CITIES: SkyLines 2, which made it debuted in Steam three weeks ago, left about 70% of players playing the urban planning game at the time of its release. This fall may seem sharp, but it does not necessarily mean big problems for developers.

The second part of Cits: Skylines entered on Valve on October 24. On the day the game was released, 104,697 players played at the same time, which is the best result for this series today.

After three weeks, the number of players decreased significantly. The average indicator over the past four days is about 31,000 users playing at the same time, which is less than 30% of the numbers on the day of launch.

It is interesting that in the case of the previous part of the series you can see a almost identical situation. CITIES: SkyLines entered the market on March 10, 2015 and on the day of launch reached the peak of a simultaneous game – 57,421 people. Four weeks after this date, the average indicator in a few days amounted to about 18,000 simultaneous users.

At least several thousand simultaneous users are still playing the first part, and the last day record for this release was 14,261 players. Moreover, the game gained almost 250 thousand. reviews, of which up to 93% are positive.

The same can be said about CITIES: Skylines II, which, it is worth noting, while demonstrating much better indicators than her predecessor. Developers produce patches and updates to eliminate problems found in the game – the last patch was announced a few days ago. In addition, many free DLC sets will be on sale, which will bring a total of 2500 fresh objects (including eastern Europe) to the game.

Thus, the last game from the Colossal Order Studio still has something to offer and there is an opportunity to improve average grades. After the output of the aforementioned updates and additions, many players will probably return to their cities in Cits: SkyLines II.

Finally, Cits: Skylines II received almost 33 thousand. reviews on Steam, but only 58% of them are positive. The game is also available through PC Game Pass, and next year it will debut on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.