IN Counter-Strike 2 you can get a VAC ban for too high mouse sensitivity. This theory was checked by Yutyber Sometingsee.

The author increased the sensitivity to 10 thousand and went to play on official servers. Antitish VAC Live took sharp movements by the mouse as the behavior of the bot and issued automatic blocking. This method of obtaining VAC was also checked by other content makers-the result was similar.

October 20 at Counter-Strike 2 began to remove VAC banks for using the AMD function. They were issued due to error in the operation of the Anti-Lag function+.

It’s time for a long time, even though Chiaki will not spin like frantic, but it’s a pity for those players who will spin on the jokes.

Ban them all, and then ban the game completely, since there is a shop!

They know how to crap over and over again

Ahahah lol, they will soon ban for jumping, walking, weiss and only then for entering the game)

It would be better to make your VAC. Their anti -shacks eat a lot of PC resources.

Another garbage, for a landfill it is time for this COP and in the stove

I may be a secret for you, but %40 from this online farm with bots are pharmaceous chests in the game)

Just the farm of the IDLE server was removed

Take the clothes from the game or make them not sold, the game will fly to the bottom and die . And do not argue that it will not be so .This game lives at the expense of trading and skin)) in fact .

In the KS he still played seriously in 1.6, we had a team in its city (it seemed 2006, I didn’t even remember) received 1 place and a little grandmother, in my city I was a top 1 on the Constitutional Court, not who could not protect me 1, but when when Global got out is just horror, it became so easy to play so that it is not even interesting, the impact from the weapon is zero (compare the clamps of Kalash 1.6 and global) and I threw this trash for incidents))) Scha will fly a minus from the shkolota, but the Olds will understand me.

The very joke that in the first year of the people practically did not exist on the servers in Global. And only when money tournaments switched to it after CS 1.6 The number of players began to grow. In fact, the game grew due to grandmas and PR, but with the advent of multi -colored pictures on weapons, the game for the most part turned into a trading platform))

Yes))) ks 1.6 skil was needed and Aim was good (not normal, but there should be an excellent skill to bend) and the feelings of shooting in the game should be, and Globala simply squeezed and almost everything is on target. There was almost no Internet at that time))) And how did I always have a whiner, they thought that I was reading)) Although, in addition to the senses and nickname, I didn’t prescribe anything at all, and Monica was narrowed)) like the head is stretched)))

As one friend of mine said "If you bend in 1.6 then in COP GO for you will be like a ducks to shoot at a children’s attraction with 1 meter from a machine gun"

Why, when you are in 1.6 Do not start in the KSGO GAPTB, if it has become so easy, that it’s even boring? To chop the bucks in the top teams so boring? I do not think so)

Chelik, against the backdrop, picked@VNO and created content out of the blue.

And when they start banning too high fps there? Or for too wide the monitor? Or for a mechanical keyboard on unexplored clicking swords? They arranged some kind of circus out of the blue, honestly.

I can imagine how they will trigge on cheap wireless mice with their delays in signal transmission))

"Antitish Vac Live took sharp movements with a mouse, like a bot behavior"

May these Gamdevs crap again. Book players for a fast mouse, well, everything is fine, then the fact that? They will ban on High Sens and will remove Aim Assist? And then they will generally close the game and release a new one called "Tits 3" where will we play for girls and buy new bikini for rubles. Soon, this industry will turn into one continuous gay club for flawed. I will honor the word soon "English" they will also ban and write that the game is not designed for the Slavs. This is advanced forward, well done.

Well, firstly, he spams with the movements of ala Mortalnik in the corner and it is quite clear that VAC perceives him as a macro team and it is time to ban programmated mice in online games as it was in Pubg-E at the start even in Pabg Light, and nods were forbidden for periphery people They could not play the blades – the raisers and other garbage who now flooded the servants – the developers need to conclude partnership agreements with the manufacturers of these devices that guarantees the flow of dough for their hawchik and therefore this game is simply incredible if you are an honest player because of the Paid Macro for all the same Beryl and other guns will shoot you anyway since the speed of shooting will be equal to the standard PP (such as Vector) well? you think you have a chance?

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