Atelus appealed to fans with a new message, in which she spoke about the upcoming new Jrpg Metaphor: Refantazio, emphasizing that thanks to the successful Persona 5, they are now taking on a fantasy role -playing game.

This game is described as "the climax of the ATLUS policy in originality and empathy", demonstrating itself through this genre. This is not just a nostalgic revival and will differ from Persona 5.

As shown by the series Shin Megami Tensei and Persona, Atlus has released many modern games, many of which gave unique experience to all players. And now, after the huge support of Persona 5, Atlus begins a new type of game: a fantasy role -playing game, which cannot be completely displayed as part of a modern role -playing game. This is a memorable game that marks the culmination of ATLUS policy aimed at "originality and empathy" In the genre of fantasy RPG, and is not a simple nostalgic return to the roots of the past. If you stand still in fear of uncertainty, you can never move forward". Script and gameplay are built around this message. Metaphor will be created with the same mood as Persona 5 and give "Another experience that will satisfy your curiosity.

The action of Metaphor: Refantazio takes place in the United Kingdom of Eukhronius – a country plunged into trouble after the murder of the king. History accepts the dramatic turnover when the royal magic, the mystical force, previously known only to the king, is unexpectedly caused, which leads to the grandiose royal tournament to determine the next ruler.

Against the backdrop of this stormy environment, the main character, together with his partner, fairy Galika, goes in search of to remove the curse imposed on the prince, whom the kingdom considers the deceased. Their journey passes through the vast lands of Eukhronia, and it turns out that their mission is closely connected with the ongoing throne tournament. To succeed, they must conclude an alliance with various friends and followers from various tribes inhabiting this world, each of whom makes its unique contribution to the unfolding narrative.

Metaphor: Refantazio will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC in the fall of 2024.