Many will be surprised, but between Baldur’s Gate 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 there is one great similarity – this is detailed dialogs. One of them is for a crazy variety of dialogue options with the participation of real actors, and the other is that it has an ultra -loading city in which you can arrange a scene for conversation using highly detailed graphics and animation. In both cases, it takes time to emphasize these moments, and for this, of course, we need special efforts of the developer team.

But in this case, we are talking about Cyberpunk 2077, since it was this game that served as the basis for "Discussions", which Josh Soyer, a member of Obsidian and the head of Pentiment, began, saying the following:

Cyberpunk 2077 deserves absolute respect in terms of dialogs, but it is important to consider how many resources, both monetary and temporary, took the development of this system.

Soyer’s words quoted Patrick to. Mills from CD Projekt Red: " The costs of them are crazy – and in the time that takes their creation, and by resources that are required to complete them". Then he talks about how he had to convince the leader of the game to add dialogs while driving in a car for about 5 minutes so as not to lose the pace of the game.

In these messages directed to the user, claiming that all role -playing games from now on should focus on the Cyberpunk 2077 dialogs, one thought is traced: not everyone can achieve the same level of study. This cannot become a standard only because only large companies can afford it. You need to understand that both the CD Projekt and Larian Studios are unique, and if you want to enjoy such a detail, then you will not find it in other RPGs with the same quality and dedication.

Live, damn it! High -quality work has become "Dangerous precedent".

That is exactly what "Human humiliation" and should stretch the hacators by the ears from the industry away.

expensive, many small studios with a small budget, but with a unique idea it will not work to do this, and even in a reasonable time.

Yes. Actually, from unique ideas, good financing of talented people and successful implementation, and significant games are obtained – setting quality standards in certain aspects.

Unique ideas are full – few opportunities for their independent implementation. Therefore, the developers in search of funds sometimes fall into "Kabalu" major publishers who distort or appropriate these ideas.

Large companies need to do for cheap what can be sold for expensive. Without your gaze, such companies follow trends. It is not surprising that the trend for high -quality and expensive elements of games scares them.

And it does not bother you that the Larias in fact have recently been a studio that made games from a kickstarter? And nothing, they could, tried and could

The key moment was. They have already done Baldur with solid investments.

No one requires small studios the level of AAA. Aaa is one, but medium, small and indie is another. It is amazing where you get this funny excuse sucked from your finger.

Big studios hacks more and more. All such posts, this is just an excuse for the cloar of the giants of the industry, which just to feed the players with mediocre garbage and cut light grandmas. Enrage these greedy, sniffing hypocrites to white heat. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Many will be surprised, but between Baldur’s Gate 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 there is one great similarity – this is detailed dialogs

What? You are kidding me? Say that this is Rofl.

Read and understand

And what is not written?

Perhaps a crooked translation.

Read carefully, it is not said about the quality or variation of dialogs, but about the production of animated scenes for each dialogue, even those that are not selected. This is not like in all games where they show a video from one angle. There is a view that for each line of dialogue, a separate scene is made, where each participant does not just stand in the place of a move with his mouth, but walks, moves specially limbs (not randomly as in other games, but for example shows a finger to the right place, touch his face and everything These are unique animations, it is expensive), looks in the right direction, and most importantly, you can get around on the other side of the scene participants and participate in a dialogue anywhere. In all games, such scenes show only what you should see can put a half of the seller for, for example, you will not see anyway. T.e. It is to make the details so expensive, in other games they save on this.

Interactive Katsen, never happened, yeah.

So no one says that such a katsen is unique, it is dear, please read carefully.

So expensive that for Skyrim, models make interactive dialogs, and we have poor rises, they cannot afford.

Firstly, in Skyrim is not done, but secondly, models do this not on such a scale and do it themselves for their pleasure. You are in the garage at home, you can do anything for free, but try to offer employees at the enterprise to do the same and also for free, please do not compare that you cannot compare.

The game as a whole has a large budget. So the question is relevant purely for games with a comparable budget. What percentage of the budget went to dialogs? Is it worth saving on this part? For what? Which is more important than excellent dialogs? Yes, and what is the problem to do using a mocka? Maybe those guys found an approach, how to do high quality and inexpensively, like any "Senua Sacrifice". You can always find a balance between quality and price.

Funny, taking into account the fact that the dialogue system degraded in comparison with the same witcher.

And where is Cyberpank?

Read learn, here about bg3 speech

Well. Diversity, that is, just a nichiere does not affect anything: D

Got used to the games for rams by type of anniversary to do

Strange discrimination on tastes.. I personally love Farrecrai3 and Farkray5. I love heroes5. I liked the poetry game of Chayld OF Light quite strongly.. But people from tyrnets say that I am a ram, since I like it. It is incomprehensible and not contrary to anything ..

It is justified by the fact that the anniversaries simply stamp their Gobo, and when a person is smeared with kakhas – he says that he is just a special sommelier, not gobnoed, and not like a fagot once, he is poorly believed in this

So what do you stamp?

Well, there is always a varik: "DO NOT BUY".. I did not like the description.. do not take.. did not try, don’t say.. And if you tried, then you are already gone yourself. Well, this is a plan of direct contradiction to your beliefs.

For me, the game is an outlet.. In order to relax on a weekend.. And for this, games from tetris or visual novels are suitable for me, and to steep AAAA proct.. And I do not see the point of so zealously to negate the company who like it to people. Don’t play, pass by.. why are you doing this? Enjoy something? You think I would make better? So forward.. Do it, become a great Igrojel) But the problem is that you relate to such a type of people whom your mother has brought up so that you can only criticize the computer, or lying on the sofa and sticking into the phone.. and it would be okay to criticize logically, constructively and only the product.. Like, I don’t like the then then.. But you also criticize the audience who likes it) Typo all guts, all the scum, developers of the goat, the world is unfair, but I’m lying on the sofa, one well done on this planet)

Games of anniversaries – conveyor with inclusiveness, Schaub every Vanka understood and entertained. Yes, quite for rams. Intellectual consumer goods, so to speak. This is clearly visible because the anniversary was bombed from the Elder Ring interface. Like, everything is not intelligibly done there, they say the mass player will not understand.

So yes. Roughly speaking, the games of the anniversaries are as inclined as possible, that is, sharpened so, Schaub any ram signs. The conveyor for the widest possible audience of rams with the lowest intelligence plan. The lower the intelligence bar, the wider the audience.

Well done. Well torn 😄👏👍

-I translate: -We of mediocrity and lazy people, but players are to blame for this, because they require us to work.

There is a varik not to buy..)

I think that not everyone likes the results of your work personally)

P.With. It’s funny that quite a logical conclusion was injected🤣 "Mine is angry" "My critic" "mine to know that you can’t write well on this site"

Do not buy – of course. But this does not stop even fucking these justified hacks. It does not interfere. But your comments are wildly strange, to put it mildly. "there is a varik not to buy" – thanks, Cap. We didn’t guess about it without you. You always save us "wisdom". Without you we will just disappear. Krasava 👍

Halturists? It seems that people do not sleep 24/7 there, and every day they come up with something, write, sift, create, optimize.. The hacking tower is more likely the one who lies on the couch and pokes a finger at the monitor about what he does not even understand.

Strange attitude to someone else’s work.. And I think this is rather even hypocrisy.. anger, hypocrisy, resentment, and all this is without impending.. buddy, you would have to contact a psychotherapist.. Do not tighten.. )

you think the hard workers who saw the game do not want to make it a masterpiece? you think there is no huge corporation about them that thinks only about profit? Friend, what a fuck lazy lazy people, feces of duti come out every year, polished as I do not know what.

The Witcher is still well sold only because they made the game efficiently and will be sold for a very long time..

current, the whole choice ultimately leads to the same essentially ending

The dialogs are good there.. Interesting.. It is interesting to observe the script and narrative, and they do not strangle.. But there is no variability.. This is the only dentistry for cybercups from me.. A little slightly variability at least and this, personally for me, would be the best game in life)

Well, for the new gamers, if only, I have more than 700 games with the luggage and cyberpunk seemed to me a children’s boring game after the disco Elysium and the mor of utopia

These are different genres of the story. Noir with drama and cyberpunk with anarchy.. Cyberpanka in style, dialogs such discoiliziums are not suitable

Yes, God is the same Gamdek (Cyberpunk as it is) GTA 5, the first Vech Dox – they managed better. Yes, even the hacking system is better in the first Vech Dox or the same Deus ex than in cyberpanca, let’s collect more data for craft.
By the way, Cyberpank passed 2 times, but Liberty’s phantom simply skipped all the dialogs, because it was too stuffy

GTA 5, WHC DOGS, and Cyberpank..

Not.. Well, maybe.. they have something common.. Tipo.. Like beer, vodka and wine, this is all alcohol.. And when you are a drunk, then I will not care what to drink..

I have not reached this level yet.. Yes, and all the same. For me, Vachdogs is a feces that cannot be played in, and I will never start it anymore.. GTA5, although a masterpiece, but this game is already quite old and its if without interactive.. You are just an observer.. But Cyberpuk is already as a full -fledged RPG with a system of dialogs of quests, and a logical relationship between each other, where you plunge into this interactive, into this world, and feel everything.

Of course, I don’t know, maybe you just do not have a feeling of empathy.. maybe you are not plunged into the plot at all, and for you the main gapley.. Although, if you say that there is a masterpiece for you a masterpiece.. then this is not possible..

I dare to assume that you are just a snob. After all, you are trying to strangle IMHO, simply because.. Why by the way? Say that you are better than me, or more serious?

The problem is that I do not compare the games with each other.. And I look at each game separately.. Choosing pros and cons, I wonder or not. But I do not focus on the crowd on the Internet, with a group consciousness, which forever ridiculous.. For me personally, for example, discoilismium, despite all the adulthood and seriousness, seemed like a zaiduable feces. Although I was waiting for him 2.. Then I waited for the Finalkat.. And soon all expectations and hopes were dissolved as a fart in the wind..

Maybe a problem in age.. I am only 30 years old.. But I think it’s more self -esteem.. After all, respecting your views and interests for me is more important than joining some egregor, and play for the interests of the crowds.. But in any case, I do not condemn.. Play what you want and let you like everything you like.. But only please, do not insult other people’s interests.. That’s not cool..