Factorio, a game in which players have to design, build and control automated factories in an endless 2D landscape received a new update. This update has supported controllers, which has become a significant addition to the game interface.

One of the key points of updating is the support of controllers or gamepads, which is activated by changing the input method in the section "Settings->Controllers". This addition gives the players one more input option, expanding the flexibility of game management.

In addition to the support of controllers in the update, contextual clues for hot keys also appeared in the update. These tips can be included in the settings->Interface and especially useful when playing with a controller. They provide players with contextual clues for various actions with the controller, making the game process more intuitive.

In addition to these functions, the patch also offers various minor improvements and adjustments. For example, now players can create drawings of objects belonging to friendly forces, which brings another level of strategy to the game. In addition, when players connect wires to entities with several sides, for example, to a combinator or switch, the induced party is highlighted, which provides better visual feedback.

The patch makes changes to the method of recording endless values ​​in -Dump -Data. Now these values ​​are recorded in the form of lines "Inf" And "-Inf". The update also makes changes to the menu for the installation of mods in which the column "Version" Replaced by "The last dedicated".

In addition, several errors aimed at improving the overall gaming process have been fixed in Patch. Among them are a correction of a change in the volume of the sound of the wind depending on the level of scaling, correcting the incorrect display of performance values ​​in some cases, as well as the elimination of textures compression artifacts on Apple Silicon Mac computers. In addition, a failure associated with the execution of composite commands in the presence of a dead group of units has been fixed.

Among other changes made to update, is the disconnection of the Comand+W keys to close the game window on Mac computers. However, players can still get out of the application using Command+Q. Sounds that disappear during the resumption and suspension of the game were also added, and the possibility of performing actions "Raise items" And "Throw items" simultaneously with other actions in the keyboard and mouse mode.

The latest update also makes changes to the SDL version, updating it up to 2.26.5. In addition, the problems associated with copying and inserting large lines of drawings in Linux, as well as the problem of resinchronization between ARM and X86 platforms during overloading Pathfinder, have been fixed.