2024, you read the news or not ?

They want a hike to a billion to get free money!?)))

yes there is already a little left.

And somewhere in the depths of Hell, dousing with tears and snot with envy, poor Mavrodi rummaging around, who once turned on billions like candy wrappers and died like a bum in a poverty at a bus stop.

And he could rivet boats for Star Cityizen one time every three years and sell them for 10 thousand. dollars apiece

That’s why tears and drenched from an attack of uncontrolled greed, we sympathize with the poor thing for him. By the way, they rivet 5-10 boats a year and sell so that here Mavrodi is a heart attack to be a little every evening, judging by how many non-dimensions they buy.

Or maybe this is some kind of worldwide census of gullible morons? Well, like a social experiment, they say, how many model people live on the planet "at least a senior in the eye, all God’s dew", And are there any chances of humanity to survive and become a reasonable space race 😂😂😂

Damn it really, you intrigued straight !

But if you are right to humanity.

Why release a game if it comes out to stop making a profit??))

Another 17 minutes n ****

What is the deception, Pyro will not ?

There will be no release. Eternal alpha, then eternal beta. The main thing is to bring money. Blessed, who believes.

Um, what do you mean by release ?
Provine, in English and legally there is no difference between the release of the alpha version and the release of any other version.
I just didn’t ask how much I could not clearly answer why Starcitizen still has not come out if he came out back in 2013, all the more, the developers sell the not-so-current version of the game, in fact, the same squadron was removed from the Pledge Store , since she is Feature Complete, which means it cannot be sold like a Pledge package, what does it mean, tell us ?

So you can call the release – the readiness of all planets from the systems according to the luru ? Readiness of all ships, including from Laura ? Well, or the closure of the Pledge Store, which gradually has been happening since 2017 ?

Release – a game product completed in the development of all content, all gaming mechanics and without critical bugs, leading to the impossibility of playing. Where is the plot campaign? Where all the declared systems and ships? Where is the whole game world and all the declared mechanics? This "product" even officially in version "Alpha 3" Since 2017. What is the release? When? Where? For what?

"Release – a game product completed in the development of all content, all gaming mechanics and without critical bugs, leading to the impossibility of playing."
Immediately questions arise, I managed to take the ECPD exam once, but I also know about the foreign life cycle.
But, the first question – "finished in development", means that the development is completed completely, t.e. Completed support ? According to this criterion, it turns out that Minecraft, Cyberpunk, GTA 5 have not yet come out, their development, support continues to this day, here in Cyberpanca in 2.1 add metro, which they promised for a very long time.
Second question, "With all content, all game mechanics" – Here you confirm my words, t.e. Until the last update/DLC is released, the game cannot be counted, so it turns out that some Flight Simulator X still has not come out and will never come out.
Third question, "leading to the impossibility of playing." – T.e. While such errors remain in the software, it is not considered to be published, and if these errors appear trite due to the fact that the game cannot work correctly on the gland on more modern architecture – whether this game is considered, whose development was completed 20 years ago – not released – not released ?

But it’s okay with that.
"Where is the plot campaign?" – Remote from Pledge Store, is in the status of Feature Complete, obviously the release until the fall of next year.
"Where all the declared systems and ships?" – In development, and with the systems it was immediately declared that most of the systems will be added as part of the game updates after entering "gold", that for MMO the norm, in general, we can say that Genshin Impact has not come out, because, but where are all the characters and where are all regions ? Moreover, the ships can be announced at any time, or we are talking about old blanks ?

"Where is the whole game world and all the declared mechanics?" – PU has been available since 2015, and game mechanics have been introduced by updates, actually recently added salvazh, have already demonstrated engineering gameplay and construction of advanposts, with the timing of the implementation until the next autumn.

"This "product" even officially in version "Alpha 3" Since 2017. What is the release? When? Where? For what?" – before "Alpha 4.0" The numbering of versions of CIG is hybrid, according to the version of Star Citizen, are divided into 4 versions – Tech Preview, Etu, Ptu, Live – the latter corresponds to the version in Live Release.

P.S. Another question is, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 came out or not, otherwise the beta version is still there, and not all mechanics, regions, planes are added ?


The authors of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum apologized for the state of the game and are already preparing updates

Can The Lord of the Rings: Gollum be reborn? Daedalic has just released a statement in which the German studio apologizes for the poor quality of the game, and the team promises to prepare corrections to give players the best experience.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum – has already become the worst game of 2023 according to journalists, and the game has "Mostly negative" (33%) reviews d Steam. It is reported that the developers are already working on the next game in the universe "The Lord of the Rings", and users have found a new reason to make fun of the game. But the studio does not lose heart and finally decided to comment on the output of the long-awaited adventure, and the company apologizes.

We would like to sincerely apologize for the disappointment that many of you experienced after the release of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum. We recognize and regret deeply that the game did not live up to the expectations that we entrusted to it ourselves and which our devoted community on it. Please accept our sincere apologies for any disappointment that this could cause. Our goal as a studio and as devoted fans "The Lord of the Rings" It was always to tell an exciting story adventure. The creation of the story with the Mediterranean as a playground was the greatest honor for us – and the biggest challenge that we have encountered today.

It is difficult to say how the developers want to correct The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, because the game is faced with fundamental problems, and even the correction of errors may not affect the reviews, since many emphasize that the game offers a boring and monotonous gameplay.

In Daedalic, we understand that the success of the game depends on the pleasure and satisfaction of the players. We sincerely appreciate your reviews and actively listen, read your comments and analyze constructive criticism and sentences that you have provided to us. Our developer team is working hard to eliminate errors and technical problems that many of you have encountered. We strive to provide corrections that will allow you to fully enjoy the game. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for understanding. We will continue to inform you about our progress and provide clear information about upcoming corrections and improvements. Your passion and devotion as players were the driving force of our desire to rectify the situation.

In this situation, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is another release of 2023, which comes out with huge problems, and the developers want to deal with appropriate corrections only after the release.


The release of the Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection collection took place

If you experience nostalgia for "Jurassic Park" And those times when the grass was greener, the Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection collection will be able to help you a little in this.The collection includes games on the famous franchise for Nes, Snes and Game Boy and Sega Mega Drive. All games were supplemented by new functions, including the ability to persist, as well as various improvements in game experience, complies with modern standards.

The collection will be released November 22 On all modern platforms, including Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch and Steam.

The collection is already available on Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch and Steam and includes the following games:

  • Jurassic Park 8-bit
  • Jurassic Park Portable
  • Jurassic Park 16-bit
  • Jurassic Park Genesis
  • Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues 16-bit
  • Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues Portable
  • Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition Genesis

Sorry JP: Lost World (Sega Genesis) did not add.

By the way, yes, perhaps the best game in the entire franchise.

The feeling that insane. When there was an article about the lost and lost games, everyone ached and accused the companies that the games could not be officially bought and that it was due to their fault. Classic collections come out for all relevant platforms and everyone is aching again. You write comments under the spaces or after an injection groin in the groin?

These are different people write if you don’t understand

It is necessary to press, the PG is a fairly toxic pit with evil schoolchildren and not only schoolchildren.

1100 rubles for a snap -in -law of games about dinosaurs from dinosaurs, kapets

what do you understand at one time Cool, not everyone could pass

I played half of this collection on the original consoles, what are you talking about?

Agree. But this is apparently for those who do not know how to use emulators.

Valik, of course, was lifted. Like the muzzle of a diploma.

So there are not enough games.

No chic 3 parts per segu. Lost world.

There is no quest on the sega CD.

No fighting on ps1.

There are no arcade games.

It would be gorgeous if there were all the releases in the park. Then the price is excuse.

I will buy, but then. When there will be more discount.

1100. No comments

12 bucks for 4 games . no comments, I’ll go better than 2 burgers for this money, I’ll get a little, yes? =)

Widescreen at least added, otherwise they stuck and sell stupidly to emulators.

There is no better game – Lost World with Sega Mega Drive. And you can persist at any moment in any emulator that on the PC, that on android

released. Although after the timer ended and hung up for several hours soon (it was also in the date). bought. weighs 2.46 GB (2 651 989 779 bytes) Eh could add scans of covers, boxes and instructions. A huge folder with the sound and there are Nes cards, well, Roman games lie. The price is expensive.

Well, the price tag for the emulator!

To come up with something new. Not. We don’t know how.

Here now objectively who has what and what exactly are the rights. And all these games, by and large, did not bring something new. Since the film caused a large popularity in the 90s, they began to actively earn money on this, but they did not come up with anything new. They took some game as a basis and changed the scenery for the park and characters from the park. A bunch of all kinds of toys (teddy notch) were released in the park, even the attractions of the park dedicated in the parks opened. Basically, all this was in the USA. And so there is not a bad strategy for the development of your park (Jurassic World Evolution 1-2). But the times of the park as a whole have passed the rights … who can make a game in the universe of the park at the same time without flying into copyright? That’s when they released the continuation of the film in which year … with the name of the Jurassic world, then there they released the 1st part of the Jurassic World Evolution with characters as new from the world of Jurassic and old from the Yursky Park

Everything has already been invented before us.

Well, the valve

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According to the head of Pentiment, Cyberpunk 2077 created a dangerous precedent with its system of dialogs

Many will be surprised, but between Baldur’s Gate 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 there is one great similarity – this is detailed dialogs. One of them is for a crazy variety of dialogue options with the participation of real actors, and the other is that it has an ultra -loading city in which you can arrange a scene for conversation using highly detailed graphics and animation. In both cases, it takes time to emphasize these moments, and for this, of course, we need special efforts of the developer team.

But in this case, we are talking about Cyberpunk 2077, since it was this game that served as the basis for "Discussions", which Josh Soyer, a member of Obsidian and the head of Pentiment, began, saying the following:

Cyberpunk 2077 deserves absolute respect in terms of dialogs, but it is important to consider how many resources, both monetary and temporary, took the development of this system.

Soyer’s words quoted Patrick to. Mills from CD Projekt Red: " The costs of them are crazy – and in the time that takes their creation, and by resources that are required to complete them". Then he talks about how he had to convince the leader of the game to add dialogs while driving in a car for about 5 minutes so as not to lose the pace of the game.

In these messages directed to the user, claiming that all role -playing games from now on should focus on the Cyberpunk 2077 dialogs, one thought is traced: not everyone can achieve the same level of study. This cannot become a standard only because only large companies can afford it. You need to understand that both the CD Projekt and Larian Studios are unique, and if you want to enjoy such a detail, then you will not find it in other RPGs with the same quality and dedication.

Live, damn it! High -quality work has become "Dangerous precedent".

That is exactly what "Human humiliation" and should stretch the hacators by the ears from the industry away.

expensive, many small studios with a small budget, but with a unique idea it will not work to do this, and even in a reasonable time.

Yes. Actually, from unique ideas, good financing of talented people and successful implementation, and significant games are obtained – setting quality standards in certain aspects.

Unique ideas are full – few opportunities for their independent implementation. Therefore, the developers in search of funds sometimes fall into "Kabalu" major publishers who distort or appropriate these ideas.

Large companies need to do for cheap what can be sold for expensive. Without your gaze, such companies follow trends. It is not surprising that the trend for high -quality and expensive elements of games scares them.

And it does not bother you that the Larias in fact have recently been a studio that made games from a kickstarter? And nothing, they could, tried and could

The key moment was. They have already done Baldur with solid investments.

No one requires small studios the level of AAA. Aaa is one, but medium, small and indie is another. It is amazing where you get this funny excuse sucked from your finger.

Big studios hacks more and more. All such posts, this is just an excuse for the cloar of the giants of the industry, which just to feed the players with mediocre garbage and cut light grandmas. Enrage these greedy, sniffing hypocrites to white heat. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Many will be surprised, but between Baldur’s Gate 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 there is one great similarity – this is detailed dialogs

What? You are kidding me? Say that this is Rofl.

Read and understand

And what is not written?

Perhaps a crooked translation.

Read carefully, it is not said about the quality or variation of dialogs, but about the production of animated scenes for each dialogue, even those that are not selected. This is not like in all games where they show a video from one angle. There is a view that for each line of dialogue, a separate scene is made, where each participant does not just stand in the place of a move with his mouth, but walks, moves specially limbs (not randomly as in other games, but for example shows a finger to the right place, touch his face and everything These are unique animations, it is expensive), looks in the right direction, and most importantly, you can get around on the other side of the scene participants and participate in a dialogue anywhere. In all games, such scenes show only what you should see can put a half of the seller for, for example, you will not see anyway. T.e. It is to make the details so expensive, in other games they save on this.

Interactive Katsen, never happened, yeah.

So no one says that such a katsen is unique, it is dear, please read carefully.

So expensive that for Skyrim, models make interactive dialogs, and we have poor rises, they cannot afford.

Firstly, in Skyrim is not done, but secondly, models do this not on such a scale and do it themselves for their pleasure. You are in the garage at home, you can do anything for free, but try to offer employees at the enterprise to do the same and also for free, please do not compare that you cannot compare.

The game as a whole has a large budget. So the question is relevant purely for games with a comparable budget. What percentage of the budget went to dialogs? Is it worth saving on this part? For what? Which is more important than excellent dialogs? Yes, and what is the problem to do using a mocka? Maybe those guys found an approach, how to do high quality and inexpensively, like any "Senua Sacrifice". You can always find a balance between quality and price.

Funny, taking into account the fact that the dialogue system degraded in comparison with the same witcher.

And where is Cyberpank?

Read learn, here about bg3 speech

Well. Diversity, that is, just a nichiere does not affect anything: D

Got used to the games for rams by type of anniversary to do

Strange discrimination on tastes.. I personally love Farrecrai3 and Farkray5. I love heroes5. I liked the poetry game of Chayld OF Light quite strongly.. But people from tyrnets say that I am a ram, since I like it. It is incomprehensible and not contrary to anything ..

It is justified by the fact that the anniversaries simply stamp their Gobo, and when a person is smeared with kakhas – he says that he is just a special sommelier, not gobnoed, and not like a fagot once, he is poorly believed in this

So what do you stamp?

Well, there is always a varik: "DO NOT BUY".. I did not like the description.. do not take.. did not try, don’t say.. And if you tried, then you are already gone yourself. Well, this is a plan of direct contradiction to your beliefs.

For me, the game is an outlet.. In order to relax on a weekend.. And for this, games from tetris or visual novels are suitable for me, and to steep AAAA proct.. And I do not see the point of so zealously to negate the company who like it to people. Don’t play, pass by.. why are you doing this? Enjoy something? You think I would make better? So forward.. Do it, become a great Igrojel) But the problem is that you relate to such a type of people whom your mother has brought up so that you can only criticize the computer, or lying on the sofa and sticking into the phone.. and it would be okay to criticize logically, constructively and only the product.. Like, I don’t like the then then.. But you also criticize the audience who likes it) Typo all guts, all the scum, developers of the goat, the world is unfair, but I’m lying on the sofa, one well done on this planet)

Games of anniversaries – conveyor with inclusiveness, Schaub every Vanka understood and entertained. Yes, quite for rams. Intellectual consumer goods, so to speak. This is clearly visible because the anniversary was bombed from the Elder Ring interface. Like, everything is not intelligibly done there, they say the mass player will not understand.

So yes. Roughly speaking, the games of the anniversaries are as inclined as possible, that is, sharpened so, Schaub any ram signs. The conveyor for the widest possible audience of rams with the lowest intelligence plan. The lower the intelligence bar, the wider the audience.

Well done. Well torn 😄👏👍

-I translate: -We of mediocrity and lazy people, but players are to blame for this, because they require us to work.

There is a varik not to buy..)

I think that not everyone likes the results of your work personally)

P.With. It’s funny that quite a logical conclusion was injected🤣 "Mine is angry" "My critic" "mine to know that you can’t write well on this site"

Do not buy – of course. But this does not stop even fucking these justified hacks. It does not interfere. But your comments are wildly strange, to put it mildly. "there is a varik not to buy" – thanks, Cap. We didn’t guess about it without you. You always save us "wisdom". Without you we will just disappear. Krasava 👍

Halturists? It seems that people do not sleep 24/7 there, and every day they come up with something, write, sift, create, optimize.. The hacking tower is more likely the one who lies on the couch and pokes a finger at the monitor about what he does not even understand.

Strange attitude to someone else’s work.. And I think this is rather even hypocrisy.. anger, hypocrisy, resentment, and all this is without impending.. buddy, you would have to contact a psychotherapist.. Do not tighten.. )

you think the hard workers who saw the game do not want to make it a masterpiece? you think there is no huge corporation about them that thinks only about profit? Friend, what a fuck lazy lazy people, feces of duti come out every year, polished as I do not know what.

The Witcher is still well sold only because they made the game efficiently and will be sold for a very long time..

current, the whole choice ultimately leads to the same essentially ending

The dialogs are good there.. Interesting.. It is interesting to observe the script and narrative, and they do not strangle.. But there is no variability.. This is the only dentistry for cybercups from me.. A little slightly variability at least and this, personally for me, would be the best game in life)

Well, for the new gamers, if only, I have more than 700 games with the luggage and cyberpunk seemed to me a children’s boring game after the disco Elysium and the mor of utopia

These are different genres of the story. Noir with drama and cyberpunk with anarchy.. Cyberpanka in style, dialogs such discoiliziums are not suitable

Yes, God is the same Gamdek (Cyberpunk as it is) GTA 5, the first Vech Dox – they managed better. Yes, even the hacking system is better in the first Vech Dox or the same Deus ex than in cyberpanca, let’s collect more data for craft.
By the way, Cyberpank passed 2 times, but Liberty’s phantom simply skipped all the dialogs, because it was too stuffy

GTA 5, WHC DOGS, and Cyberpank..

Not.. Well, maybe.. they have something common.. Tipo.. Like beer, vodka and wine, this is all alcohol.. And when you are a drunk, then I will not care what to drink..

I have not reached this level yet.. Yes, and all the same. For me, Vachdogs is a feces that cannot be played in, and I will never start it anymore.. GTA5, although a masterpiece, but this game is already quite old and its if without interactive.. You are just an observer.. But Cyberpuk is already as a full -fledged RPG with a system of dialogs of quests, and a logical relationship between each other, where you plunge into this interactive, into this world, and feel everything.

Of course, I don’t know, maybe you just do not have a feeling of empathy.. maybe you are not plunged into the plot at all, and for you the main gapley.. Although, if you say that there is a masterpiece for you a masterpiece.. then this is not possible..

I dare to assume that you are just a snob. After all, you are trying to strangle IMHO, simply because.. Why by the way? Say that you are better than me, or more serious?

The problem is that I do not compare the games with each other.. And I look at each game separately.. Choosing pros and cons, I wonder or not. But I do not focus on the crowd on the Internet, with a group consciousness, which forever ridiculous.. For me personally, for example, discoilismium, despite all the adulthood and seriousness, seemed like a zaiduable feces. Although I was waiting for him 2.. Then I waited for the Finalkat.. And soon all expectations and hopes were dissolved as a fart in the wind..

Maybe a problem in age.. I am only 30 years old.. But I think it’s more self -esteem.. After all, respecting your views and interests for me is more important than joining some egregor, and play for the interests of the crowds.. But in any case, I do not condemn.. Play what you want and let you like everything you like.. But only please, do not insult other people’s interests.. That’s not cool..