Over the past few days, we have witnessed two major releases. PC Gamers can meet Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Remnant 2 debuts on the consoles and PC of the current generation. And how are things with these projects on the portable device Valve? The results may surprise you.

Digital Foundry examined these games, which are affirmed, "Too great for the Steam platform". As a result, the conclusion on the one hand is positive, and on the other, they portend Valve deplorable future platform. Technical enthusiasts called these games one of the most technically advanced at the moment. They represent the trace of rays, expanded sampling, virtualized geometry and other technologies that require high capacities.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart works on a small device without any problems – players can adapt the gameplay under Steam Deck, choosing the appropriate settings, and in this situation we get a solid look at 30 frames per second. In some situations, we can even be seduced by a more smooth mode, but if you want to get a stable gameplay, it is better to choose 30 frames per second.

With Remnant 2, things are much worse – the game has some problems on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, since the developers use some capabilities of Unreal Engine 5. The inconvenience also return to Steam Deck, since players have to choose a very low resolution, which, in fact, affects the gameplay, plus even in this situation the game works below 30 frames per second.

Digital Foundry suggests that Remnant 2 portends hard times for Steam Deck, since other games developed on Unreal Engine 5 may encounter similar problems on Valve hardware.

Nevertheless, Rift Apart is in a fairly good shape, with a pleasant graphics and acceptable frame rate, if you run it with a SSD-drive with a capacity of 256 GB or more. This is not a full-fledged game for PS5 or High-End PC, but on the portable system it is quite satisfactory.

Remnant 2 requires a significant reduction in scale and still suffers from low performance. This is not a very good assessment in itself and, probably, not a very good sign for future games on UE5. The advanced Lumen lighting technology in Unreal Engine is completely absent in Remnant, and, nevertheless, the game is hard to keep on Valve portable computers.