EA and Dice shared new details about the upcoming fifth season of Battlefield 2042, and if you feel that vehicles are currently a little "not that", it seems that both studios agree with you. Changes in the equipment of vehicles will become an important part of the fifth season, and their roles will be more clearly defined.

In the latest notes by Battlefield 2042 developers (which, according to EA and Dice, will be the last before the fifth season) we get an idea that it will change in the world of vehicles. Equipment sets will change both in order to help you understand what the vehicle should do, and in order to help you deal with it if you encounter it on the enemy side.

One big change applies to explosive weapons. Dice says that this type of weapons has become too common, and even vehicles enter the arena with such weapons armed to the teeth. This is one of the reasons for the changes in the equipment: not every vehicle will have access to an explosive weapon, so you will have to make more strategic decisions about which vehicle to go to battle.

The first machine, which is described in new notes, is Latv4 Recon, which will receive an anti -personnel weapon instead of available. The EBAA WildCat will be more focused on the air-free role with the addition of a 35-mm AA dual guns, and the M5C Bolte will receive more heavy explosive weapons with improved resistance to shells to fulfill its alleged role as a machine for striking.

Among other improvements are automobile thermal imaging sights as an additional option, as well as improving the reactive response and control of the camera. Of course, in Battlefield 2042 Season 5, which, according to EA and Dice, "Not around the corner", There will be many more interesting things. It is hoped that soon we will get more specific dates.

Battlefield 2042 is available right now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. When the game only came out, it was accepted rather violently, and it still has a general rating "Basically negative" On Steam. Despite the discontent of the players, the DICE developer company claims that it is committed to Battlefield 2042 and it has "no time" work on other projects. It is hoped that the team still succeeds