A new part of the popular Call of Duty shooter series is experiencing serious problems, even among the loyal fan base. Since the release, players have actively criticize Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for a wide variety of problematic aspects. Even after several updates, the criticism towards the game did not decrease, on the contrary, the negative of users are only growing, because now they are sure that the developers have added to the bots matches.

On relevant forums and social networks, topics with discussion of bots in multiplayer matches Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 began to appear more and more often. Players are convinced that after a recent patches a shooter filled the opponents controlled by artificial intelligence. They made such a conclusion based on the behavior of some players in matches: a couple of them behave very unnaturally and noticeably inferior to the effectiveness of real players.

It is worth noting that at the moment it is only a theory of players, which every day finds more and more supporters and confirmations. Officially, Activision and developers Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 did not announce the addition of bots to multi -user matches. Perhaps, in this way, the authors want to hide a small number of active players in a shooter and reduce the waiting time for searching for a match.

Oh how it is, but she diverges with millions of copies, but she has the best online, she likes it to everyone

Apparently I like it so much that you have to dilute this vaunted multiplayer bots
apparently so diverges that there is more free space there than planned
Apparently online is so the best that players simply defeat it with their presence
and millions of copies are to print a digital key at home and hang on the wall

Wretched bitrate 100kb/s, all the videos in squares, some kind of creepy-chorror audioophone.. You can link to YouTubokanal, at least a diesel to hand it to the author.

Those who play this feces are they too stupid bots.The outfits of this feces are looked at them like stupid bots with a real denyushka.

Rave. The video has a typical American lobby of gum consolers, they really play.

tell me what you play, and I will tell you the same way that you are stupid too.

I assure you, the console are playing there – be healthy, t.To. Americans and generally a Western and European player love to play gamepads, even having a good PC
And the console, as a rule, you still shoot there, because these creatures are torn and torn there, purely people with Aim play and you will get out of the hell
I played too much in MV19, in Varzon, in the Kold Vare, in Vangard, I had enough of this roof to understand how cheaty they were, but here oh, our expert Koranha in connection and reports that Aim was suddenly turned off in MV3 Assist, in order to fuck his entire Gamepad base, yes, of course, so it happened
Look out the window – the planet is still flat?
You see triangles with eyes? And reptilians exist?

99% of consolers do not know how to abuse the AimS assistant, and the average clamper plays better than the average gamepader-a fact. People like to write off the problems of the inability to play on others, before everyone was called Chiters, now gamepaders. If you have problems with this, then this only talks about your skill. And by the way, in Kold Var and Wangvard Aim Ascest was almost zero, there the bakers bend everyone, the console even complained about this activist. In Wangvard, a bonus was also turned off by SBMM shortly after the release, so there it was calmly possible to play with K/D 4+. So think about it;) I personally have a rather funny experiment with them-when he throws in a lobby at the American server, according to the results of the match, usually 60-70 murders for a dozen deaths and swearing Cheliki in voice chat, promising to ban me for cheats XD

But what to say there, somehow the league code asked what would happen if the clamps are allowed to play with gamepaders in the league, he replied that the league code will die because they could not play with them on equal terms

Dirty reception, Koersho, you say that all the console are nubasy, you reinforce the fact of the fact, and then you say that the opposite claims are either noobs, or noobs
I haven’t seen such statistics anywhere – this is once, two – I have a fairly extensive experience of the game to clearly distinguish when someone plays on a PC, and someone plays with a gamepad, and whatever it may be there, but more experience in the game I have in Varzon 1, Okay, maybe the v vanovsky console from the consolers from the conventional multiplayer sorfaces differ (if you think about it, in the multiplayer did not share the console from the PC at all, everything was the same, that it was dying that this one is), but even based on this – on this – based on this – on the basis of it – Bot he is in Africa Bot. The bot is visible per kilometer, the maximum that the activists can – the dmz bots, in the vidos this is obvious, according to posts in Reddite, this is also obvious, but nothing suits you at all

And here you have a number of funny facts:
– If some slightest opportunity to get an advantage appears in the game, then the vast majority of players will try to get this advantage
Example: Rose from MV19 \ Varzona, which was a purely shadow that no one reacted to – sits in the corner and sits until it starts to shoot – everyone who missed the BP with it tried to get it, you could not imagine how much it was, you can’t imagine how much
– Consolers say that the AimS-operator does not solve anything, but decisively refuse to play without him, strange
– PC users for some reason quite often prefer a gamepad in the jester, this can often be observed in any lobby of almost any jet with cross-sample
Well, summarizing, I want to say – if the game is so bad with the gamepad and that it is better to play potatoes with wires, then why do they continue to play on the gamepads? This is not logical. You affirm (along with a cybercotlet) that in the column clavomysh gives an almost overwhelming advantage (if you run to the Claudomesher console, he will kill the game), then why no one moved for clavy?

Bots are those who still buy this garbage

There, in principle, to add to the multiplayer bots to add to the common pile of players, otherwise 6 to 6 is funny, the mass could be done ala titanopad.

Stupid bots? Agree. Who else will buy this besides them?

on DMZ this is definitely hahahaah

The fact that the players are unhappy – well, it is clear that the heads themselves for the bots considered them once in the multi -cotton population slipped)) people are not fools, quickly sensed everything. And the fact that they ask for them below than that of real players – well, they are bots, they are supposed to lose in the killer)) probably the people wanted to lure the audience into the game that all the bots are half and you can safely collect the killers – but It wasn’t there. Users are clear everything, they are not the first to play in Kala)) so that there are only inconsistencies to the detriment of such feints. They came up with cunningly, but it turned out as always – stupid!

1080r picture at the video like it is 240r.

Considering that they stop youTubeers with poor reviews, then this is 100 percent

everyone is bad from this? stuff fragments while you can.

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