As we previously reported, in August BioWare reduced 50 employees, explaining this with a necessity "Save the vitality of the studio", strengthen its ability to create such popular plot single games and make sure that "Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will be an outstanding game". Seven out of 50 people affected by dismissal filed a lawsuit against Bioware, wanting to get the best output compensation.

As Alex Kennedy, the lawyer of the mentioned 7 employees, explained in an interview with Kotaku, the clients decided to go to court after BioWare told them that the request of the output manual given by the law could become a financial burden for the studio and put on the development of Driedwolf development. This game has already undergone significant processing and, according to some rumors, can be postponed.

Apparently, the initially, fifteen employees showed interest in filing a lawsuit. However, some of them decided to abandon this venture, fearing financial difficulties in the holiday season, for example, paying bills or family maintenance. The proposed modest compensation is currently paid, and it will be expected to take several months to make a court decision. There is a chance that BioWare and EA will take up to a month to respond to the lawsuit filed by the group, and the consideration of the case by the judge may take even more time. Kennedy does not lose optimism, hoping that BioWare is eventually "Sprinkle" and will begin negotiations on a settlement agreement.

The lawyer allocated the Frostbite engine as a factor that causes higher wages. Due to the fact that EA requires employees to work exclusively on this internal engine, now they may have problems with employment in the studio using outside developers, such as Unreal Engine or Unity. In addition, NDA does not allow them to demonstrate their latest developments over the past few years.