The editors of Digital Foundry published a new video, which compared Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox Series X | S with a version for PS5, which is now in the best condition than at the time of launch, thanks to numerous corrections. Verdict for porting on Xbox Series X, of course, positive.

As already mentioned at the beginning, the version for the PS5 after the launch and analysis of Digital Foundry has received many corrections that significantly improved the stability to the frequency of the personnel.

The version for Xbox Series X is very similar to the version for PS5. Therefore, in quality mode we get a resolution of 1440p and 30 FPS, stable even in the most stressful situations. In performance mode, we rise to 60 FPS with a resolution of 1080p, while the frequency of personnel is in most cases stable, but not without deceleration and stuttering, especially in the third act. Finally, in cooperative mode, the resolution is 1440p, and the frame rate is recorded at the level of 30 FPS.

The differences between PS5 and Xbox Series X relate to some small details that practically do not matter. As for the quality of the image, on the Xbox Series X, the HUD elements were marked with a lower resolution than usual, and slightly worse performance. However, it is worth noting that, unlike the version for PS5, the version for Xbox Series X has just come out, so the following patches can bring both console portions in accordance with.

On Xbox Series S, compromises are inevitable, the main of which is the lack of a cooperative mode with a divided screen. Only one graphic mode with a resolution of 1080p and a frequency of 30 frames per second is available on this console, stable in almost all circumstances.

Compared to Series X, the quality of the shadows and the level of detail of the elements located far from the player, below, but the rest of the Digital Foundry did not notice much difference in visual terms.