Developers of the State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition do not cease to amaze, because they have prepared another large -scale update. They promised that on May 10 they would publish a detailed pattern, but they told about the most important innovation now.

Now the zombies will not just wander around the world and rest at their spavna points, but will gradually move towards the base of the survivors. These creatures will be able to capture the avantists, strengthening their defense, and then, approaching your base, will begin to form siege areas.

Thus, players will have to more carefully observe the adjacent territory in order to prevent the serious clusters of the zombies, which will only become stronger every hour. Now you will need to more often carry out stripping, and in the worst case, collect things and look for new shelter, especially playing at a high level of complexity.

As has already been mentioned earlier, these are not all the innovations that will come to State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition together with 33 update updates. On May 10, the authors will tell more details about what to wait for the survivors in the near future.

God, what can be added there. New hats with jackets again? Or the LGBT flag finally decided to deliver? With blacks, they scratched everyone forward.

P.WITH. Of all the renewal, only a couple of the three -fit, of the latter, this is an improvement in graphics.

well, don’t forget that the forces are thrown there to the 3rd part! In addition, the studio is not 5k employees but a couple of hundred can even less

So that no one would distract them from the 3rd part. They needed to add a workshop to Steam for the game in one of the past updates. We do not need hats, give us tools with integration of mods, we will do everything ourselves. Players have been asking for this actively for the last couple of years for sure. But nothing has changed in fact.

There are not just abandoned strength, Microsoft created a parallel Undead Labs command for a future game

At least for starters I read the news.

And it will again be shorts of T -shirt pants colorful)))

You read something further with the heading?

Forget just another one’s next whiner, to which the hunt is to blurt out and look at others how it will react

The game is missing one large card and not these rods

maybe in threekh will fix

I read the comments and I can’t understand that people do not suit people in the game? The fact that the support is not abandoned or that new mechanics are introduced?

Today it is fashionable to cry for any reason. And if there is no reason, then they will come up with a reason. Other games in the comments are aching, they say why there is no renewal? The incisions scored on the game? And then they cry, they say there are updates, there are many renewals, but the incisions are still bad. After all, a lot of renewal means that the game for the release was underdeveloped and supposedly still cannot be repaired. In short, there would be a player, and there is a reason to cry. Be dissatisfied with now fashionable.

It would be better if the coope was finalized to the level of at least Far Cry 5, otherwise Immersion in the coopeless.

How good it is that it is not fashionable to make games now at a time and entirely. Everyone would have passed the game for a long time and forgot, and so you play and do not know how many again you have to replay until you play the final version))

What are you talking about? This game is not for passage and forget. This game is stupid sandbox in which the player entertains himself. You can play this for years. Again and again to replay and still do not get bored. For the sandbox that really works.

I’m about the fact that the majority "updates" it was possible to introduce from the very beginning, or not to be released at all, and no one would have guessed that something was missing. After 30+ updates, the game is still more similar to the DLS to the first part than something independent. I don’t know what nerves or imagination you need to have in order to play a monotonous UG for this and so that it does not get bored.

This poop in a beautiful wrapper will only be saved by adding global craft and pumping. To keep in the game for the sake of daily knocking out a zombie from the base and assistance to random survivors to get a bag of resources that no longer climb into the warehouse and you need to adjust the car for their storage – this is just a tremendous stupidity. The characters are completely not trained. Cannot even master the second skill for their survival. The bases are so close and unorganized that just tears. Yes, now the zombies have become smarter, and the survivors are all the same dull and still cannot develop due to the excessively low ceiling of pumping and craft. In a network game organized by a crooked way, everyone should go by the handle. And if one needs to go to clean the cluster, the second to jump to the aid of the survivor, and the third just drink the bald at the base, you are sewing you all, took up the handles and scratched the whole crowd in one place.

What prevents the normal community from arranging on advances of its posts with real sentries?? What prevents the extensions to the base?? The developers simply forced the player to scoop up water from a boat that is constantly gaining and does not allow to row further. But they tried to add random skills, hundreds of three, no less. True, for the most part, they are negative and sensible member of the community do not allow to choose. It would be better if the wood of skills have made and added opportunities for building.

Something they became interested in these "updates". Do not forget about the 3rd part

They do not forget that a small group of people is currently working on the second part, and the 3rd part is promised to be a large AAA project with a full -fledged plot.

At the expense of a full plot, I really doubt. But the fact that the sandbox will try to pump steeply – there is no doubt about it. Still, the basis of this game is sandbox "Enough yourself", not a plot.

Corporate party how to play a pirate? Tell me please.

We’ll have to get a corporation, corporate parties there)
But seriously – threw a link in a personal.

They promise an update 33 by weight as the game was at the start with the update 15, in the following smart clusters they will add a lot of new ones, additional settings of advanposts (as was the case in the first game)

In Nexus, a moded translation into English was laid out, excluding bugs in the usual translation of the English language in the game, put as a mod and most importantly, it is necessary to switch the game to English for the correct work

about 33 update for a long time rumors walked =) and they seemed to write that they would continue to work ! Nadeta will still be cool) But the bugs of course interfere with the game ((((

I hope that they would not come up with the NPS, otherwise they are bruised . Bring only one and the same way, bring it to it, then if you still forget about them, then they manage to be offended by which m *** and what they didn’t bring or we are lazy and because of you we leave the location – after that you think why B *** *. . Even before the start of the exit, if I am not mistaken, they promised that they will be more interesting, unlike 1 part of the game: that they will also sometimes scour houses and engage in construction . So even in 1 part of the game there were guys who built a sightseeing, a quest ruff (although after was a decor) . I am silent that they can’t change textures after pumping outpost, for example, he bent a snack (all of it is completely empty) that it was difficult to add mini beds, pumped to a level above the hydropon even higher the large farm on the roof . Otherwise the shitty is an empty place but the prey is coming

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