ThQ Nordic and Alkimia Interactive forced us to wait long for (five months) of the third episode of our podcast about Gothic Remake, but he finally came out. This time the number of interviewee has increased to six. Among them: Rainhard Pollis (Director of the game), Kai Rosencrantz (composer), Daniel Kandil (art director), Havi Untoria (host of the game designer), Joan Planelles (designer of kinematographic interludes) and Timur) and Timur) "T-Moor" Khodyrev (community manager).

In it, the developers summed up everything that happened to the Gothic remake in 2023, sharing new information – including about the old camp and mods – and confirming some guesses of fans.

  • If someone doubted, Planelles confirmed that the guard, whose main character in the trailer steals Mahi and who then beats him in the arena, is Blavin, known for the original.
  • In the game, the old camp will look exactly the same as in a trailer. Moreover, all the scenes that we saw in it will occur "live", but in another, random order.
  • Each person is unique, created by manually developers.
  • As you already know, in the English version of Gothic Remake, the inhabitants of each camp will speak with different accents. Among the inhabitants of the old camp, the dialect of East London, known as Kokni, will prevail, but Diego, for example, will have a different emphasis.
  • Hunting skills will be significantly expanded compared to the original, because they should become the basis of survival in the wild. That is why a new bonfire appeared on the exchange platform that the journalists could see in demo, on which the players are implicitly – they will prepare their first food (in my opinion, none of the press representatives spoke about it).
  • Each type of weapon will have its own motion animation. In addition, they will change as Nameless will specialize in using a particular type of weapon.

As for other news about the game, then, unfortunately, we did not recognize the more accurate date of its release than 2024. All that we received is a promise that after a while the presentation of the gameplay will be held. The one that the journalists saw was not enough "polished", to be shown by a wide audience.

It is possible that the demo with Nyras will be available or somehow hidden in the final version of Gothic Remake. Rainhard Pollis did not give any mandatory promises on this subject, since the final decision has not yet been made.

Finally, the developers answered four questions from the community that could be asked in October (more questions will be asked in future output issues). Here are their answers:

  • It is confirmed that it is planned to support mods, and perhaps an analogue will appear in the game "Marvin regime" from the original (this is the developer mode that allows you to enter commands/codes);
  • The approach to the creation of monsters clarified (while we can see the skeleton-mag, harpia, krigeper, goblin, bloodsucker, khaper and clumsy monster);
  • According to developers, relations between Dig, Milthen, Mountain, Lester and Nameless in Gothic Remake will be expanded – the characters will meet to solve some problem together, and the player will have the opportunity to find out the details of their history;
  • Nameless "editable" character – we will not be able to change his hairstyle, beard or cover the body with tattoos.

Gothic Remake will be released on PC, PS5 and XSX/S. It is expected that the release of the game will take place in 2024.