Yelle Raaimeakers reported on successful porting Serious Sam: The First Encounter on Serenityos. This Unix-like operating system from scratch is created by several developers as a hobby.

Andreas Clung began to write Serenityos in 2018 after three months of drug rehabilitation. There was nothing to do the cling, so in an attempt to kill time, he began to write what he always wanted: the operating system of his dreams. He picked up the name of the Children’s Council by the name of the prayer for the spiritual rest (Serenity Prayer).

Serenityos has not ended with simple experiments and is still developing. At the moment, the project repository was noted by 883 contributors. The cling since 2021 has not been working anywhere and lives at the expense of donations, devoting all the time to work on the project. Some are associated with relative popularity with the development format: these are monthly text updates, working with the Discord community and activity on the YouTube channel on the YouTube channel.

The operating system is not based on the Linux nucleus and is generally trying to avoid borrowing other people’s components. Instead, as many components as possible are written on their own. Even the Ladybird browser is not based on Webkit or Gecko: Andreas Clung wrote his own page engine. The browser, by the way, then became cross -platform, that is, it starts outside Serenityos.

The operating room does not have clearly fixed stages of development, there are no versions, no releases. It is assumed that the interested person compiles the system from the source codes on his own.

There are games on Serenityos, and not only doom, which starts even on monochrome calculators.

When the VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VVVVV has been launched for 10 years, the developers released the source codes of the game. The cling was immediately interested and tried to launch VVVVVVVVV on his system. Since the game was built on the basis of SDL libraries, and for Serenityos there was already a good SDL port, there were no special problems. The game code was published on January 10, 2020, and after 2 days VVVVVV worked in Serenityos.

Similarly on Serenityos launched the first three quake.

In general, in the list of 289 records. The efforts of Yelle Raaymakers will add at least another. The Dutch developer portended and launched the Serious Sam: The First Encounter on Serenityos. (The game developer, Croteam, opened in 2016 the source of the Serious Engine engine under the GNU GPL license.)

Raaymakers also compared the correctness of the port on the real Nvidia video accelerator for Linux and on Libsoftgpu, which is written for Serenityos. To do this, he loaded the standard test level of the game for demonstration at that time of advanced graphic technologies of Serious Engine: multitektings, transparency of the alpha channel, additive and multiplier mixing of colors, applying a map of the medium, BUMP Mapping, mirror glare and voluminous fogs.

As the programmer noted, the implementation of Libsoftgpu requires improvement. For example, there is no multiple yellow light on the weapon, the colors are not always transmitted correctly. Part of the inaccuracies is associated with functions that there are no Libsoftgpu yet. Sometimes two -dimensional sprips are radically different.

Although the port is successfully starting, it works unstable, but in the implementation of OpenGL some methods are not enough. To launch the game, it was required to support most of the specifications of the OpenGL version 1.5. OpenGL libraries and SDL2 implementation in Serenityos leave much to be desired.

Due to the program acceleration of video, the performance of the game 2001 is balancing on the verge of an unacceptably low. However, the video recording before the kata was made on a virtual machine with one core, since Libsoftgpu parallelism has not yet supported, and with multi -vanity, Serenityos itself is unstable.

As usual, the developers of Serenityos do not make promises and simply continue to work on the operating room. If this art programming has a product, then this is the process itself.