Lukefz has just released the free Dlss 3 Frame Generation mod for Souls-Like games Lies of P, inspired by Bloodborne. This mod replaces FSR 2.0 on DLSS 3, allowing you to enjoy both DLSS 3 Super Resolution and DLSS 3 Frame Generation.

Unlike the Dlss 3 Frame Generation mod, this mod is completely free. And yes, if you are interested, this is the same person who created the free DLSS 3 mod for Starfield.

Those who wish can download this mod Dlss 3 for lies of p for free from our site.

The game already has a chic optimization.

Technologies are not available not only to everyone. I congratulate the guys 40 episodes, but their two disabled people in the market as a whole)

In general, this mod is useless) there without DLSS in NATIV 200 + shots on ultras of 4K, at 4090, the optimization is good, in fact the mod will only give a delay in the response and the extra 50 FPS that are not needed at all)

Not all homeless people like you, so we play!

Yes, the 40th series already has a decent owners. Budget models came out

xs what are you from my friend 4080 (bought in the summer) I bought 4090 on a release and so how much I play I meet people at 4070-4090 constantly.

The game flies to the GTX 950, where else to optimize?)) 0
at high 50 FPS, with FSR the quality generally reaches XD

Inspired, this is mildly said, is it like saying that the thief inspired by Dengam Lol

Well, in fact, the game is more complicated than most of the Sols. This is not just a copy of a pretty light Bloodborn, there are also elements of sex and bosses more fat. In terms of complexity, it will probably be at the level of the sex, if not higher, well, of course, if you do not use calls.

Moreover, Souls is already a genre, it’s like saying that the games of one genre steal from the first game of this genre

Well, in the first genre, this is not the new, but the Erpoge action (the fact that Erpoge is debatable, not quite canon, more likely Hack and Slash), the same DS Saaimi was not related to the new genre. And those who write to Souls-Like in the genre that type understands little in games or simply wants his creation to be on a lot of those who have entered DS, BB and ER. This scrap is not a tender but to ds to her like on foot to Mars, the fact that she stolen everything that can and cannot be obvious and the fact that there is the only difference and then in complexity it is ridiculous. Is it good ? This is quite normal if the content turned out to be not the level of UC that is now pouring out of a cornucopia, however, to give it grades above 6 out of 10 and tell it that the topic of inspiration was the place to be comic

RPG action is both a witcher and a folaut, but between them the gap of gameplay. And Souls Like is just a very capacious definition and everyone understands what kind of game it will be. If not a genre, then the backbone is certainly.

They rebuilt all the Souls and added their own, it is played in a completely different way than any of the Souls. I just expected an easy walk like the 2nd passage of Bloodborn, but in reality there is more likely to recall.

Can still consider all shooters from 1 person a Council Clone and put them 6 points?

Witcher, let’s say so controversial erpoge TK, is also not a canon closer to Hack and Slash, follout is closer and the abyss because there is a clear understanding of the genres, so they came up with Souls-Like, although those who are in the subject and so everything is clear. Souls-Like, not so long ago, not so long ago, on a dumplings, I saw some yndy kal 2D or I don’t remember exactly with a view of the top and they write like Souls-Like look softly and funny. Once again, I repeat the complexity at all, no role plays, this does not mean that the game is gloomy all in the world, it makes something new … Moreover, DS is interesting not with the complexity of which, with a more detailed look, there is no gameplay, intoxic locations with the exception of the swamps and bosses unique. The mechanics have stolen added new bosses it turned out – ok get 6 it didn’t work 0 here everything should be strictly taken into account that this is mainly copied. And so if Serious Sam what thread was on Mars and would have fought with demons from Ado Ooooo Nuuu probably could say that he tilted the thoughts and put him as much as the Duma would be strange. Well, for example, I’ll take it and I will write a novel by Baida and the Feast and subscribe to Men Tolstov, for example, I will also describe the war for 12 years with similar Persians and so on, and so that it should also be evaluated as a masterpiece of literature ?

In the cinema, in general, everything is thoroughly wiped from each other, the same films shoot and earn dough and receive grades and love of the public. Why no one has the right to copy the elements of several games of the Frome and make their? And why this should suddenly be assessed below? It cannot be said that the elements of the mechanics of the Souls belong only to Miyazaki and if someone copys them, then this is immediately a shit game.

The same Dum and cool Sam differ only in setting and small changes in mechanics, it can easily say that these are clones and Sam should be 2 times worse for this. Like different souls differ from each other or how their clones differ from them. The setting is different at all, there is a plot and it is clearly served, in the mechanics of changes a lot. Therefore, I do not see a single reason to evaluate it worse than SOLS LIKI from Miyazaki. He, in principle, has all the Souls and Elden Ring, this is a continuous self -digging, only secero and Bloodborn differ

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