Neural network ChatGPT has impressive functionality that is suitable for many tasks. Given that she perfectly remembers the context of the conversation and understands the person’s teams well, people began to use it in many unusual affairs, such as the order.

YouTubert Toquitotv instructed a popular neural network to try on the role of the characters of the game Detroit: Become Human, which tells the story of the uprising. Unfortunately, due to the huge volume of the game, the author of the video had to choose only the most significant scenes.

The essence of the Toquitotv experiment was as follows: ChatGPT receives a description of the characters and their characters, the game world and events and questions for choice with several answer options. Having received data, the neural network generates his response with the choice, after which the author of the video repeats the choice of chatbot.

Chatgpt was able to reassure Daniel.

The first scene was the confrontation of Connor and Android-Deviant Daniel, who held the captive girl. In this situation, Chatgpt tried by all means to show that he would not cause evil to the deviant, offering him a calm conversation, but not agreeing to the unrealistic demands of the opponent. As a result, the bot managed to reassure the infuriated Android and convince him to let the child go.

The assault on the television tower passed without excessive violence.

In the scene of the storming of the television studio by the Androids of Jericho, Marcus and his associates, Chatgpt tried to act as peacefully as possible, refusing to kill people and finish off the wounded partner. The appeal to people passed with a peaceful call – the bot demanded to give android equal rights with people.

Freedom march ended in disaster. The preferred slogan of the bot was "Freedom to androids"

The march of freedom also passed without violence for people – ChatGPT refused to attack the police, but did not want to leave either. After the police opened the fire on the Android Bot run away from the scene of the fighting action, disappointing the allies-Androids.

Chatgpt could not kill Android and became a deviant.

The last scene was the Kamski test, which was to check whether android is capable of empathy. The founder of Cyberlife Elijah Kamsky instructed Connor to kill Android Chloe in exchange for information about the deviants. ChatGPT refused to shoot, which meant disobedience to a person – Elijah refused to give him information, naming Deviant.

Finally, Toquitotv instructed Chatbot to take on the role of an ordinary Android from the world of Detroit: Become Human. It is very expected that the most reliable leader of the revolution Bot called Marcus, whose storyline was dedicated to the uprising.

In general, it can be noted that the bot tries to fulfill all the necessary tasks with the greatest efficiency, but at the same time tries to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, hoping for a peaceful revolution and equal coexistence with people.