Capcom held a spectacular presentation of the Dragon’s Dogma sequel, showing several game trailers and voicing the exact release date. For those who were not enough for this information, the developers have prepared a special material with a huge number of additional details. The producer of the game Ken Mendos published a whole pack of spectacular screenshots and told a lot of interesting things about the game world that is waiting for players in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Mendos noted that Dragon’s Dogma 2 is the plot action -RPG, so the developers paid a lot of attention to filling the world and adding a variety of mechanics. The game takes place in a unique fantasy world, which consists of elements recognizable for the genre, but at the same time supplemented by new ideas.

A dragon, which they are afraid as a threat bringing misfortune, takes the player’s heart. This opens up the path to the murder of the dragon as Arsen to the player. In this world, the human kingdom of Vermund and the animal people of Battal flourish, each of which has its own culture, customs, beliefs and motives. In addition to people and beasts, these lands are inhabited by elves, although they avoid contacts with other races.

In addition to ordinary people and bestial races, the game meets elves and representatives of other nations. The authors of the game tried to collect a unique set of races, each of which has its own features and aspirations. How to interact with the inhabitants of Dragon’s Dogma 2 depends only on the player and his motives.

The producer of the game also revealed information about the new playable class and monster, which will often meet players. Giant Talos will be a new creature for the sequel.

It seems that they came directly from mythology and legends, and these monsters will surely inspire you with this adventure!

– The message says.

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, at your disposal there will be many specialties, such as a magician, archer, fighter and others. Another playable class was opened today – Trickster (Trickster). He uses a special weapon called a censer to create smoke and various illusions. This helps to confuse enemies and make them fight against themselves. Trickster can also increase the power of the detachment for a limited time, which makes it ideal for players who prefer to play the role of support.