The author of the Cycu1 channel decided to show what the similarities and differences of the Brothers remake: A Tale of Two Sons with the original game. The remake will work on the Unreal Engine 5 engine, and the original game initially went to the Xbox 360, PC and PS3 and worked on the Unreal Engine 3 engine.

As a basis, Cycu1 took personnel from the first remake trailer, and then found the same moments in the original game. Everything, starting from the characters and ending with rendering of hair and environment, looks better in the remake.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake will be released on February 28 on Steam, Epic Games, Gog, PlayStation and Xbox.

I never played, but when viewing, I was sad for some reason to see atmospheric

this is true. I advise you not to meddle in the game on the game, otherwise some guvnad will surely contraise the plot.

So play the original, it is well preserved, and his stylistics, IMHO, is more interesting than remake.

blurry textures and all -erect graphone – Outhenican stylistics.

Normal graphone there. The game is only 5 hours, and the emphasis in it on the narrative, not the graphics.

Why does the RIMACK look like the original looks in memory?

"Adore", When a remaster/remake is compared with an ancient console version on low graphics settings -____-

In the 15th year, the game was released in Steam, then he went through, so there the graphon is quite decent even today, would be compared with this version. Ah, yes, then as if "remake" it will not be needed anymore. Well, the realism of the perception of the game and its atmosphere only spoiled, IMHO.

This is an incredibly cool, but damn sad game, at the end there was a lump in the throat.

I don’t understand why make a remake a realistic style

A sad but lamp game, passed as if I read a fairy tale in childhood.I don’t know why she would have a remake, you can see a new similar game at Starbreeze did not find ideas.

Not heard, they do not want to do the second ending?

said that they would add something, that there was no in the original.

The original seems to look like nothing else

But someone will write anyway that he does not see the difference or why is it necessary.

I see no reason to make neither a remake nor a remaster of this game. She has such a Law-paul type, and everything outplayed in a remake. For whom it is not clear.

Good. it would be necessary to play the original and go through

Some unprofessional remake, the depth of the frame is completely lost, the main characters are lost against the background of the location.

Here, it will be necessary to strain vision to see where these brothers are, and where is just some kind of bush.

So it seems because of the shitty depth of field effect. I hope they will give it off.

Perhaps I’ll go better, I’ll look at the cartoon mixeri and I advise you! P. S. Barash is the best!

Normal, otherwise the original was not like to play.

This is from the category when the developer made it so that there are no options for passing alone and the bot will not help, but a real second player is needed?)

Passed alone for two Persians (there is such a mode) and the game was calmly passed.

The game was originally conceived as a single. Management of two characters at once – Sellerfich.

This was the trick of the game there you can play for 2 characters alone.

Moreover, even on the phone you can play for two characters, because this game was ported to phones many years ago

No – here you calmly play two characters. Thoughtful and competent control, although you need to get used to. On the gamepad, so in general. Actually – this is a feature of the game and carries with gameplay and plot. Not that "genius" developer of two plot games (I do not remember the name, but I would play. even about the escape of two from prison and about a couple), where for passing, only two players are necessary, of which there is no. as for me – "Brillial moron", selecting the opportunity to play your product from many people and has lost revenue. In this game – young people, although I was waiting for a continuation than Remaster/remake.

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