Two Point decided to celebrate the anniversary of Two Point Campus and announced a free weekend. This witty management game is a continuation of Two Point Hospital, the modern rethinking of Theme Hospital, created by developers from Bullfrog Production and Lioned Studios, who worked on the original back in the mid-90s. Now that the game is preparing to leave the PC Game Pass, Two Point Campus for a short time becomes free on Steam for the weekend, and if you decide to continue the game after that, you will get a good discount.

As the name follows, on Two Point Campus you have to manage the best educational institution. From the planning of the school and the purchase of premises to the hiring of staff and control that everyone is satisfied and studied – you will have to give up to the fullest, trying to satisfy all the needs of teachers, students, cleaners, cooks, etc.D.

As expected from the creators of Two Point Hospital, the proposed classes vary from fantastic ones, such as "Magic" And "Dark art", to funny – "Knight’s school" Teaches the noble tricks of a medieval warrior, and "Fun business", Of course, it is an exercise in the intricacies of clowning.

If you have already played on Two Point Hospital and you liked the game, then Campus is certainly worth a try – and although at the start of the game there were some noticeable errors and glitches, Two Point Studios continued to update and improve the game for twelve months after the release.

In honor of the first year of the game, you can play on Two Point Campus for free on Steam until July 31. In addition, a sale is valid with a 50%discount. There are also discounts on all DLC packets. A full set that includes the basic game and all three DLCs is offered with a 48% discount.

The game Two Point Campus has also been available on PC Game Pass since its release, but on August 1 it will leave this service, so if you played it and want to continue, you will have to purchase your own copy. In the Microsoft Store store, Game Pass subscribers are already provided with the same 50%discount, so you can choose the platform that you prefer.

To play, in theory, it will turn out from UK – just click here and your Steam client will start installing "free version".