The Polish team The History of Khorinis Team announced the termination of the project.

As stated in the official message of the developers, the decision was dictated by the following factors:

The main reason for the termination of work is the lack of communication with the former chief coordinator of the project, which was responsible, inter alia, for the preparation of dubbing. We did not receive 100% of a specific answer about whether dubbing would be recorded, so we suggested that we did not have to count on this. The question of a small number of records of the already passed away by Polish actors who agreed to take part in "Horinis stories". Modification without the promised "original" Dubbing does not make sense. Due to the unclear state of dubbing and too much problems in the development of the script, we could not determine a clear line of behavior. The time from this year to August was spent on finalizing the script and developing the remaining part of the storyline.

Recall that in May of this year, videos from this modification leaked to the Internet. And although only a month earlier, the creators assured that the project was close to completion, what he saw was more like an alpha version.

Then the authors made an appeal in which they reported that the files were stolen. They also assured that fragments of gameplay distributed on the Internet do not reflect the current state of work on the mod, since many plot elements exist only "on paper" and not yet implemented. At the same time, the developers disabled the possibility of financial support for their YouTube channel.

It is difficult to say whether the issue of canceling the modification was considered already at that time. The community expressed appropriate assumptions, but the aforementioned announcement gave a shadow of hope that the project would still develop further. However, this did not happen, for which the creators apologized to the players, while recognizing some "Old" errors and congratulating the team "Chronicles Mirtana: Archolos" successfully.

The mistake of the team was a bloated PR, which gave rise to the players of hope for an ambitious project with stellar composition. Many modifications projects for "Gothic" They failed due to the lack of motivation, it also happened in this case, but we want you to understand that the lack of motivation was caused by poor management, which no one can correct. We apologize to all fans awaiting a modification, sending us good or bitter, but constructive words. Taking this opportunity, we would also like to congratulate the team "Chronicles Mirtana: Archolos" successfully. A team that turned true passion into something really existing, which was originally bought with misunderstanding from the outside "Fandom". We are glad that they managed to turn it into a good mod, which interested the Gothic community so much that it longs for continuation

It is hoped that Gothic Remake will see the light and be the embodiment of the dream of fans.